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Welcome to our profile! This is a joint account! We are two writers who absolutely adore Supernatural (as evident by our stories). We both are also interested in The River, Night at the Museum 2, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

We each have separate accounts here on and we'll be going by the names Tiffany and Maddie here.

Tiffany's account:
Maddie's account:

We have been writing stories together for about seven months now. Tiffany introduced me to Supernatural, and soon after that, we were writing our first story, Far Away. After we got into the later seasons, Broken Faith was started to get another angle on Supernatural. Tiffany also introduced me to The River and we instantly thought it would be a great idea to write in that too. We've both improved each other's writing and our characters both reflect some of our personality.

We really hope you read our stories as they are for your enjoyment as well as ours. We've had a lot of fun with our own side plot lines and making our characters. It doesn't take that long to review and it would help us improve!

~Tiffany: HEY! I'm nineteen, almost twenty and I live in the U-S-of-A! (I'm that part of the account name hehe). I can be a total ditz at times, being blonde certainly doesn't help that, but I'm not dumb. I'm actually pretty smart, just not at math or science. Being blonde just gives me an excuse for when I do something stupid ;) I've got blue eyes... I'm 5'4", I'm pretty short, and you'll see that trait in a lot of my characters. They're all usually short, too.

I'm a total grammar Nazi, so if there's ever anything grammatically wrong with one of the stories, please, please, please tell me so I can correct it. It'll drive me insane if it's not fixed. I usually edit over the stories before they're published, but I can still miss a few mistakes here and there. But let me know! I won't hate you for it, and in fact, I'll thank you! Just try to be gentle when you call me out on my errors ;)

Let's see... what else do I think you're interested to know... I'm an aspiring model who's currently in college working to fulfill my dreams. I'm a total contradiction. I'm a huge girlie girl, but I play sports (volleyball being my favorite). I'm also a cheerleaders, and I've played basketball. Despite being a girlie girl, and my favorite color being pink, I LOVE

Some of my favorite bands include: Skillet (LOVE them with a passion. They're my fave), Three Days Grace, Daughtry (second fave

I love rock, but I also love other genres. I'm a huge boyband fan. I love Big Time Rush, NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. I also love current music like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, P!nk and the list goes on.

I'm a huge fan of the fandoms listed above, but I also love others and there are way too many to name. But, I've come to the conclusion I can never join a happy fandom. Sad and depressing things always happen to the fandoms I'm a part of.

I'll name some of my favorite movies/shows with my favorite character. I always tend to fall for the bad boy in a fictional 'verse. I have this repeating pattern that's already ever broken. Ah well. They're just so delish! It's either the rugged bad boy or the adorable cute nerd. Polar opposites! It makes me giggle! Fave fandoms and characters include, but certainly not limited to:

Walking Dead (Daryl Dixon)
Supernatural (Dean Winchester)
X-Men (Gambit/Remy LeBeau in the comics. Pyro/John St. Allerdyce in the movies. Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff and Avalance/Lance Alvers in X-Men Evolution)
Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid)
National Treasure: Riley Poole
Stay Alive (Swink Sylvania)
Charmed (Chris Halliwell, but out of the sisters I loved Prue, but Piper's power was pretty badass)
The Fast and the Furious (I loved Leon in the first movie, but Vince and Jesse were always my backups)
The River (Kurt Brynildson, but I also loved Jonas Beckett)
Cry Wolf (Randall Hodge)

I realize Cry Wolf and Stay Alive aren't as popular, but they are still two of my favorite movies.

I would post some quotes from my fave shows or movies, but there are way too many of them to post. Most of them would be from Supernatural's very own, Dean Winchester. That's my favorite show, and he's my boy. Always will stick with him no matter what. But as of late, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead has started growing on me with his Redneck ways. (I certainly can't show Southern charm, because it's not exactly charm that oozes out of him, but I could say his redneck sex appeal. I guess that would work more in his favor.) Riley Poole's also got a few of my favorite quotes, so does Ben Gates. Spencer Reid has quite a few as well.

Wow, that bio went on for longer than I thought it would. Holy cow. Well, at least now you know a little bit about me, maybe you'll see some of my flare in my stories. =] I hope you guys love our stories. Please let us know or if you have any ideas that you think would work well, please PM us and let us know. We'll try to respond as soon as we can, along with updating as soon as we can. Now, I'll turn it over to Maddie so you all can learn a little bit about her!

~Maddie: Hello there, I’m Maddie. I’m sixteen and I live in New Zealand, that tiny little Island down the bottom of the world :D I’m really, really talkative and sarcastic, so like Tiffany’s shorties, you’ll probably see the smart mouth trait coming through in my characters :P I’m also blue eyed with ranga/blonde hair and I’m 172 centimetres (using the metric system here to be difficult) I’m also a Grammar Nazi but I tend to type really fast and so my words get all screwed up. So, I’ll probably have the odd typo... or three. I want to go to university and study linguistics. At school, my favourite subject is Classical Studies- the study of the Greek and Roman gods. I adore reading and writing. I’m a total geek and a nerd and I’m somewhat into gaming. I play soccer every winter (have been for the last 8 years) and I love movies. And as my favourite fandoms and characters... Well there’s a lot. I love the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices. Will Herondale and Magnus Bane would have to be my favourite. My favourite movies are the Pirates of the Caribbean series but Lord of the Rings is a close second ;) I also like The Hunger Games and Supernatural... Games I adore are Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as well as the Tomb Raider Games <3 I really have nothing more to say, except my writing does progressively improve throughout our stories. And that originally, I had to battle Tiffany for Dean... but I surrendered him for Castiel who is now my baby. I hope you enjoy reading our stories as much as I enjoyed writing them <3
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