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Hullo! Still alive, still writing!

My name is Mel, I'm twenty years old and I live in Wisconsin, and I've been a fanfiction addict since I was twelve years old, and writing it since I was around eight or so, and I desperately pray that my writing style has improved since then. I have a two-year-old Labrador Retriever who is a complete and utter pain in the butt and I love her desperately, I'm a Christian, and I just graduated college from a major I have no interest in anymore. I enjoy random things, most of which include doing paperwork, chopping parsley, and cleaning anything but my bedroom. I also enjoy hiking (but I'd rather hang myself than climb a fourteener), rappelling, horseback riding, and biking. I would also love to try rock climbing. I don't like anything to do with heights, which is ironic considering I love rapelling, I don't like doing high ropes courses (which at the camp I used to work at is closer to the ground than the top of the rappel rock) and hiking up a fourteener (I really don't like doing that). I do enjoy cooking, which is what I majored in, but I don't like cooking for a restaurant. I'll listen to pretty much any kind of music, but I really like country, dance, and oldies.

I have recently started writing again! Holy flying monkey butts, batman! I...I think I may actually post something soon, which is utterly shocking, I know, but my faith in the Gundam Wing fandom has been recently restored. It seems that there actually ARE gems still hiding in between the pieces of complete and utter nonsense. Although, sadly, there is only one author that has seemed to manage a story with actual heterosexual couples. Honestly? I think all the yaoi craze is a little over the top. Some of these stories seem to be pairing up couples just because everyone and their mother must be gay, even though they've never shown tendencies before. And while I love reading Duo/Wufei couplings, some of them seem a little surreal. Mainly because nothing about Wufei screams out 'I'm gay!' to me. But whatever, I can dig it.

However, there is still one thing I still will not, under any circumstances, read. And that is, of course, MPREG. When they came up with the whole 'I'm a man and I'm pregnant' thing, I wonder what the fangirls were smoking/taking/drinking, because, really? What the hell? How is that even possible? I'm still trying to figure out how two guys can have sex facing each other, because it seems to me nothing lines up, but that's just my thoughts. I'm almost curious to read one of these stories just to see where the baby comes out, because as far as I know men don't have a womb, ovaries, or a vagina. But again, that's just my thoughts. If you believe that men can indeed become pregnant, than who knows, maybe two chicks will one day conceive a child? Or maybe one day a virgin will get pregnant? Well, actually, the virgin thing is actually possible, but still. Getting my drift?

Anyway, if you scroll down you will notice that most all of my stories have been taken off. Why is that? Because they were utter pieces of crap. I am desperately trying to re-invent my writing style, because most of those stories were written when I was 13-16, and they're all utter shite. I know I can do better, and so I've decided to remove all of my older work, and post only the new stuff. I have grown, so has my writing, so it's time to prove it. Now all I need to do is post it, and we'll be all set.

As a final note, I will admit, that I am planning on doing a re-write of my story 'Death Reborn Revolution'. I know, I've been saying that for years, but I swear, it will happen as soon as I can tamper down the gag-reflex long enough to actually read through the whole story and re-vamp it. I'll try and re-post a new version of Next Generation Gundam Pilots, too, if I get the courage to write it.

Oh, and P.S., for all you budding writers out there: For examples of working hetero relationships, because guess what, they actually CAN work, scary, I know, check out stories by Redlion2 here on, because her stories are awesome. And for the yaoi fangirls, please read stories by Snowdragonct for getting together stories, and Amaya Natsuya for a very good established relationship fanfic.


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