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My name: I wont tell you but you can all refer to me as Advent, am 24 years old. I am one that hopes and wishes to become an actual writer in the future and hearing of the FanFiction.Net I decided that this would be a godd place to start to improve my writing skills, plus I want to show fanfictions that I already have written and show to all you fanfiction readers which I hope you will like.:)

Gender: I am a male!

Date of Birth: Somewhere within the month of October within the year of 1991! Guess if you'd like.

My favorite shows: Naruto (haven't seen the show in a while but i mostly read the manga), South Park (Who doesn't love this show!), Family Guy, Devil May Cry Anime, The Killing (started watching through NetFlix and like it.), and many more!

My favorite games: Devil May Cry Series, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Generations, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil 4 and 5, Metal Gear Solid, God of War Series, Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy 7 and 13, Tenchu Z, Batman Arkham Asylum and City, Aliens vs Predator, Prototype, and Five Nights at Freddy's 1&2.

Stories: I am going to do different fanfictions with most involving Naruto but most of them are crossovers. I like crossovers.

Pairings: When it comes to fanfictions pairings matter in my opinion there needs to be romance in the story right but they are not all that important all the time.

Music: Linkin Park, Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Gackt, Breaking Benjamin, Adema, A Perfect Circle, Evanescence, Incredibad (There music is hilarious!), Marilyon Manson, Guns N' Roses, Dead Poetic, Nine Inch Nails, Flyleaf, Fear Factory, Vixtrola, Micheal Jackson, 30 Seconds to Mars, AC/DC, Cold, Drowning Pool, Earshot, Ill Nino, Incubus, Motley Crue, ZZ Top, Mudvayne, Rolling Stones, Saliva, Shinedown, Chombichrist, and Skillet.

FanFiction Stroies at work

Naruto: The Crimson Warrior / Status: ON HOLD

Final Fantasy VII: The SOLDIER Legacy / Status: OH HOLD

Naruto's Dragon Ball: A Hero's LEGACY / Status: ON HOLD [This is the Naruto Z reboot now Naruto's Dragon Ball: A Hero's LEGACY]

Red-X Rises / Status: OH HOLD

Naruto's DmC: Devil May Cry / Blood of a Priestess Part 4&5/Status: ON HOLD

Naruto's Resident Evil: Raccoon Escape / Status: IN PROGRESS

Naruto's Neon Genesis Evangelion / Status: OH HOLD

Naruto's MGS METAL GEAR SOLID Tactical Espionage Delegations / Status: ON HOLD

FanFiction Stories Coming To You

Battoman Biginzu (Batman Begins) - Inspired after Christopher Nolan's Batman films but the main character is Naruto Uzumaki who will become the Dark Knight!!! In this story there will be NO JUTSU (You have been warned!) and will be set in a modern time such as Kanoha being like a modern day city and not a village, characters in the Naruto verse will be in it of course but they will not become hero's like Naruto (Naruto will NOT become Batman at a young age! You have been warned once again!). This story will not follow the exact story of Christopher Nolan's Batman but characters such as Kakashi, Asuma and Gai will be detectives and the Mayor of the city being like Hokage. There will also be NO bloodlines (You have been warned a third time!) but you will see villains of the Batman universes making appearance. Oh yeah and NONE of the Kanoha 11 (except Naruto) will become a super hero! But this story will be worth it and I promise you will like it...dont even think the Nine Tails will be involved. This story will be like an Alternate Batman Begins. This will be a Naruto Batman Crossover.

Naruto: FINAL FANTASY - This story is going to be fun and expect a lot of FF characters appearing from all the Final Fantasy's but all of them in the world of Naruto being "Narutoized". This story will have Naruto becoming Cloud but not losing his memory or anything, just taking up a new name and life. Additional details will be released upon the stories release.

Additional Story Details for Naruto's Dragon Ball: A Hero's LEGACY

Naruto Uzumaki - A fifteen year old boy who wishes to become a legend in his own right. His dreams are big and he wishes to not only attain the dream of becoming a legend but also to become the leader of his village so as to gain the respect of his village. He is the container of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox and upon being revealed the shocking revelation by Mizuki his reaction is one of despair but he does not let it get him down as he defeats Mizuki, returns the Scroll of Sealing saving the village from any possible future threat that may have gotten their hands on the contents of the scroll by Mizuki. However this is not positive as Mizuki could have had other nefarious deeds for the scroll such as possibly selling it off to the village or using the power within the scroll himself. Before these events he is watched and eventually encountered by a man known as Master Zen, The Undefeated of Tai, and it is through this man that he receives special training that has made him grow stronger physically and mentally. Armed with the Z Staff passed on to him by his Master Zen and techniques taught by the man he will fight and travel the world in the pursuit of his dreams.

Master Zen - The Undefeated of Tai, he is a man known for his amazing hand to hand combat abilities surpassing even that of Might Guy's, in fact his fighting style MAY be the greatest amongst the lands. Not much is known about Master Zen accept that he is the greatest hand to hand combatant and not many know that he knows of the secrets of Ki and other techniques that would be considered revolutionary to the world of ninja. It does not seem that he has taken on any students except for one so far and that person is none other than Naruto Uzumaki but as he took him up as his student he had a condition. That condition is to NEVER share the secrets of Ki or the techniques he teaches Naruto as he believes will bring destruction upon the world if all ninja knew them. For now it is unknown how he knows of Ki or the techniques he has been teaching Naruto but he has told Naruto that he was taught by his own previous master. Who his master is unknown and is yet to be revealed at this point...

Naruto DmC: Devil May Cry Demon Guide

Spotter- A Spotter is also known as a demon collaborator being one that chose to become a demon but they can also be unluckily civilians having their bodies possessed by a demon and are usually used as spies, Spotters could be an adult or a young adult and even a small child such as a little girl. Once the person is possessed by a demon becoming a “Spotter” there is no way they can have their freedom and salvation unless they are struck down. With Naruto/Dante slaying Spotters that drag him down into their demonic realm he is actually doing them a favor…Isn’t he such a nice guy?

Lesser Demonic Samurai- These demons are the weakest of the demonic world and of the Demonic Samurai class but in large numbers and attacking in groups they can prove to be quite formidable even against the average ninja. These demons are seen to only wield the katana as their main weapon and have even been seen (By Dante/Naruto) to be able to reattach their limbs, however if the damage is to sever then reattachment of the limbs cannot be done.

Demonic Samurai- The middle class of the Demonic Samurai’s, these demons wear armor and are able to wield different weapons such as Chain Sickles, poles, swords and even seen wielding the bow and arrows. If one is left remaining after its fellow demon compatriots have been killed then they will up the ante as one was seen to draw and tripe wield three swords and attack with ferociousness and with increase of speed. It is said that these demons are said to be born from the fall of corrupt and fallen samurai of the real world as well as fallen samurai in previous wars still seeking the thrill of battle and with bloodlust.

Elite Demonic Samurai- This class of demon within the Demonic Samurai class is the toughest of the tough, the strongest of the strong and sometimes when summoned with Lesser Demonic Samurai and Demonic Samurai it gives out commands for them to follow. This would make the group a force to be reckoned with as they will plan, use attack strategies and think rationally. However if one can manage to kill the Elite Demonic Samurai first then the demons under its command will fight as they normally would, the Elite wields two demonic looking swords and has a striking resemblance to the Samurai of Iron Country only with a demonic look. It also is capable of attaching the butts of its two swords together creating a double edge sword.

Screech- These flocking demons look like giant crows with very sharp talons and a beak, they have red feathers within their wings that they seem to be able to shoot them toward their intended target and they are to be very strong seeing as one managed to lift Naruto and attempt to throw him. What most must take caution of is its loud caw or what one would rather call screech being able to somewhat paralyze the victim and will take advantage to dive in for an attack. They are also said to be used as scouts for the demonic realm, within the real world they are disguised as birds.

Lady Death- This demon wears a long black cloak with tears around its form and wields a scythe as if she were death itself, this demon can be difficult to fight as normal attacks seem to go through her without harm due to the cloak around her form that also allows her to faze through walls. However if one manages to daze her then she can physically be harmed, this is her only weakness. They also have the ability to throw their weapons and able to call them back to their grasp, with Naruto/Dante defeating the one within the academy he seems to have inherit the ability to be able to call his sword back to within his grasp.

Stalker- This is one of the deadliest demons of Naruto’s DmC: Devil May Cry! They stalk and learn of their prey and strike when the opportunity presents itself, sort like an assassin or ninja. They wield a total of four weapons being the iron saw hat upon their heads, two deadly sharp katana swords which they are greatly skilled in being able to deflect even Naruto’s Chakra bullets by the spin of their blades, and wear a sharp scaled red cloak around their bodies. When they go into battle they part their cloaks from over their shoulders to hanging like capes, the cloaks having sharp scales can also be used as weapons as they can merely perform spins and turns to cut at anyone near its form. They also seem to have a curious ability to open portals and travel within them to appearing wherever they want be it in front, beside or the back of their opponent. While not as fast as Minato’s Flying Thunder God they still move at great and admirable speed, this demon are the elite and if fighting two at once could prove to be a great threat as fighting one is difficult enough. The Stalker can prove a challenge to even an ANBU Black Op!

Alpha Demon- The Alpha Demons are the hunters of the holy order of the demons, it was the Alpha’s that found Sparda’s family proving them to be amazing trackers. They are brutal in combat and difficult to kill, it has two weaknesses being its exposed face which would take most damage but it is difficult for one to attack as the demon would not make it so easy. The heart is exposed and armored over with bone and that being covered by body armor, if one were to crack open the bone covering the heart a single blow to the exposed heart should kill it. They are armed with giant windmill shuriken to attack from a distance while the battle axe is used in close combat; they are also armed with great brute strength.

Demonic Steed- This demon is literally a horse from hell used by the demon Samurai class, mostly by bow and arrow wielding Demonic Samurai as they ride upon a Demonic Steed and fire their arrows along the move. The Demonic Steed is capable of blowing flames out of its nostrils if an opponent gets to close or it stretches its flaming tail and swings it to attack anyone from behind or kicks its back flaming hooves.

Berserker- This seven foot capable standing tall white crimson colored ape like demon goes into battle with a kanabo. These demons are quick and great climbers. They deliver powerful swings and are able to grapple its opponent with its feet, one should approach with caution. Berserker’s are not only deadly in these ways but even more so when they flip into an uncontrollable rage increasing speed and attack power. Within this state of rage they use their overgrown nails (If they lose their kanabo’s) and horns upon their heads to attack within a charge or simply their brute strength to kill their target. One should approach this demon WITH EXSTREME CAUTION!

Brute- This demon should never be underestimated. The Nemesis wields a large kitchen knife sword upon its shoulders that it will use to gut its opponent to pieces. It appears to have its eyes sown shut making it impossible for one to use genjutsu upon it thus rendering such jutsu useless. It has a strong resistance to physical attacks due to the body armor it wears upon its form except for its arms and back. It is shown to be able to summon forth demonic energy upon its palms and able to throw them at it target and able to replace its lost limbs (such as an arm) with tentacles taking its place and using those as a weapon. It is also capable of breathing out fire from its mouth.

This demon is powerful in brute strength greater than the Berserker but it is slow, however when it comes to a state of near defeat it will be engulfed by sort of red demonic flame increasing speed and attack power.

Naruto's DmC: Devil May Cry Skill List


Jump [Dante jumps] - Double Jump [Dante forms a demonic platform under his feet to reach new heights] - Enemy Step [Dante uses enemy as stepping stone to reach higher air]

Evade [Evades enemy attacks with dashes and rolls]

Angel Boost (Can be charged for longer distance) [Dante channels Devil Energy to propel himself forward in the air]

Ophion Angel Lift [Fires grappling hook at enemies or points and lifts Dante to them]

Ophion Demon Pull/Whip [Fire the Ophion whip to grapple enemies or objects and pull them toward Dante] - Kicker [Performs a timed kick]

Devil Trigger [A manifestation of Dante’s true power! Attack power, speed and endurance are greatly increased. Dante can only hold this state of power for a short amount of time with a needed recovery time of five minutes. Recovery time varies depending on how much power he uses.]

Jutsu (Technique)

Shadow Clone Jutsu [Dante is able to create shadow clones of himself to assist him in combat]

Body Flicker or what Dante calls “Air Trick” [Dante teleports near his opponent on ground level] - Air Trick Up (Body Flicker) [Dante teleports up to or above his nearest opponent] - Air Trick Down (Body Flicker) [Dante teleports down to ground level or to nearest opponent]

Clone Jutsu [Dante makes an illusion of himself being a copy but not solid]

Transformation Jutsu [Dante is able to transform into another individual copying his appearance]

Substitution Jutsu [Dante substitutes himself with an object or demon nearby]

Tree/Wall Walking Jutsu [Dante is able to run up trees and walls with the use of Chakra concentrated to the bottom of his feet]

Water Walking Jutsu [Dante is able to walk and run along water with the use of Chakra concentrated to the bottom of his feet]


Hightime [Dante launches opponent into air, can chose to follow up after]

Hacker [A quick four slash combo]

Death Coil [A combo perfect for attacking surrounding enemies]

Aerial Rave (DMC4) [Dante delivers a series of aerial slashes]

Helmbreaker [Dante delivers a devastating overhead strike upon his foes]

Drive [Releases a powerful shockwave of devil energy toward distant foes] - Overdrive [Two additional shockwaves to Drive attack]/Aerial Drive [Releases a powerful shockwave of devil energy down upon foes] - Aerial Overdrive [Two more additional shockwaves to Aerial Drive]

Overdrive Strike [Dante powers his blade with the power of Overdrive] - Rapid Overdrive Strike [Dante powers his blade with demonic energy and delivers a multiple of strikes cutting his enemies into pieces]

Round Trip [Dante throws his blade and is able to call it back returning like a boomerang]

Stinger [Covers great distance with high speed lunging stab] - Trillion Stabs [A blinding flurry of lightning fast stabs]/Aerial Stinger [Dante propels himself forward with Angel Boost delivering a powerful lunging stab with his sword] - Aerial Trillion Stabs [Dante propels himself forward with the assistance of Angel Boost delivering a blinding flurry of stabs]


Judgment [A slow but powerful three hit combo]

Trinity Smash [Dante focuses on his demon energy and unleashes a formidable triple damage strike]

Tremor [Smashes the axe into the floor with power enough to crack the earth, enemies standing in the fault line are launched into the air]

Drop [Dante drops from the sky with a thunderous strike that cracks the earth, enemies standing in the fault line are launched into the air]

Flush [Dante hurls the axe head at distant enemies]

Fury & Wrath

Brawler [A three striking combo upon a single target]

Fists of Fury [Dante performs a flurry of punches upon his target infused with demonic energy]

Slingshot [Dante rockets back along his feet and then forward with a mighty right punch]

Uppercut [An uppercut infused with demonic energy]

Meteor [Dante delivers a powerful blow upon a midair enemy shooting down to the ground]

Demonic Charge [Dante can charge up his punches to increase damage dealt upon his enemies]


Karma [A whirlwind of blades that slashes at enemies surrounding Dante]

Cleaver [Dante waves the scythe around his body, cutting at enemies in front and all around him]

Prop [Spin scythe like a propeller juggling enemies on its blade] - Shredder [Continues slicing and dicing enemies continuing from Prop]/Horizon Prop [Dante goes into a low stance spinning his weapon above his head horizontally instead of vertically] - Horizon Shredder [Continues slicing and dicing enemies continuing from Horizontal Prop]

Hanger [An aerial combo of wide sweeping attacks capable of juggling multiple airborne enemies]

Double Up [Dante spins scythe above his head like rotor blades lifting him up as well as surrounding enemies higher into the air]

Streak [A forward lunging attack that ends with a sweeping spin]

Feed [Alastor becomes powered with devil energy when striking surrounding enemies continuously. Once fully charged it grants great attack power]

Stun [Dante performs a complete 360 spin attacking with Alastor’s charged electrical power (Thanks to Feed) stunning surrounding enemies for a couple of seconds]

Ebony & Ivory

Shoot [Dante shoots a rapid fire of Chakra bullets]

Rainstorm [Dante rains down a hail of Chakra bullets upon his enemies]

Invert Rainstorm [Dante delivers a hail of Chakra bullets while spinning up into the air]


Shoot [Dante shoots Chakra bullets]

Fireworks [Dante twirls his shotgun around his form like a pain of numb chucks striking surrounding enemies]

Revenant Bomb [Dante charges Chakra into the shotgun and fires a single powerful charged shoot of Chakra into his target, explodes after a couple of seconds]

Combination Skill Attacks

Quick Cleaver Rebellion (First two strikes) Alastor (Final three strikes)

Cleaving Twister Alastor (First two strikes) Rebellion (Final three strikes)

Cleaving Trinity Smash Alastor (First two strikes) Ekon (Final third strike)

Quick Trinity Smash RebellionEkon

Heavy Twister Ekon (First two strikes) Rebellion (Final three strikes)

Heavy Cleaver Ekon (First two strikes) Alastor (Final three strikes)

Naruto's DmC: Devil May Cry Vergil's Skill List


Jump [Vergil jumps] - Double Jump [Vergil forms a demonic platform under his feet to reach new heights] - Enemy Step [Vergil can jump off an enemy in the air]

Evade (NOT BODY FLICKER) [Vergil teleports a short distance letting him move out of danger]

Trick Up (NOT BODY FLICKER) [Vergil teleports directly up]

Trick Down (NOT BODY FLICKER) [Vergil teleports directly down, if he is on ground level he will phase in and out on the spot]

Angel Boost (Can be charged for longer distance) [Vergil channels Angel power to fly a short distance]

Vergil Angel Lift [Vergil fires an Angel sword the size of a kunai and teleports TO the embedded target or point]

Vergil Demon Pull [Vergil fires a Demon sword the size of a kunai and teleports the embedded target to him or point]

Jutsu (Technique)

Clone Jutsu [Vergil makes an illusion of himself being a copy but not solid]

Lightning Clone Jutsu [Vergil makes a clone copy of himself that is made out of lightning. When hit and destroyed it leaves behind and paralyzes the attacker]

Transformation Jutsu [Vergil can transform himself to look like another individual]

Substitution Jutsu [Vergil substitutes himself with an object, person or demon]

Tree/Wall Walking Jutsu [Vergil is able to run up trees and walls with the use of Chakra concentrated to the bottom of his feet]

Water Walking Jutsu [Vergil is able to walk and run along water with the use of Chakra concentrated to the bottom of his feet]

Shadow Clone Jutsu [Vergil is able to create solid clones of himself to assist in battle]

Lightning Ignite [Vergil channels the lightning element within his sword increasing attack power in normal status, in Angel Mode attack power is far greater than Yamato in normal state]

Fire Ignite [Vergil channels the fire element within his sword increasing attack power in normal status, in Demon Mode attack power is far greater than Yamato in normal state]

Wind Ignite [Vergil channels the wind element within his sword increasing proficiency in cutting and speed in attack]

Multi Fireball Jutsu [Vergil unleashes a total of four fireballs upon his opponent]

Fireball Jutsu [Vergil blows a torrent of flame upon his enemy]



Slasher Embed [A succession of two slashes following a powerful strike]

Crosscut [A set of multiple striking attacks with a powerful finishing strike]

Upperslash [A powerful upward slash that launches enemies skyward]

Judgment Cut [Strikes an enemy into a slash vortex] - Judgment Cut Charge [Vergil strikes a enemy into a LARGE slash vortex] - Perfect Slice [Vergil strikes an enemy into a massive slashes of vortex with great damage]

Aerial Rave Embed [A multi strike combo that juggles airborne enemies with great damage]

Helm Breaker [A devastating overhead strike that slams an enemy into the ground]

Yamato (Angel Mode)

Rapid Slash [A dashing move that allows Vergil to pass through enemies leaving behind a trail of strike]

Flare [A spiraling attack that strikes all enemies surrounding Vergil]

Rising Star [A charge move that launches Vergil and surrounding enemies into the air] - Solar Flare [A devastating charge move that launches Vergil and all enemy types into the air]

Orbit Embed [Vergil juggles enemies in the air before striking them into the ground below with great damage]

Aerial Flush Embed [Vergil launches a heavy sword at nearby enemies from the air causing a great amount of damage] - Aerial Lightning Flush Embed [Vergil launches a heavy sword with the combination of the lightning element from the air causing great amount of damage] - Aerial Wind Flush Embed [Vergil launches a heavy sword with the combination of the wind element from the air causing a great amount of damage]

Terrain Flush Embed [Vergil launches a heavy sword from the ground to nearby enemies, multiple strikes can be launched] - Lightning Terrain Flush Embed [Vergil launches a heavy sword with the combination of the lightning element to nearby enemies, multiple strikes can be launched] - Wind Terrain Flush Embed [Vergil launches a heavy sword from the ground with the combination of the wind element to nearby enemies. When the Wind Terrain Flush hits its target it launches the target up in a vortex of wind, multiple strikes can be launched]

Yamato (Demon Mode)

Divorce [A three striking devastating but slow succession of slashes]

Volcano [Vergil strikes the ground pushing enemies away] - Volcano Charge [Vergil strikes the ground erupting small enemies into the air] Atomic [Vergil strikes the ground launching all enemies into the air]

Killer Bee [With Demon energy Vergil launches down towards enemies causing greater damage]

Drive Embed [Vergil slashes down sending an enemy slamming into the ground with great damage]

Stomp [Following the Drive Embed Vergil charges his sword and crashes down on top of the fallen enemy, it is more powerful from greater heights]

Sword Illusion (Summoning Swords)

Summoned Swords [Vergil launches sword images made from his mind, sword powered or filled with Chakra, into his enemies at a great frequency causing damage from range] - Summoned Sword Detonation [Vergil is able to will his Summoned Swords at any moment by his command to detonate]

Spiral Sword [Vergil summons six swords to spiral around him protecting him from many enemy attacks] - Spiral Sword Eject [Vergil ejects the swords spiraling around him upon his enemies] 360 Degree Spiral Sword [Vergil summons a multiple of swords all around his body protecting him from all angels] - 360 Degree Spiral Sword Eject [Vergil ejects the multiple around his body in all directions and angles]

Spiraling Sword Shuriken [Vergil summons swords above the palm of his hand that spins and can be thrown like a demon wind shuriken. Upon clashing with enemy the Spiraling Sword Shuriken fly’s around and slashes enemy from all sides with deadly precision]

Blistering Swords [Vergil summons a series of swords that instantly launches out in succession at his targeted enemy]

Storm Swords [Vergil summons swords that spiral around an enemy before all firing into the enemy launching enemy up into the air]/Aerial Storm Swords [Vergil summons swords that spiral around enemy from above before all firing down upon enemy]

Sword Prison [Vergil creates a large circular formation of swords surrounding him and his trapped enemies not allowing them to escape] - Sword Prison Detonation [Vergil can choose to teleport out of his Sword Prison and detonate the surrounding swords damaging enemies trapped within]

Meteor Sword [Vergil channels a great amount of concentration and Chakra creating a massive sized sword or swords to crash down from the sky and into his enemies below, limit to how many swords being created is four]


Doppelganger (Unlike Shadow Clones which take a single or two hits to destroy the Doppelganger has no limitation of required hits but the Doppelganger only lasts for a short amount of time. Recovery time varies depending on how much power is put within and in use.) [Vergil summons a doppelganger of himself to fight by his side]

Doppelganger Mode Switch [Vergil is able to have the Doppelganger go into a specific attack mode allowing the Doppelganger’s attacks to be asynchronous with Vergil. For example Vergil can have his Doppelganger only attack with Yamato in Demon Mode or Angel Mode or normally]

Doppelganger Delay Switch [Vergil is able to adjust the delay between himself and the Doppelganger between long and short delays in attack]

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