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People usually have problems seeing inside themselves but I can see my soul clearly. I'm chained inside a world of darkness hoping to break free into the light.

They say the sins are bad. But if the sins of man are truly bad then what makes us man?

The world is a cruel place where it gives then takes away. To me nothing can be permanent. Not Love, not friendship, not happiness, but also not hatred. We are all different, and because of those differences we look for people who are similar to us.

We fear the unknown, but explore it anyway. That fear is exactly why we explore. We try to escape it by going into the unknown and by doing that you open up into a new world of joy, sadness, trust, betrayed, etc... It makes you wish for a world where only joy and happiness can exist. But that is impossible. With difference there can never be complete joy or happiness. If you take away the difference in everybody then your only left with yourself and a bunch of other copies. That won't bring happiness. In a way it's almost funny. We wish for something we know is impossible, but we strive for it anyway. That's just the way we are.

The world we live in now is despicable. Most people have high hopes for the future but in the end most people don't get it. So why do the few people, get it. Were they blessed by God? To me if you work hard and strive for it then you deserve it. But the world doesn't work that way. You need to have connections and to step on others to achieve what you truly want to accomplish. That's what I've seen anyway. That's why I like Anime. In anime the Hero strives and works toward a goal and finally achieves it in the end. In some Good and Evil doesn't exist. In some way I agree with that. In a life like mine, some people might be content, but I'm not. I want to find my dream then achieve it. After I've done that I might one day become truly happy. It's something that won't last forever but it's something I want more than anything in the world.

You enter the world completely ignorant of the pain and joy. Before you even realize it, you already lost yourself inside it all.

In this world people would laugh or cry at deaths. Death is one thing everyone fears, because it's something you can only explore by giving up everything else. While some very special people don't fear it, they will come to meet it with a smile on their face with no regrets. While death takes lives, people still live on until it's their turn to face it. That's when they feel remorse for all the bad things they've done. They show their hidden emotions because their time is up and they hope for forgiveness.

Those who try to cling on to life are the one's who have regrets they wish to make peace with before their time is up. Those who don't have nothing in life they wish to hold onto anymore, and so they gave up on it long ago. They follow the cold hands of death to get on with their fate and continue moving until they finally reach the end of the endless trail.

They say that you can change your destiny, but they can only do that once they know the future. If they don't know what's going to happen then they're just following their destiny. The future will change and set you on a new course and that will be your destiny. You can never escape destiny.

Humans are such complicated creatures. We will say so many valiant things but we will run at the first sign of trouble. Humans are the sheep to the slaughter and their doing the slaughtering. There are some who are different from the rest. Those who have suffered from trauma and know the truth of the world. They walk along the sheep only to be singled out and sent to the slaughter. The sheep follow the leaders but the leaders are foolish. They lead with arrogance and envy. The flock follow because they can't think beyond themselves. The leaders are wolves in sheep's clothing feeding the sheep lies until they can no longer think at all and they are soon sent to their own slaughter so they can feed of the sheep.

Humans will always crave destruction. If they were made from God's image then they will have the craving to rule.


Now That I'm back and I look at this, Man I sounded depressed af. Like omg XD Life is good and like we're all fine so yea.

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