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Author has written 2 stories for D.Gray-Man, and Soul Eater.

Link to my DeviantART account Gallery:

Whatup. I'm FollieOfMadness, and welcome to Jacka-nah I'm just kidding, this is my profile page.

As a writer, I have...certain tastes. When it comes to D. Gray-man, Allen and Rhode all the way! That and Noah!Allen, that's good too. Not to big on the yaoi, simply never found it interesting. For Hellsing, a trio instead of a pair of vampire main protagonists works for me. By that, I mean when someone adds a third vampire to Hellsing to the mix of Seras and Alucard, it does wonders for my inspiration to read it. Soul Eater, typically I read Black Blood stories, but there ARE occasions when I read something else.

No matter what series it is, I do oh so enjoy a good comedic fanfic.

Quotes to live by:

"I LOVE JESUS!" - Some guy from LA Noir in a supposedly 'hidden' interrogation. What I take from this - I LOVE JESUS! (Found it through Manslay3r's LP of the game. Speaking of the guy...)

"If Jesus can walk on water, then Manslay3r can swim through land." - Manslay3r's profile page on YouTube. What I take from this: I take this as a sign to try the impossible, and if you actually succeed then well chances are your sanity is just as questionable as afore mentioned Gamer Poop maker.

"Because you only can't if you say you can't, and you can when you say you can!" - By yours truly. I say that to people when they doubt themself. 'Nuff said.

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you don't hit it, you'll land on the stars." - I believe it was in one of the DGM issues. Might be wrong though. It's also more than likely not a picture perfect quote: I'm remembering it off the top of my head.

"I dreamt of being an Astronaut, but that doesn't seem to be the right path for me to choose. Instead, I'll try to go to space in my head. If you're bored, feel free to come along." - Not entirely sure just who said it, but due to it being in the first page of the first issue of D. Gray-man I'm willing to bet that it's Katsura Hoshino, author of the series who did.

"Our goals give our lives purpose; our loved ones, meaning." - By yours truly, as part of a Fan-fiction idea I thought-of in my off-time.

Irrelevant Rant Time On:

Fanbases, in General! Or, More Specifically, Naruto's!

Wow. I'm mildly appalled at the mentality most people have toward the shows they supposedly 'like'. It's taken me a while to formulate a rant, both the will to and what words to use wise, but now that I have my figurative bearings, I'll begin.

First off; Strong!Main Character

Now, don't get me wrong by ANY stretch. I like reading Strong!Main Character long as they're done well. You see, the main protagonist being weak to start out with is a fundamental choice of Anime, stories and whatnot for a reason: fact of the matter is, not only are stories with the Main Protagonist being powerful boring as high hell, there isn't a chance for anyone to relate to him. Or bond as well as you could, but that's a discussion for later on in this section of the rant.

Anyway, to put it as bluntly as possible; a Strong!Main Character story has the capacity to be good, but, in my personal opinion, can never be AS good as what the fanfiction is based on. Take Assassin's Creed for example; most people like Ezio way, WAAAAAAY more than Altair. Why? Because we were almost literally there when he was born. We may have not been there when he first walked, but we certainly were there - and were in fact in control - when he first walked up to someone and straight out murdered them. We were there at Ezio's first assassination, as he oh so brutally gutted the fatass traitor banker guy. We saw his lack of stealth skills in that regard (of silent killing, I mean) and improved upon them to the point where we broke INTO THE VATICAN, THE MOST HEAVILY GUARDED PLACE IN ALL OF ITALY, AND STILL MANAGED TO MURDER ANOTHER FATASS TRAITOR. In a sense, as the game progressed; both us AND Ezio progressed. We were there as Ezio grew up, became old as fuck and yet still managed to get bitches. We were there for him EVERY step of the way, on his long, long path of progression. We. Were. There.

Now, true, in most circumstances Strong!Main Character stories still involve the Main Character getting stronger, see: most Naruto Fanfics, BUT we aren't quite at the same level of connection as the Main character starts out just like us. The main character bonds with us more and better when he starts out weak. Feeble. More human-like than being a living embodiment of a god of death. That stuff.

Basically, to sum it up: Strong!Main Character stories can be good, yet in my personal belief can't ever be quite as good as say, canon of whatever series it's based on. (Unless that series is awful, at which point, go right on ahead. Actually, who'd right fanfics for an awful show anyway? Eh. Whatevs.)

Secondly; Fan Interpretations/Misinterpretations of Character's Personalities

EVERY fandom has this, me thinks. And, each and every time they happen, they anger me to NO END. Case in point; Naruto. Most people complain about Sasuke being an arrogant asshole, without bother to consider why he is/attempt to empathize or even care, alongside the concept of Sakura being nothing but a Fangirl.

To do it chronologically, Sasuke will be talked about first.

Now, Sasuke. Sometimes referred to by the community as 'Sas-gay' or even 'Sasuke-kun' if you're that kind of Fangirl. Where to start. Oh yeah. The beginning.

People bitch about Sasuke being arrogant and blah blah blah, yet, I have yet to see someone besides the author of 'Naruto: Ouroboros' (amazing fanfic; a must read if you're a MeixNaruto shipper wink wink), who is by the way called 'maneyan' (if the site works properly the Hyperlink should still be attached to his name; if not, just search for his profile) even try and understand how Sasuke is far different and multi-sided than what the Naruto Fandom portray him as. (He also has a rant about this shiz. Well, more about fan portrayals of characters than annoying things about fanfics but, definitely something I'd read if you want a persuasive arguement as to why you want to put down your pitchfork and think about the character's.)

Fact of the matter is, you have to understand things from his perspective; not yell at him all the time. Sasuke loved his family, admired his brother and was proud to be a Uchiha; whether he was being spoiled as such is a discussion I'm not going into, but basically, Sasuke lived one of the best lives around. Rich, well-loved. Granted, he was nothing more than in his brother's shadow for a long time, but hey, no one has a perfect childhood.

Then imagine if the person you admired, all of a sudden went all Serial Killer-y and shouted 'YOLOBITCHESSWAG' as he murdered countless people; including your neighbours, your parents, and your neighbours parents (probably even the pets [maybe even the pet's parents too, thinking about it now).

Then imagine if he went all "I'm gonna make you watch the event happen, HUNDREDS OF TIMES, YOLO!"

And then, imagine if he, after everything he's done to you, to everything and anything you care about, he has the audacity to lecture you, to punch your pride in the face. To tell the pride you held so close to yourself that jumping off a bridge is the new black, and whatnot.

AND FREAKIN' THEN, imagine if after lecturing you, he made you so scared you lost control of your body and ran like, no, were a whiny bitch through the village screaming "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" like some stupid author who keeps repeating the word 'YOLO'. (Did I mention YOLO, by the way?)

So, after everything you love either dies or is responsible for the former happening, are forced to watch it happen hundreds of times, get your pride beaten over the head, and have every last piece of self-respect thrown out the window, what happens? You get traumatized.

Traumatized. Odd word, isn't it? You don't exactly get too many words with 'z' in them, unless it ascertains to the phrase 'catchin' some Zs'. Trauma usually involves physically; or, in some cases, hopefully. If Sasuke had both his eyes removed that night, it would have still been regarded as less important in his mind compared to what happened following/prior to the event.

Physical trauma is, surprisingly, the best kind you can hope for when Trauma is unavoidable. You can heal a broken leg after all; modern medicine and simply not planking on a freakin' fence can help with that. Can you mend a mind dead set on revenge though? Definitely not as easily, anyway.

You see, for us human beings, we have set pathways; the lines of which our thinking goes. So, what if compared to how blood would flow outside our body, (moving an artery an inch to the left, as a physical example) our mind 'bled' thoughts of living and murder together? Well, logically, you'd become just as obsessed with death as you would be life. You'd live for death, so to speak. Or, potentially, an even more frightening concept, the idea of death simply was something always on the forefront of your mind. You begin to grow numb to it (which is bad)...or you begin to desire an image of its epitome (which is worse).

Something like that happened to Sasuke that night; whilst running, his mental pathway bent out of shape, and blurred the line between 'living' and 'revenge'. And, technically, revenge and avenge, however that's yet another topic not going to be discussed.

Here's the tricky bit though; human minds don't take being bitch-slapped lightly. They try to mend themselves; make sense of the situation, deny its existence; restore things to what they were, both sense-making and familiar. Meaning, Sasuke, in a bid to try and comprehend/cope with his trauma, set his mind on some key facts that found who he is.

That, is what leads to his arrogance. After losing everything physical, Sasuke tries to keep what's mental and the like. His pride, now damaged and seeking repairs, gets inflated abundantly by Danzo's whole "U R LAST UCHIHA YOU HVE SHARAGIN AND ARE THEFORE GOOD AT STAHFF" type of speeches, all of them hell-bent on making Sasuke loyal to Konoha. (*reads chapters post a certain character's death* Uh...yeah...that worked.) Now that he has a leg to stand on mentally, Sasuke balances on that pole as best he can. He constantly, even in the face of defeat by an enemy, strokes his ego, fore he most likely literally can't mentally function without it. Plus, it's a character flaw, and you can't stop him from being a prick anymore than you can stop you from

Now, the whole brooding idea...honestly, what I can I say that isn't obvious? Trauma made him brood. He wishes to be alone to prevent further heart ache. The concept of what brooding is, why it occurs etc is so blindingly obvious, I'm half tempted to just skip over it. However, for the sake of having a balanced rant, I will speak of it in more depth.

The amount of people who take the loner route after mental trauma is monumental. The human mind is so scientific in its nature, it's mildly scary, honestly. Bruce Wayne is a VERY notable example; having his parents murdered in front of him turned him into a vigilante, AKA 'THE MOTHERF*ING DARK KNIGHT', and aloner. If the concept of a man willingly fighting against people so insane as to mass murder without pause in friggin' tights isn't a sign of how badly mental trauma can affect someone, then what, the total fuck, is? (and yes, I did just compare Batman to Sasuke; shut up, and as a footnote, what about the guy that came up with the idea? Just how messed up is he/she?)

Effectively, those of whom who speak ill of the Uchiha, are telling a great deal of both real and fictional characters to go fuck themselves. Yes, he's arrogant. Yes, he's a brooder. But also yes, he's being treated unfairly. There's a distinct difference between an unrealistically annoying asshole (the Sasuke in most of the Naruto fandom) and him in actuality. A clear example of this is how Sasuke actually cared about his teammates, before Itachi came along again and said "I'M GONNA MAKE MY LITTLE BROTHER WATCH THE MASSACRE AGAIN, A HUNDRED MORE TIMES, YOLO". After that, Sasuke was sent back to square 1 mentally. I certainly can't blame him for such an event, though; when what you live for is thrown back in your face, violently, and repeatedly, eventually you start believing you should just go with what you want and not others. Sasuke is by no means selfless; yet, he isn't selfish.

The 'fight me' line fiasco. Alright, well, to state it simply; why does this mean anything? It makes perfect sense exactly, in every way, why Sasuke said that to Naruto. One, he wanted to see how strong he was compared to his measuring stick. Two, it was a mutual relationship of wanting to prove their strength, hence why Naruto accepted. Three, Sasuke had, during the Chunin Exams, be asked by Naruto 'not scared, are ya?' Which is a direct quote of what the raven-haired avenger mocking inquired of the blond Jinchuriki during their first C-Rank mission, you know, with Zabuza and his bordering on Transexual son/daughter/I'm-just-going-to-go-with-androgynous apprentice person thing. He had been shown up by the boy he always thought to have less skill than him. For his ego's sake, he had to challenge him. Things only became worse when Itachi Tsukuyomi-ed the absolute fuck out of Sasuke. Now, for his sanity's sake, Sasuke had, HAD to prove that at the very least, he was stronger than the dead-last, the dobe. He, in his mind, had no choice. Although, I do notice most people speaking of the line, for all that it is in fact worth, just not the right kind. To elaborate; people speak of it as when Sasuke truly became a douche, of the precursor to his Shippuden self. In part, it is when you think about it. However, the line is important very simply due to it showing not quite that, but instead how desperate Sasuke really was. Sasuke needed assurance from his rival that he was still strong; that he still had some chance, of any kind, of killing his brother. Naruto kicking his ass only showcased him being weak. It is completely true that were it not for Naruto's Rasengan outclassing Sasuke's chidori, Sasuke would have stayed in Konoha.

As for his Shippuden self; what most people, I think either can't comprehend or don't think can occur, is that a few words to a grieving person of any kind can change them; unfathomably so, in some circumstances. Just as a broken leg can be mended correctly or incorrectly, a damaged mind can either be patched up or made even worse.

Sasuke, in a time where he couldn't fathom what the fuck he was going to do with himself now, is told the truth about the Uchiha Massacre, screwing over his mind even more. How would you react to being told everything you'd believed, you'd wanted, you'd live for, was a lie, was wrong, and was based on a half-truth, respectively? Oh, you'd be pissed. Pissed at the people who lied to you; pissed at the person who ordered its existence, and of course, so fucking PISSED at the one who forced you, in your eyes, to kill your most precious person. That's like Sasuke was ass-fucked, beaten up, ass-fucked again, left alone for a meager amount of time and then ass-fucked again only by a raging bronco, and without lube, all emotionally. Honestly, I half-expected Sasuke to just turn crazy after Madara was like "I'M GONNA TELL YOU STUFF SO YOU CAN FULFILL MY PLANS, YOLO!" really. The amount of people who would are astoundingly high, a case in point example of how Sasuke, even if a douche, and technically an enemy of the leaf (recently he isn't, but the reason is a spoiler so I'll be shutting up now) STILL has the Will of Fire, the will to not give in no matter how bad things are, burning in him. Or rather, also technically, the 'Curse of Hatred' (I've always felt it a Madara only thing). And also technically, Sasuke may have given in to some degree, but truly you'd have to be thankful he didn't do it any further. Lord knows what could have happened had Sasuke gone irrevocably off the deep-end. *Shivers at Orochimaru-level of evil Sasuke-ness*

Anyway, I believe that is everything I wanted to cover with Sasuke. Join us next time for another rant: Sakura!

Hello, and welcome back to the rant bag, a bag that feeds you rants straight from my proverbial mouth. (Yes, that line was intended to sound wrong)

Now, I'm speaking about, Sakura! Yes, everyone's favorite Pink Banshee is now being ranted about!

Anywho, the rant:

Sakura! The Pink Banshee That We Deserved, Or Didn't Need?

I've seen plenty of people complain about Sakura for every single aspect of her character. From her 'stupid hair' *hackcoughanimehairislikethatdealwithithackcough* to her 'stupid forehead'.

First and foremost, I'll say this.

I hate Sakura. It isn't me being a part of the Mob mentality, or some other person's pet peeve having convinced me, it's after making an informed decision that I decided Sakura was up there on my list of least liked characters. Now, it probably is a hyperbole to the extreme to say I 'hate' her, yet I think my deposition can in fact be best attributed through such means. You say a man was shot 'like a billion times' when he was shot repeatedly, instead of just once, do you not?

So, keep in mind that no matter what I say in her defence, it isn't me being some 'secret SakuraxNaruto lover' (there is no secret I'm open about that :P ) or me being part of the vast feminist conspiracy (great game where that concept is from; look that up, you should) or something equally ridiculous. It is me being analytical; objective, to the extreme.

Now that I've said the necessary, I will delve into the actual rant.

Sakura. Naruto's crush. One who crushes Naruto. Fangirl. Many people's hatred of Sakura is in fact founded; and hold your 'le gasps' in, I haven't finished. While they are founded in truth, just as a building can be founded on stone does not mean it is made of it, they are built up unbelievably badly. Sakura shouts. That is fact. Does she do it for some attention seeking nature, Naruto-esq even? Potentially. Does she have a crush on her 'precious Sasuke-kun'? Also yes. Should she be called a bitch for that? Well...

My opinion on such a question is this; what were you like as a child? Were you rationale? Completely, or only partly? Were you bullied to the extent that Sakura was, missing confidence until she gained her best friend? Then after discovering 'love', shattering that friendship and becoming alone again, after so long? For so long? Then finally getting close to what you wanted, that you had sacrificed so much for, and having it torn away from you? And in between those two events, stopping and realizing that in the grand scheme of things, you were worthless? And friendless, as you had driven your only one away long ago? Sakura is by no means perfect.

But neither are you. Neither are the kids you grew up with; nor the people you grew up hating. Everyone has a humane side.

Now, unto Sakura being a 'banshee'.

I make no excuse; far as I'm concerned, Sakura DOES yell and punch a lot. However, that is who she IS. She grew up punching people and shouting a lot. I can't defend that aspect of her, and honestly I don't know what I need to. How does someone merely being a bit of a screamer make them a bad person? Beats me.

This concludes the current edition of Sakura's rant; in case you are interested, I am going to continuously update this rant, both Sakura's and the rants in general.

Ciao for now. :P

Philosophical Quandary of the week:

Say Jesus is traveling 100mph away from your mother. At what speed would he be expected to stop to bless you on the way past? Explain.

For those that actually enjoy my first story on this site, I'm adding a list for my future projects in case I forget these brilliant ideas. I put down quotes of a sort from my rough outlines that I have of the stories.

A Story for Highschool DxD:

"Sheesh, life was depressing enough, now, I can see how much longer people are going to live for. A freakin' precentage bar, of all things."

This story is the kind that I like to call a "Wound" story, in where I use something that is never stated within the context of what it's based upon to make a story. IE, how the Anime never said peep about Grim Reapers. I am going to base this story off the Anime.

A Story for Code Geass: (This one has a 50/50 chance of being written, but it'd be a fun one instead of the tense-ish style projects I have planned)

LeLouch is haunted; literally. The ghost of Euphemia is haunting him, pestering him as to why he did what he did. Will she be able to forgive the future demon emperor? Or will she only end up hating him to (Well, beyond) her grave?

I plan on it being a somewhat supernatural style story, 'nuff said.

A Third Story for Code Geass: (This one is a fun story, for me. It's not intended to be good, as it DOES involve more or less a mary sue in terms in power, merely meant to be a nice, enjoyable read. Nothing else. Nothing deep. But as a warning; it will involves lesbians, lemons, and possibly graphic violence. This story takes heavy inspiration from 'Venom Kunoichi' as it involves similar concepts.)

Tiny tendrils engulfed Shirley's feet first, and she struggled as much as a nearly dead person could against the apparent threat. The black ooze spread faster than before, managing to reach Shirley's pelvis before she managed a weak whimper that did nothing to stop the tide of black spilling over her being. Her figure became far more defined as the mysterious liquid spread over her arms, and culminated beneath her head in an attempt a covering it in the same substance as the rest of her body. The tendrils went purposely slow; gloating at its victory and wishing to savor the moment. Shirley attempt another pitiful whimper just as her vision was going dark; but was met with resistance from her esophagus up.

Her vision gave the appearance of being spread on by the black reagent as she passed out.

As you can probably tell; this is going to be a symbiote story involving Shirley. Why? Because fanfiction doesn't involve asking, it's all about asking why NOT? This idea sprouted, or should I say spread, hehehe, from watching Code Geass again and realizing that strangely, I liked Shirley's character. A character that slowly but surely, seemed to be on the descent to being an evil character. Now here me out. As we, we being everyone that watched Code Geass, know, Mao read Shirley's mind and revealed that Shirley was just using her dad's death to get closer to LeLouch. Now I don't know about you, but I think that shows perfectly how twisted human reason and choice can become. And Shirley's will to serve LeLouch, despite him being the one that not only killed her father but countless other people, clearly depicted her as being loyal to a fault. And that, I believed, and still do as a matter of fact, was an awesomesautic way to showcase how War can corrupt one; on the side lines and on the front lines equally. (Admittedly it might be slightly more biased towards the latter) So yeah. Hope you enjoy this one; I'm pretty sure I will.

My story(ies):

D. Gray-man: The New Black World Order: Up to chapter 50 (Me thinks) now.

Highschool DxD: I'm still at odds about the first chapter, because so far, every time I've written the first chapter and read through it, I've scrapped it because it was extremely boring. So, when I make first chapter that actually feels good I'll release it.

Spider-man: Currently, when it comes to writing, I'm at chapter 2 as of this update. Chapter 1 is in editing, and will not be uploaded soon, just eventually. But I can assure you that I am close to completion.

OC Character bio's: Note: This is here as a way to "Pump" up those (Well, 2 people) that have asked me "What's the other stories going to be liek?!?!?!", by introducing the OC's Bio. Side note, Bio as in personality. But, just to leave some form of plot twist, you'll have to read the story to find out the one last (Major) detail about their personalities.

Aku Tenshi [Highschool DxD] (Name still in development):
A 16 Year-old teenager that has an almost unhealthy fascination with death. But he can't help counting the many ways to die whenever he goes by anything and everything, it's his OCD after all. Prepare for a wrist-slitter as life takes a crap on Aku's face and watch as he becomes a morally conflicted Grim Reaper (Totally made up faction) that also has the social capability of a walrus on Crack. And yes, he does say that at some point in the story to describe himself. Is always methodical, fails miserably at making puns or any type of humor. His Emerald green eyes might be what puts people off of him, but it might also be for good reason. A sunny smile isn't always sunny, and a smile isn't always telling the truth. And always carries around a Emerald necklace that his mother gave him for some, unknown reason...

Adam Phoenix Millennium (D.Gray man):
Adam does everything in his power to protect his brother, who is also an Exorcist (which is good). Adam became an Exorcist after his Innocence awakened and his parents house was burned to the ground on account of his fire-based Innocence (which is bad). His brother still harbors hatred towards him, but never lets it show (which is kind of a gray area). Adam is a mocking, sarcastic dash-hole with a creepily dark sense of humor; black as the depths of his supposed soul. His one saving grace is his blaring conscience, bothering him for even crushing an ant (not quite, but that's close enough). He also is good with his hands, showing such skills by pick-pocketing people constantly and place stuff in other peoples pockets. He also has the skills of a master at playing poker. Does he get to fight Allen in a game of poker? Yes, yes he does. Feels guilty for some unknown reason, but it has something to do with death...that he caused.

Theme song: (Lucifer's Angel, By The Rasmus)

Ordinary Battle Theme: (Demon's Fate, by Within Temptation)

Battle Theme, ???? Side Unleashed (Still underwraps folks :P ): (Monster, by Skillet)

Fun Adam Phoenix Millennium facts (Narrated by said character!):

FAV MUSIC: Rock is my forte, alongside badassery and bang-your-momfu. Rock, not as in what happens to bed every night in your mother's room, but as in Music.

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Slightly bi-curious, but overall straight (Kissing a girl and staring passionately at my own reflection for hours on end kind of makes you think that about yourself). Why am I being asked this, actually?

BELIEFS: 'Murica, FUCK YEAH! (I'm an American if there ever was one)

RELATIONSHIPS: Jesus is a very good friend of mine. Aside from that:

Tykki Mykk, The Noah of Pleasure: Friends. He understands me; I understand him.

Wolf, The Noah of *Bound and gagged for spoliers: Friends. He's the guy who understands how I feel.

Moore Hesse, The Noah of Wrath: WHAT? WHERE!? KEEP HER AWAY FROM ME!

The Millennium Earl: He's a Mass Murderer, no matter how much we look alike.

Allen Walker: I think of him as my brother, but he isn't. Cross Marian asking me to protect Allen kind of makes me protective of him more so.

Abel Millennium: He IS my brother; my little one to be exact. Met him day he was born.

Mrs Sarah Chalk: Queen Bitch of the North American hive. To me, she's just someone who orders me around a lot. I met her when I was first becoming acquainted with the North American branch.

Kristen Beige: Or as I call her 'Femfoot' (pun on bigfoot since she has big feet). Hate her much in the same way one does their older sister. Used to date her, actually.

Marian Bellwood: He helped me through a time of great agony for me. For that, I am eternally grateful. He still threw piss at me in my sleep, though; for that I am eternally hateful.

George Fitzpatrick: He's my master; and no, not in that way you sickos. He was the one who found and trained me for four years before I officially became an Exorcist. He also was the one who taught me Honor.

Rebecca (The Finder): Saved her a few times from certain death. I met her first during one of the missions I accompanied my master, George Fitzpatrick, on.

ANSWER TO IF YOU HAD TO BLOW ANY MAN WHO WOULD IT BE QUESTION: Crispin Freeman. Without a doubt in my mind. If he asked me in Alucard's voice, I'd suck that man until he imploded. Okay, now why the fuck am I answering this?

SELF DEPICTURE: *Hastily drawn picture of Adam going to the bathroom on the world, Newspaper and all*

ARCH NEMESIS: My little brother (Technically. We have a rivalry going on)

LIKES: What kind of format is this sheet following? Baron, did you make this POS*? (*Translator's note: POS means Piece of Schnitzel)

*In background* N-N-no. Y-your mom made it.

She's dead.

Her ghost did it then; whatever. Just answer the damn questions.

Fine, Old jackass.

LIKES: Rock Music, YO MOMMA's flapjacks, 'Murica, Anime (Shut up), Flashy things, Women, being awesome (which I always am), and Jesus, because Jesus is awesome.

List of Badassity certifications: A list of accomplishments/upgrades that designate Adam Phoenix Millennium as a Badass. Will be updated over time.


Certificate 1: His Innocence.
Being able to conjure any physical object so long as he understands how it works and whatnot is kind of awesome. Case closed.

Certificate 2: His Innocence's third invocation.
Hellhound is basically a state in which Adam gains near invulnerability in exchange for leaving him burnt to a crisp afterwards. He also looks like a Werewolf claws and whatnot. Badass, ne?

Certificate 3: His Innocence's physical upgrade.
Gets turned into a Noah by his Innocence; I mean seriously, how Badass is that?

Certificate 4: ????
Heh. :P You didn't think it'd be that easy to know what comes next, do you? Read, folks, and you'll see.

Angelika {Last Name not given for plot reasons}:

Angelika. You could call her a nut case, really. She -technically- has split personality disorder, since she acts completely different in the blink of an eye, but that's just a side effect of murdering her sister LOLWUT. She can't tell if she's dreaming or awake all the time. Is the world she see's with her sister being alive, and her father not being an abusive man, real? Or is the world in which she's in an asylum real? Is she crazy or just having nightmares? Tough to say. As it turns out, she's a Witch -with destructive magic might I add- in her supposed 'dream' world, but in her 'real' world she's just some girl at an asylum. After drinking a potion that replaces all of her blood, she now has 'Blue Blood' flowing through her.
-Will be updated as plot progresses-

Theme song: (This is Halloween Techno Remix - Jimmy Shearer)

Battle theme song: (Kugel im Geishct - Weena Morloch)

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