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Damn, it's been awhile since I updated this thing... Hello to anyone who bothers to read this bio. My name is G.O.T. Nick. Currently, I am working on a Yu-Gi-Oh fic, entitled Beneath the Surface. It's the sequel to my first fic, Tokyo Tournament, which has been completed. Also in work is my Bleach fic, Crossed Paths. I'm not currently working on my other story, Origins, but I'll probably get to that at some point in the future. In any case, here's some facts about myself that you probably don't care about anyways.

Computer Games
Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game
Dungeons & Dragons and other RPG's
Peanuts (I'm addicted to them...)
Vanilla Coke (They took it from me...Why, Coca-cola? WHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY?)

Black Eyed Peas:
Where is the Love?
Shut Up
Hey Mama
Let's Get Retarded
Pump It

Linkin Park: Everything

Shinedown: Just about everything (except Shed Some Light)

Crawling in the Dark

Lost Realist
These Walls

Kung Fu Fighting (by, you know, that one guy)

The Beatles: Everything

Chocolate (don't ask)
Druggies (you have no idea how many are at my school)
ToK teachers (long story...)

Fanfiction suggestions:
Return of Battle City: Wandering Souls by Time Mage (Can't go wrong with this story. Completed.)
Era of Souls: Guardian Eclipse by Time Mage (Sequel to the above)
The works of The Helldragon (All his current fics are being shoved in the dumpster, but he's got a new one coming soon.)
What Was, What Is, and What Shall Be by thegymrat (If you like Yu-Gi-Oh, READ THIS STORY)
Shadowed Light of My Heart by Seeker of the Soul (Sequel to the above fic. Long story about the author name changing.)
Last Rays of Twilight by Seeker of the Soul (Third and final entry for WWWIWSB and SLH. I'm going to be sad when he finishes it...IF he ever finishes it)
The works of WolfGeneral (Great for Yu-Gi-Oh lovers of all ages. The guy's also an updating machine.)

Yugioh GX-
Seeker of the Soul, Time Mage, and WolfGeneral have the best ones I've found so far. If you find anyone who can top them, let me know...

In loving memory of Random: Lifelong pet and feline friend. April 4, 1989-October 29, 2003

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YugiOh! War of the Gods by Gryphinwyrm7 reviews
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Honor. Life. Death. Bushido. Hitokiri. Are these merely words, or do they truly have meaning? We all must determine our own philosophy. So read on, and find yours within its words. Find your path as I have. Find the truth.
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Five centuries before Pharaoh Atem was even born a struggle was waged between the servant of the Essence of Destruction and the people of the Earth. Thrust into the ancient past Daisuke Ihachi must unravel the everpresent mysteries or die. Sidearc to WWWI
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What Was, What Is, and What Shall Be by thegymrat reviews
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Gridiron reviews
The once-strong American football club at Taikyo Gakuen now has only two members. But Aoi Kakeru and Naki Yoshito still dream of becoming champions. Watch, as they meet new people and new challenges while they strive for the top.
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Sequel to Tokyo Tournament. A powerful force of darkness approaches, and to combat it all the forces of good must stand together...and even then, it may not be enough.
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