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Alrighty. I believe an update to my profile is in order.

While I appreciate and encourage criticism, please be respectful. Keep in mind that I am NOT a learned writer. I am no Sparks, kay? I know this. It’s a hobby. Something I do as a stress reliever. Please stop making it stressFUL. Writing should be fun to do and fun to read. If you can enjoy the story, please do! If you can’t, just roll on out.

Intimidation wont make me take down my story. It’s up. It’s staying up. You don’t like, I don’t care.

If you’re going to go ahead and leave a nasty review anyway, I wont take you seriously if every other word is misspelled and your review makes no sense.

Ex: whyy do u evn try???? this is terrable and edward suks. bella is annoying and jess is annoying and cherlie is bougis. get life. seeeee yaaaaaa!!!!

That’s a copy and paste of an actual review I received just recently. Thankfully, anonymous and easily taken care of. Anonymous, rude reviews will be laughed at and disposed of.

Rant = Over.

You have questions, I have answers.

Q: WHY don’t you update more often????

A: I work two separate jobs to keep the crappy apartment my ex left me with and the even crappier car I‘ve had since my junior year of high school. By the end of the day, I am very exhausted. Writing fanfiction just isn’t my top priority. It’s a fun hobby. Yes, Dusk is complete, but I am going through each chapter, adding, changing and editing things. It’s just a process. Bear with me.

Q: Why do you suck so much?

A: It’s a talent.

Q: Will this be a HEA??

A: Possibly. Maybe. Who knows? My view on ‘happily ever afters’ may differ from yours. Maybe my happily ever after includes lots of death and carnage… But let’s just say you like a happy ending where the two mains get married and have a butt load of crumb snatchers. My view on this is, “Bitch, please!” I hate when that happens in a story, but I hate when it DOESN’T even more. Make what you will of that.

Q: Have you ever even looked in a dictienery?

A: Why don’t you ask yourself that question…

Q: Are you planning on writing lemons???

A: I cant say that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Q: Can I translate?

A: I’m iffy on the whole translation thingy. I can’t understand it. Who knows what you’re writing. You could completely change the story and claim it as your own. So…we’ll see…

Q: Do you like pie?

A: Hate it. But I like cheesecake. A lot.

Thanks a bunch for the support and nice things you say.

Viktoriya Kristava.

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