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Hey FanFiction-ites! Alex here!

I enjoy my time by reading books that my best friends, including Patricia Sage, tell me to read, (because they know all the best books), watching re-runs of Lost, (well, they didn't used to be re-runs), and watching/reading anything Marvel! (well, who wouldn't?) Oh, did I forget starting FanFiction?

I joined FanFic because my friend (mentioned above) told me about this site, so I figured, no reason not to check it out, (except my uber slow, dinosaur age computer), and fell in love with it instantly! (Well, as much as you can love a computer site...)

My goal on this site is to tell stories that will be awesome, about Marvel (unless you know more about it than I do...), Lost, (But I can't do anything to make it even awesome-er even if I tried :p), and maybe even books. Heck, I could write anything I wanted to. Who knows what I'll write? Stay tuned to find out! (Could you be tuned on a computer? Who knows!)

Try to enjoy my stories! (I know I'll be trying)


P.S - always happy to read recieve reviews!


You call up your dentist for Appointment and you ask when is my D.O.C. instead of asking when is my next check up.

You pull out sparkle clean spotless white long pants to wear for gardening out door and you make sure hair is perfectly combed just like Sun in Lost episode.

You'd never consider joining Oprah's book club, but you read everything Sawyer's ever touched.

You stay up extra late every night just to watch Evangeline Lilly's chatline commercial and hoot with amazed, delirious laughter.

You refer to your bathroom as "The Hydra".

You now count to 5 whenever you're afraid.

You've stared for 3 hours at a comic book, trying to make it come alive.

You hear creaking in you attic and you think the Black Cloud is going to get you.

When the lotto comes on, you just repeat the "numbersare bad. The numbersare bad."

You play with "The numbers" on a calculator.

You use the numbers for your lottery ticket

You enter the numbers into your computer every 108 minutes in fear the building will implode.

You wake up from a nightmare screaming "WWWAAAALLLTTTT!"

You've called 1-481-516-2342 on the telephone.

You've begun referring to memories as "flashbacks."

You even tell your non-Lost friends what happened in the last episode.

You request hotel room 108.

When you're bored, you wrap masking tape around your fingers and inscribe "FATE" or "LATE"

You would like to be in a plane crash as long as you survive, and get to have cool adventures.

When you see black smoke in the distance you whisper to everyone around you "the others are coming".

You repeat "the numbers" over and over again and don't realize your doing it

"You All Everybody" is the most played song on your mp3 player.

You break any Virgin Mary statue you see to look for heroin.

You build golf courses in your backyard for fun.

You have a countdown to LOST on your Myspace page.

You expect Walt to show up in front of you all wet while you are going to the kitchen at night so you have to turn on all the lights of the house.

You are now unable to watch any other t.v. series because you find them too silly.

You keep threatening to go find the Losties on the Island, just so you can kick Kate's butt for not sticking with Jack. (enough already sheesh!)

You keep threatening to go find the Losties on the Island, just so you can kick Kate's butt for not sticking with Sawyer. (enough already sheesh!)

You have conversations with people reciting lines from random episodes.

You talk like you have a Southern accent and make fun of every one with little nick-names

You overhear your friends talking about Dr. Shephard and Dr. Burke performing surgery, and you jump right in and say how creepy it was when Ben woke up, and they have no idea what you're talking about since they were discussing Grey's Anatomy.

You see good people suffering and say "That's why the Sox will never win the series."

you call everyone "brotha"

you put DHARMA Initiative labels on the canned food in your pantry and on the beer in your fridge.

you use "the numbers" as your log in password on your computer.

Your friends call you crazy because you believe polar bears live in tropical climates

Whenever your friends come by for an unexpected visit, you tell them "They're watching me"

You are known for serving fish biscuits and reminding your friends how long it took the bears to get them

You have "Make your own kind of music" playing over and over in your head, and had to download it so you would at least hear something else than the chorus.

when you're reading romeo and Juliet in English you ask what happened to Jack and Ben.

You have set out to find Penn, to tell her that the blip that came across the radar screen was Demond, and she needs to rescue him before the others kill him.

You already made a list like this one, which you now refer to as "Jacobs' List"

You can immediately tell the difference between a fan website and a canon site.

You know who Theresa is

You wonder what boar tastes like

You KNOW what boar tastes like

Someone mentions the game "Connect Four" and you start twitching.

You know the title of the song Charlie was composing for his comeback album

You know Sun's dog's name.

You name your pet after that dog

You see an Oceanic gas-station (they do exist) and wonder how the crash affected their business.

"Adam and Eve" are two skeletons in a cave, not the first man and woman

You go for days humming nothing but "Downtown"

You start believing what Ben says

When you become 77 you plan to set your house up in flames

you name your kid Alvar after you change your last name to Hanso

You write NOT PENNYS BOAT on your hand

You claim there is an underwater station in the swimming pool

You find yourself watching a "Des & Penny moment" over & over & over...again...

you find yourself typing "the numbers" on your keyboard every 108 minutes

you find yourself getting shivers or telling anyone around you to bequiet whe a LOST commercial comes on

you find youself thinking you need a perscription for perspective (a medicine created for obsessed viewers of's not real...)

You hear people in your clasroom whispering, and get frightened, because you think it's the others

If you've every dug up a cement septic tank thinking it was a hatch. (and yes I have done that!)

You keep yelling at your co-workers..."Live together or die alone"

Everytime people try to keep you down, you yell "DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO!!"

You sometimes get depressed thinking about the dead characters as if they were your real life friends (happened to me)

You make t-shirts with LOST-quotes which are totally pointless out of their original context

You watch every movie/tvseries every LOST-actor has ever been in

You find yourself thinking "Hey, Ben is kind of cute...!"

You started playing chess games on your computer just to see if a Dharma video would come up when you win.

You start getting vErY emotional after every LOST episode

You start looking for people in public that look like LOST characters or think "hey that dude that just passed me looks like Locke!"

When you're counting down the days until the LOST DVD's come out

When you've bought every single thing (board games, shirts, action figures) that has to do with LOST

You have your computer background set to the LOST Sign (Like Me)

Every time you watch a preview you have to go back, and watch it frame by frame.

You go to the local hospital, kidnap a spinal surgeon, and lock him in your [metally walled] basement, and try to convince him to perform surgery on someone while bringing him grilled sandwhiches

You kill a cow with your bare hands and process the meat, bake a bun, and render the fat

Your friends now avoid you like the plague because every week, you will listen to downtown, burn your hands on a hot muffin tray, set up your house real nice, make them come over for a book club, and yell at them for insulting your book (even though they didnt'), while waiting the entire time for the house to start shaking

When your walking down the street and you see an open manhole you start to scream "ITS THE HATCH!!"

Everytime you see a black and white film starting you wonder if its a Dharma Orientation Film.

If you see a white rabbit you quickly cheak it for numbers

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