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I'm jayK and I've been a member of fanfiction.net for over four years now; having registered on the 24th of May 2003. However for three years as a fan fiction writer I don't have much to show for this and the last fic I posted here was written (and completed) more than two years ago. I have four stories but obviously I do aim to write more. My first attempt to revive my fan fiction writing skills is to go back and edit my original fics.

When I complete this process I shall probably write more Tekken stories. (As I'm best at writing them and I can see a way to lead on from the ‘Julia's Mother trilogy‘ (which I have now re-named) I've re-written the first two chapters to my Tekken fanfic (I'm always tempted to write story instead of fanfic)'The Devil's Genome' which (as you can see from the summary of the story was previously titled 'Genocell' and I'm hoping to re-write the whole story, time permitting.

Over the years my profile here has consisted of either one or two (and at one point three) paragraph(s) but as I’m attempting to revive my profile I shall fill it with details about my writing preferences and styles. I know that lost of authors like to post longer summaries here in their profile for their stories but I think the ones I have listed are sufficient enough to get to grips with the fic. I leave a general summary of what’s happening in the story and unlike some people I use all the space I can and don’t fill it with things such as ‘chapter seven now added.’ So in the next parts of my profile I’ll give you an idea of the genres I like writing and reading, the things I like reading (and writing fics for) and my favourite characters/pairings. Also there is a list of my OCs but there aren’t many. Of course if you don’t wish to read through all of this then feel free to press ‘hide bio’ in order to just view my stories.

Preferred Genres:
Romance: I don’t write major age restricted romance and most of my stories are either of K rating or T. I like to use romance as a sub-genre when the main genre is action/adventure in order to sustain the plot. I think the best example of this in my fics is Julia’s Mother II: The Scroll of Life.
Supernatural: A genre I find hard to sustain but if you get it right it can pay off. Often in some fandoms it’s very easy to use the supernatural side of things because it’s already incorporated into that fandom’s story. I’ll use Tekken as my example again because two of my Tekken stories have Supernatural listed as a genre. The main storyline of Tekken (if you know the fandom) is about how Kazuya Mishima (in the later Tekken’s) has lost the Devil Gene and it’s passed on to his son; Jin Kazama. So it’s easy to write supernatural using this storyline.
Humour: Humour is a genre I love to read however I’m not too good writing it. I Think a little bit of humour in a serious story goes a long way and I’d like to use it but again, it’s a genre I’m only just adapting to and it may be a while before you read any humour by me.
Angst: In my break of two years from fan fiction writing I started writing song fiction and a genre which is so easy to include in some songs is angst; gain I strive to include this genre in one of my fics at some point.
Action/Adventure: This is the only genre I’m consistent with and the only one I have listed for all of my stories to date. I don’t think there’s any trick to it... every story needs some action to keep the story alive and moving and In like to include an adventure of some sort.

I like all of these fandoms and being my favourite fandoms these are the fandoms I am most likely to write fan fics for. Obviously I already have a fic here for two of these fandoms.

A Series of Unfortunate Events:
Favourite characters: Violet, Klaus, Sunny, Count Olaf, Fiona, Esme and Jerome Squalor.
Favourite pairings: Klaus/Fiona, Esme/Jerome
OCs: Emma and Steph (These aren’t my own characters; just the names I gave to the two powder faced women from Olaf’s theatre troupe)

Doctor Who:
Favourite Characters: The Doctor (9/10), Captain Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, and Jackie Tyler.
Favourite Pairings: Captain Jack/Rose, The Doctor/Rose, Mickey/Rose
Slash Pairing: 9/Captain Jack

Dragonball Z:
Favourite Characters: Trunks, Kid Trunks, Teen Gohan, Gohan, Goku, Frieza, Vegeta, Goten, Android 18, Android 17
Favourite Pairing: Android 18/Android 17
Slash Paring: Trunks/Gohan

Dynasty Warriors:
Favourite Characters: Cao Ren, Diao Chan, Gan Ning, Guan Ping, Huang Zhong, Jiang Wei, Ling Tong, Liu Bei, Liu Chan, Lu Bu, Lu Meng, Lu Xun, Meng Huo, Pang De, Pang Tong, Sima Yi, Sun Jian, Sun Quan, Taishi Ci, Wei Yan, Xing Cai, Xu Huang, Yuan Shao, Yue Ying, Zhang He, Zhang Jiao, Zhou Yu, Zhu Rong
Favourite Pairings: Diao Chan/Lu Bu, Diao Chan/Zhang Liao, Guan Ping/Xing Cai, Xing Cai/Liu Chan, Meng Huo/Zhu Rong, Liu Bei/Sun Shang Xiang
Yaoi pairings: Lu Xun/Lu Meng, Ling Tong/Gan Ning

Samurai Warriors:
(Note: If I ever make a Samurai Warriors fic I will provide links here because there isn’t a section for it on ff)
Favourite Characters: Yoshimoto Imagawa, Kunoichi, Nene, Yukimura Sanada, Hanzo Hattori, Noh, Ina, Keiji Maeda, Hideoshi Toyotomi.
Favourite Pairings: kunoichi/Yukimura, Kunoichi/Hanzo, Keiji Maeda/Okuni, noh/Nobunaga, Nene/Hideoshi
Yaoi Pairings: Hanzo/Kotaro, Hideoshi/Magoichi, Hideoshi/Yoshimoto
Yuri Pairing: Kunoichi/Ina

Soul Calibur:
Favourite Characters: Tira, Talim, Xianghua, Setsuka, Sophitia, Yoshimitsu, Yun Seong
Favourite Pairings: Mitsurugi/Setsuka, Xianghua/Kilik, Talim/Yun Seong, Yoshimitsu/Tira
Yaoi Pairing: Yun Seong/Kilik
Yuri Pairing: Tira/Sophitia

Favourite Characters: Julia Chang, Michelle Chang, Ganryu, Jin Kazama, Steve Fox, Hwoarang, Nina Williams, Anna Williams
Favourite Pairings: Julia/Jin, Julia/Ganryu, Michelle/Ganryu, Nina/Steve
Yaoi Pairings: Steve/Jin/Hwoarang, Steve/Jin
OCs: Suz Mishima

That’s it for the fandoms; I hope you like the characters which I like and I hope you agree with the pairings, if you have anything to say about Dynasty Warriors then please click onto my forum ‘The Shu Alleigance’
And that’s it for ff.net; you can catch me at other places on the net here:

Art of War Dynasty Warriors fics (mainly song fiction):
Deviant art:
Live journal:
Fiction Press: http://www.fictionpress.com/~jayk
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

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