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I'm Caroline (aka The Masked Penguin... TO THE PENGUIN-MOBILE!). I've been writing all kinds of fanfic for a long time now, but I've never posted anything before "I'm Under The Milk Crate Tonight", so I'm kind of a newbie and you'll have to excuse any goofs.

My beta-reader, Justine (Charligirl) is also my best friend. At first I thought that my best friend might be biased when reading my writing-- nope. She's the best beta reader in the whole world! Yay for Charligirl!

I am totally open to any suggestions people might have for my work (suggestions for existing work AND for new ideas!), so feel free to email me. And, uh, the above AOL thing is NOT AOL, it's MSN messenger. Yeah.

Random thought for the day: I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. What the hell is that, you ask? I dunno. It's true, though.

for blogging, man. Cheap, quick, easy! (Just like something ELSE I could name! Whoa. . . )

Whose Line Is It Anyway. I HEART that show! (The American version, not the crackhead "Let's all be funny!" English version. Stoners.) Ryan is my hero! I want to be just like him!

I have a new good gay couple. And yes, you'll think this is weird, but it's so true: Louis and Twitty from Even Stevens. They're so cute! (Side note- the kid who played Louis is pretty cute in Holes. I watched that today. He looks like Greg Brady only more cute and less Brady.)

The slashfic is finished, and I'm off my "sabbatical". I'll be writing a lot more regularly now (I know, I know, I say that all the time, but this time it's TRUE!) and I hope to have Uncle Chrissy done by January.

I don't want to write a sappy, plotless romance (although I do love to read them!!), so it's quite a task to think of new storylines. If you have any, e-mail me; or for God's sake, start your own and I'll review it every day now that I fixed my computer and am able!

Favorite movies (in no order)
Stand By Me
Pirates Of The Carribean- I think I might make a fic for that, because everything in that fandom is all Jack/You. What the hell?! Screw that!!
Night At The Roxbury
The Full Monty

Favorite Music
U2! U2! U2! Oh, i love them...
the Beatles (yeah, cliched, I know. But I love them anyway)
The Police
The Stray Cats (DAMN are they cool)
David Gray (It's Radiohead for your mom!... I heard that somewhere...)

My new favorite commercials are the beer commercials that are all "Mr. Bad Toupee Wearer" and "Mr. Too Much Cologne Wearer". I love them; they crack me up!

If you can, read "Lamb" (I don't remember who it's by... :S ). It's hilarious.

Right now, I'm also writing an original fiction piece. It started as an English paper and then snowballed... but I need a beta. If you feel like it, e-mail me and I'll send it to you. Provided you're not some mean sadist who hates writers.


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