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Author has written 5 stories for Fire Emblem, and RWBY.

Name: Aust unless it's Sakura or Ky. Sometimes it's Asky

Age: I was born in 1990 - you can figure it out from there

Sex: No thanks. Seriously, no. Do not want. Go away.

Gender: That is a concept that exists. I don't conform to it.

Arcana: The Wheel of Fortune

I used to write here all the time, on an account long since deleted. I actually had this account for a completely different reason, but because of reasons, I'm not going to talk about that. I'll just bang on the keyboard and see what words come out.

I can only write so fast though. I can think at a kilometre a second when it comes to ideas, and how they'd progress, but writing them down? Not so easy, it seems. Doesn't help that I have arthritis and can't type well to begin with.

That said, I am always willing to edit. I am good at English, ya?

Lesse... what else to say about me... I'm about 5'9", and pretty lanky. My armspan is actually around 6'4". I'm really into romance-y anime and manga, and I LOVE visual novels with a good story in it. Favourites include Fate/Stay Night (though only Unlimited Blade Works), Katawa Shoujo (it's adorable, shush), Shuffle, and Sunrider.

Aust Sakura Kyzor is the name I use pretty much everywhere, though usually without the Sakura. Youtube, tumblr, reddit, twitter. If you find my name on it, it's probably me. It could be a dirty imposter, but odds are unlikely.

What else... oh! In addition to arthritis I also suffer from major clinical depression, but the powers of SCIENCE help me out day-to-day.

2017-06-07 - Oh dear... I'm still quite busy as of late - and I've got no real ideas for Nightmare anymore. I'm marking it as complete, because it's at a good stopping point. Jail Break is all but abandoned, however. Blame Persona 5

OTPs: I'll read pretty much any romance story, especially if it's risqué, but if you want me to write something based on a pairing, you're most likely to succeed if you ask for one of these:

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Sakura/Chrom, Aust/Cordelia, Robin/Lucina, Frederick/Sumia, Nowi/Gaius, Kellam/Panne, F!Morgan/Inigo, Noire/Brady, Lucina/Yarne, M!Morgan/Nah, Tharja/Ricken, Severa/Lucina

Fire Emblem: Fates - It's probably easier to ask what I don't ship. That said, OTPs include F!Kamui/Azura, and M!Kamui/Camilla... and almost anything involving Elise, Nyx, or Sakura
Also Jakob/Garbage Can (but a female one, becuase Dywer is amazing)

Persona 3/4/Q: Minato/Fuuka; Minako/Yukari; Minato/Mitsuo; Zen/Rei; Koromaru/Teddie (crackships FTW!); Teddie/Nanako (more crackships FTW!); Seta/Rise... actually no... ME/Rise :P; Seta/Ai; Seta/Chie; Seta/Naoto; Kanji/Naoto; Yosuke/Chie; Yukiko/Chie; Kanji/Rise; Yosuke/Rise; Kanji/Yukiko; My brain/a P4 orgy where Marie isn't invited pretty much

Persona 5: Akira/Futaba; Akira/Haru; Akira/Makoto; Akira/Tae; Akira/Chihaya; Akira/Ann (why are they all so GOOD?!)

RWBY: Ladybug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ruby/Blake) - It is my OTP of OTPs; Ruby/Crescent Rose (LIKE IT ISN'T CANON, COME ON); Pole Position (Weiss/Pyrrah); Whiter Rose (Ruby/Winter); Sugar Rush (Ruby/Nora); Red Velvet (Ruby/Velvet); Nuts n' Dolts (Ruby/Penny); Guns n' Roses (Ruby/Coco); Photosynthesis (Ruby/Sun); Ruby/ANYONE (like seriously); Arkos (Jaune/Pyrrah); ReNora (Ren/Nora); Nesquick (Coco/Velvet); Monochrome (Weiss/Yang), but only in AUs; Snow Birds (Qrow/Winter - CALLING IT NOW);

Harry Potter: Harry/Tonks; Harry/Hermione; Harry/Hermione/Luna; Hermione/Luna; Harry/Fleur; Ron/His Hand; Dumbledore/Reconstruction-Fics-Where-he-realizes-what-he-did-was-wrong-and-tries-to-fix-it

NOTPs: I will never, ever, ever read or write these pairings if they're the main focus (unless the AU concept itself is just too good.)

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Frederick/Cordelia;

Kingdom Hearts - Aqua/Terra (they're both extremely toxic to each other, and also EVERYTHING IS TERRA'S FAULT. WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE SHIP THESE TWO?!);

RWBY - Bumblebee triggers me. Bee's Schnees is also sadness. Adam/Blake is evil. Blake/Sun is stupid. Weiss/Neptune is boring. Weiss/Jaune is just Twilight fanfiction as far as I'm concerned.


Jail Break: Abandoned

Nightmare: Complete

My Fire Emblem Stories: Are just collections, and not really ever completed.


These four may show up in Jail Break. Not sure yet...

Steel Croí: A silver-haired, gold eyed young man. He likes to keep his hair in a short pixie cut, partly because he doesn't like long hair, and partly to show off the natural blue streaks in his hair. On first impressions, Steel comes off as an aloof, withdrawn person, but those who took the time to really meet him know otherwise: beneath that cold exterior is the most loyal, and fieriest friend you could ever hope to ask for. If he puts up with you long enough to start trusting you, you'll have earned a friend for life. Betray that trust, and your life will likely end. Steel's past is a tragic one, and one he wouldn't have survived if not for his semblance, his adaptability, and his adoptive sister, Rouge. His near-demise was at the hands of his own so-called family, which lead to his shy, withdrawn personality, and his difficulty trusting others. That said, he trusts Lilie, Violet, and Rouge not only with his well-being, but even the most intimate, damaging personal details of his life.
His weapon is Silent Scars; bladed tonfa that feature pistols and a customized firing mechanism designed to flow with tonfa style combat. His semblance is the ability to climb literally anything without difficulty, from tall trees, to smooth, glass walls. His symbol is a metallic heart. Based on Rapunzel

Lilie Blume: A young woman with ashen brown hair, and violet eyes. At a very young age, Lilie was suddenly forced to grow up very fast, and very alone as she watched her family be murdered in front of her by White Fang. Now homeless, she quickly developed a ditzy persona as both a means of protecting her already broken psyche from more damage, and to allow her to endure what physical hardship she couldn't manipulate away from her. The next fifteen years of her life were extremely difficult, but she endured long enough to not only save herself from that life, but escape with combat prowess that rivalled most Hunters. Ozpin decided to offer her a place in the school, despite the lack of training or education, and even offered her employment so that she would be able to continue surviving on her own means if she so desired. Upon meeting her partner, Steel, and the rest of Team SLVR, she found a family she long abandoned hope of replacing. Of course, now she traded one problem for another, because she now cannot bare to be separated from the rest of her team for very long - as a result, she and Rouge are often joined at the hip. Neither party seems to mind.
Her weapon is Candy Cane; a polearm she stole from a weapon store (she later paid for it after a year at beacon), that she modified to store and release dust to assist with combat (she also stole the materials and work-space, and later paid for that as well). Her semblance is the ability to summon a male clone of herself, which can last long enough to supply a sufficient distraction to her foes; however, she doesn't like using it too often as the clone looks almost exactly like her late twin. Her symbol is a wilting Madonna lily. Based on Hansel & Gretel.

Violeta Gatet: A calico-haired lynx Faunus with green eyes. When she was young, she was sold to White Fang, who desired her semblance, by her parents, who feared it. Biding her time, she waited until she was under the control of a particularly stupid leader. She manipulated him, and his unit to their deaths, escaped, and hid in Sanctum until she was found one day by a teacher, who offered her enrolment, rather than chase her away. As a survival mechanism, she is very reserved, but she is also very blunt and has little patience. The fact that she can tolerate Rouge as her team-mate, never mind as her friend is likely due to her semblance.
Her weapon is Mosquito; a daggers chained together that she can use to fight at short or medium range. Her semblance is empathy; as long as the target is sentient or otherwise self-aware, she can read their emotions, and interpret their thoughts. As she developed and strengthened her ability, she is even able to read the thoughts of people in a comatose state. Her symbol is a broken chain arranged in the shape of a heart. Based on the Magic Mirror featured in many tales.

Rouge Ramuremort: A white-furred caribou Faunus with red eyes. She and Steel have known each other from a very young age; practically his entire life, and most of his life before, when his name was Sapphire, and his blood repressed his life. After risking her life to save his, her family adopted him, and helped him build his life up and truly begin. She puts on a hardy front, but she is deeply mentally scarred by the rescue of her brother, where she was left with no option but to slaughter his entire family. He has yet to learn this, and the guilt is slowly eating at her, which lead to her crying in Violet's arms when they first truly met and became partners. She is very quick to anger, especially if Steel, Violet, Lilie, or her antlers are made fun of.
Her weapon is Journey's End, a segmented staff that uses dust to hold the desired shape, and to cut into enemies. Her semblance is the ability to withstand any climate condition, no matter how extreme. Her symbol is a flame encased in ice. Based on The Snow Queen.

I... have nothing else... and my cat says to stop typing, so I will.

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