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UPDATE 11/27/2016

Regarding Seeds of Love -
This story is on hold, mostly due to my lack of an idea of where to take it past the premise. I've continued to get sporadic reviews from readers asking me to update, and that has spurred me into action after giving my story a serious pondering! I have not given up on this story, and still think about it, but real life only allows me to focus on one project at a time. I will eventually pick this back up, but it won't be for quite some time.

Regarding Traipsing Through Time -

This story has been through a few iterations over the years, and I've settled on the final premise. This story's approach to Hermione's time travel is something I'm excited about, since it's a new twist and I've seen time traveling stories done so sloppily in most cases. I had major writer's block about how to get from the beginning to the climax, and even then what happens afterward, but I've got a timeline going and it is looking to be quite a long story when all is said and done. It will be HG/RL and ti currently ~40k words. I'm planning for 7-10k words per chapter.


I am now focusing on TTT with SoL on the back burner until further notice. I'm not going to post anything until I'm sure I have enough material to present you lovely readers with regularly... maybe not even until I'm close to done. I also tend to think of things later, resulting in major changes in earlier chapters :B

As a side note, I seem to find less and less well-written fiction on here nowadays, which is why my mind constantly strays to my stories. I've become quite picky with my reading, compared to when I was a teenager. I promise that when I do eventually push an update, it will be written with my standards in mind. This promise includes:

  1. Grammar/spelling checks, and re-checks. I don't have a BETA, but I feel like I have a steady grasp of my native tongue to handle this job well enough.
  2. No Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu. I write primarily from Hermione's perspective, and though she may be mature/wise for her age, I intend to reflect the woes and faults of a typical young adult. Perfect characters are boring! I will strive to prevent my take on Hermione from being anything but; she will be as multifaceted as my skills allow.
  3. No OOC. As stated above, I write primarily from Hermione's view point. This is because I feel like I truly understand her MO. Other characters, not so much. However, I will never have characters I'm less-cozy with acting in an irrational/un-canon way without a plausible explanation. Severus will never be fluffy, Remus will not always be agreeable and a milquetoast, Hermione will certainly never endeavor to sleep her way through each house as a research project, etc.
  4. No clichés. When writing a story which is inspired by a popular genre (time-turner and marriage challenge, in my case), you're bound to come across similar plot devices. I will avoid any overly used bits at all costs.
  5. Author Notes? Forget about it! I loathe author notes, especially when they take up more than 1/3 of the chapter. It in unacceptable, in my opinion, to open a story with ~3k words per chapter, only to be assaulted by shout-outs, thank you's, and personal information followed by 1k words of actual story content. I've also encountered A/N inserted needlessly into the middle of a chapter. I've been guilty of both of these in the past in my earlier writings. My guarantee is to add an A/N only if it's necessary, and to keep them as brief as possible. Anything else you need to know can be found on my profile or asked in a PM.
  6. Chapter length! Word length, in my opinion, directly correlates to how much time, care, and thought an author is willing to put into their work. Satisfying progression to a fully-developed story takes effort. I promise to aim for a minimum of 5k words per installment. If, for some reason, I determine a chapter needs to be shorter, I will upload two at once.
  7. Reviews. I will never ask, beg, or hold an update hostage for reviews. I write because I have an idea and want to share it while doing my best at improving my storytelling. In my experience, number of reviews doesn't equate to the quality of the story itself. If my story is good enough, people will find it despite there being less than 80 reviews. That's my take on the whole thing. So, review if you want because it will be appreciated whether it's positive or negative! But I don't need the validation.

About Melvanas:

I am a 30 year old woman from Texas. My main interests are Japanese culture and language, with a love of music and gaming. I have an orange cat named Mr. Tibbles. I wrote my first fan fiction nearly 15 years ago, and have continued off and on ever since, though most have been lost to time.

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