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Bridget: If you actually found this page, I just lost a hundred dollar bet!

Friends (and other readers):
I have to keep updating just to feel active. My attentions are still focused on my pet project, Kaori, and I've been primarily beta-ing for my friends while I try to find my muse again... I will have had a hand in a particularly nasty Inuyasha story that is on its way. The author, my boyfriend (PN: Slightly Cynical), is actually rather petrified of being crucified by the community. He's been working up the courage to commit. First chapter was just posted. Personally, I think it's hilarious... Show him some love.
I'm going to begin work on my Bleach stories, seeing as Inuyasha has lost much of it's shine for me. I can't explain it. I fully intend to go back, but for now, I just cannot peice a fic together. I tend to commit completely to the series I work on. I have been eating, sleeping and generally living Bleach for quite a long time now, so posting an Inuyasha would be unfair. As for the Kitty! Series, God only knows...
Special Thanks to: kokoronagomu, aka Ginny. I can't remember ever having recieved such a touching review. I cried. It's easy to get a review, but in my book, quality is always better than quantity. Your review was more fulfilling than a hundred 'good story. cont.'s. You made my year!

.M.y inspiration and encouragement-
Sam (For being my actual BF and kind of laughing at my stories. And for actually giving me inspiration to write my own material. 3)
Captain Curly Bangs/Divo/Ghetto Boi/"Joseph" (For being the absolute best guy ever. Period. For "Phantom of the Opera"ing with me and being my "Is he your boyfriend?". Hehe. You know I love you, dah'ling!)
Tuffy/Nix being real with me, all the time and keeping me smiling. I owe you a lot. Happy birthday!)
Sophia (Cause you're awesome. Is there any more to say? oh, there is- 'dangerous'.)
Samantha (I don't know, I just figured you'd flip me off again if I ignored you. You make my mornings smile! ...even if you never do.)
Em-chan/Mos (For being my little sister/punching bag/coauthor/friend "What is Naraku, anyway?")
Ashley, 'Bidget', Kristin, "the Whale"and the cast (For showing me why drama clubs exist)

.M.y Random Aliases (feel free to add)
Kit, Kitty, Cat, Kitty Cat, K-Cat, Kittie, Katana
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Jap, Ping
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.S.ongs I'm convinced are about me:
Billy Joel- "She's always a woman"
Nine Days- "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)"
Good Charlotte- "Riot Girl"
Green Day- "Walking Contradiction"

.S.TUFF ON THE WAY (hopefully):
I don't know! Emo-ness! Rawr.

My life is a black hole of creativity- ideas go in, then they get compressed until they are the density of a diamond, then they are spat out again. Then they collide with my head and I get a headache. Then I can't remember... Wait. What was I doing?

Kitty Katana

.A.bout .M.e:
I love every single kind of music. From Switchfoot to Bach to The Beach Boys, it’s all fair game for me. I'm particularly fond of Broadway, too. My favorite school subject is English (I'm an aspiring English major, probably going into marketing or teaching). I adore school only when I get to see my friends or when I can correct my stupid teacher's gramatical errors (It's fun).
TV wise, I’m mostly an anime obsessed, but I’ll admit to watching a bit of reality TV. Anything that doesn’t really have to much drama in it, or is one of those horny teenage shows. I get enough angst in reality, thank you very much.
I am a singer going on 14/15 years now, I think. At least as long as I've been able to talk. I guess I’m a pretty average 18 year old girl, all things considered…

For my personal enjoyment- Weird things about me: I have to organize Trix cereal by shape before I eat it (as far as I know, I'm not OCD. I just have this thing for Trix...); I've kept every review, positive and negative, ever sent to me; I hate horseback riding (even though I did it for six years), I prefer mucking stalls; I have a blue ribbon from a horse show, a ballet tutu and a karate black belt in my closet (and I didn't steal them...).

My Anime/Manga/etc:
I know everything. I am the ani-master! Bwaha!
I am not a normal fan, versus a raving lunatic about it. Didn't see that coming, did you?
Just started slash I am easily confused slash It's been a long time

Case Closed/Detective Conan
Full Metal Alchemist
G Gundam
Lupin III
Mermaid Saga

Outlaw Star
Ranma 1/2
Rave Master
Rurouni Kenshin
Yu Yu Hakusho

Questions and comments are welcome. I lurv all of you. LOVE ME! -attention deprived- Was that the longest profile you've ever seen? (I know you didn't read it) Yeah, I really like talking about myself, don't I?

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