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Hey! My name Ebony but ya can call me Ebz for short, anyways I make stories about my charaters and sonic characters and sometimes I let people have one of their charaters in my stories. I am 16 years old and I live in England, my birthday is on 11 of March I'm 1/8 Scottish, 1/8 Canadian and the rest is English. I live with my mum and two sisters and my mum's boyfriend. My mum was being a right bitch to my dad so now he lives with his mum and dad, I was a flipnoter on Hatena and Sudomemo. I gotta say bye coz I have gotta go and message people and other stuff like that. Please check out my forum!!! XD Forum:https://www.fanfiction.net/stats/forum_eyes_forum.php?date=201302&forumid=128913&month=02&year=2013

Here are my fave charas going from my most fave to my least fave:

Lloyd Garmadon: The green ninja who is the hero and saves everyone as best as he can even if people hate him, he hates snakes and he is the only ninja who can create all four powers of Ice, fire, earth and lightning as well as his own power, energy.

Zane: The white ninja who has no sense of humour and can weild ice from his hands, he helps the ninja is they need anyninformatikn at all.

Kai: The red ninja and Nya's brother who cares for her even if he didn't want his little sister to help him with his missions. He can also create fire with his own hands

Cole: The black ninja and Nya's boyfriend who loves her to his core and would protect her at any cost, he was there for her when Zane sacrificed himself to the over lord.

Sensei Wu: The one who trains the ninjas and the one who is Lloyd's uncle therefore meaning that Garamdon is his brother.

Skylar: Kai's love interest and Chen's daughter who can take anothers power copy it and keep it as her own.

Jay: The only one true blue ninja who wheilds lightning and the only one who wants Nya back with him no matter what happens.

Nya: Kai's sister who doesn't want to be left out in a fight and creates a robot so that she can help the ninja until she tells them and still goes to help the ninja anyway.

Sensei Garmadon: Lloyd's dad who loves him and protects him his very best, he is the after part of Lord Garmadon who was defeated by non other than Lloyd Garmadon.

Scales: The blue snake who is cooler than the other snakes and can hypnotise people into doing what he wants them to do.

Lord Garmadon: The evil man who turned into a dragon and tried to stop his son as evil ran through his blood from the devourer's bite.

Pythor: The anacrondra who got the devourer out and also helped the nonja stop Chen.

Misako: Lloyd's mother and Lord Garmadon/sensei garamdon's wife who helped the ninja amd saw his son as an adult.

Clouse: The man who helped Chen to becomr an anicondra

Chen: The not so funny, who thinks is funny, evil , yet not so evil, man who used his daughter and the ninjas to become an anicondria

The snakes: The evil doers that once helped Pythor with the devourer and in the end saved the people of ninjago from the fakes of Pythors kind.

The citizens of Ninjago: the peole who roam live and eat in Ninjago as the Ninjas save the day from evil.

Emails: EbonyKatystoppard@hotmail.co.uk or Killer770@outlook.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/EbonyHedgerois or www.facebook.com/ EbonyStoppard

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