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Well i've been debating whether or not I was going to make an account on this website, and after mulling it over for like a year i've decided to gice it a go. I don't know how much i'll be able to update(I'm lazy and afraid one of my more "vocal" friends will find out) so don't expect miracles.

K I guess this is the part that I tell you my life story so with out further adieu

My favorite color is Silver.

I like the military.

I love aviation.

Warhammer is goddammed amazing.

I like most kinds of music exept for hardcore rap. Hookers, guns, and hookers getting shot by guns, and the socio-economic plight of inner city minorities.

I like history. Especially war history.

I like to think i'm smart.

I like to think i'm a good person.

I am a volunteer firefighter.

I am proud to be Canadian. And for future reference people from Newfoundland say aboot, and people from the prairies say Eh, and we don't say it after every sentence. If your gonna have a stereotype have the correct one. There is nothing worse than using comic sterotypes, and having the wrong sterotype in mind. If your going to insult an ethnic group do it right. But seriously people from Newfoulndland are strange even to the rest of Canada. Fun fact they are friendliest, and most sexually active province in Canada. See a connection?

I like to be polite.

I love guns.

I like anime but hate it when they try to do a more "realistic" one, and a bunch of 15 year old take on groups of professional soldier and win. Or teenagers out perform special forces. They are special for a reason, if teenagers were better we would be using them for all of the high risk missions. I'm looking at you Red Dawn. (It's an American movie, but I don't discriminate in my hate)

I think I am funny. Not really witty, but good one liners at the right time.

I like writing, but don't intend to become an author. This is either really good, or bad. We don't need another Stephanie Meyers out there. (Shudders) west coast of brazil.

I have a sister, and she's engaged.

Quick side note I don't really know how this site works, or what size font to use, so i'm just sticking with a size 12. Is it too big? and in Canada we spell things differently like Centre instead of center. I know it looks stupid blame the french influence in our country.

Fun fact in Quebec you are allowed to speak french over the radio in an airplane. Nowhere else in the world are you allowed to do this, not even France. Sooo... yeah that is not safe.

Fun fact in Quebec they pay half the national average in university fees, and are protesting a $500 raise over the next few years to university dues. so they would have to pay 3000 while people in B.C. and Ontario have to pay upward of 5000 dolloars.

Fun fact all Canadian military officers have to be able to speak French, and English.

Fun fact when Quebec tried to cede from Canada they called for all French military officers and soldiers to defect. No one answered the call (Yay!) but no action was taken against Quebec politicians for that. By the way what they did could be classified as HIGH TREASON.

Fun fact a lot of people in Quebec can't speak english.

Fun fact it's obvious I don't like that Quebec gets special treatment.

Sooo... think we cater too much to Quebec?

Also I'm part French, so I'm not discriminating

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Chivalry not yet Dead reviews
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