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If your reading this, then you're probably curious about me, a.k.a. 'The Embodiment of Yearning'. Well, my real name is Shania (Yes, like Shania Twain for any country music lovers out there.) Hmm... I guess I should explain my pen name, because to any normal person, it probably sounds a bit strange. Basically, I am fairly dissatisfied with almost every aspect of my young life. I want to be understood, be beautiful, be a better singer (actually, a better musician in general), be a better writer, and many, many, many, many other things. I yearn for true freedom.

...Anyways, pay no attention to the weird and somewhat awkward introduction above. I'm new to this whole publishing-my-fanfictions-online-for-everyone-to-see thing. Speaking of my fanfictions, at the moment, all I have are the stories and poems that I've written concerning PoTO. (If you don't know what that stands for, you should probably leave now) Just kidding. BUT, if you truly don't know, it's short for Phantom of the Opera. I'm obsessed with the 2004 movie. OBSESSED. Seriously, I live by WWED? (What Would Erik (a.k.a the Phantom) Do?) Honestly, for almost everything, I ask myself that very question. And as long as the answer doesn't involve Punjabbing someone, kidnapping, arson, or anything else illegal or morally wrong, I do it. If you haven't already been enchanted by Andrew Lloyd Webber's silverscreen masterpiece, I suggest you do so. Especially because my works are based on it, and if you don't watch it, you won't understand my fanfics. (Which are not too shabby, if I do say so myself. You should go read them.) As for the books, I've read Kay's version, which I LOVED, and the original, which I liked, except for the fact that Erik was scary as shit. I'll say it; I don't like Leroux Erik. I've also seen the 1925 movie, and obviously the 2004 one.

Even though the '04 movie is my favorite, my phics do sometimes include details not from the movie, but from the other versions (mostly Kay). The Phantom's name is one of said details. In my stories, he will be called Erik, even though his name wasn't mentioned in the movie. With that said, my Erik will always be the Gerard Butler portrayal, with little details from the book and my own little tweaks thrown in occasionally. But no matter what, I'll always have that special place in my heart for Gerik. After all, he was my first. (Pfffffft! Yeah, I wish. I'm super perverted, just so everyone has a fair warning. My pervertedness will shine through in my phics occasionally. Soooo, if you don't like that kind of stuff, then I suggest not reading my phics or getting over it. Your dear, sweet, authoress favors the latter.) You don't mess with a good thing, and to me, Gerry is that good thing. He portrayed Erik excellently, and for a guy with not much vocal training, he did a pretty good job singing all those songs, and I think he really captured Erik's essence.

Anyways, since you're already here, why not get comfy and read a one of my phics? Well, that shouldn't really be plural, since there is only one phic in progress right now. But it's called 'His Little Prying Pandora'. Thank you all for reading!

I remain, dear readers, your obedient servant & authoress,

The Embodiment of Yearning

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His Little Prying Pandora reviews
SEE CH. 5 FOR NOVEMBER 2019 UPDATE. A 15 year old phan. A wormhole. An Opera Ghost. His young student. Her fop. All of these come together to create a story of friendship, acceptance, passion, and love when young Scarlet finds herself employed by Monsieur Phantom himself. Can Erik even get through the story without killing her? Can this Pandora pry her way into his heart?
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