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Hi! I am considering creating a That 70's Show tumblr since I have a pretty big collection of pictures, especially of ones I have recovered from old sites. If any of you guys have rare photos or videos, feel free to PM me and I will give my email where you can send. Also, if you are a guest and would like to leave a review that contains a question or request, please consider creating an account so I'll be able to contact and answer you. Otherwise, it is impossible for me to respond. Thanks!

I ship Eric & Jackie/Mila & Topher because...

1. Eric and Jackie would've been such an adorable and humorous couple.

2. Jackie often turned to him for advice whenever Donna was absent.

3. Jackie expressed her fondness for him over the phone before he left for Africa which was unfortunate. If only she could've said bye to him in person...

4. Unfortunately Topher was the only guy of the cast that Mila didn't kiss, HOWEVER...

5. Out of all the other guys, Mila chose to sit on Topher's lap on a special taping of the Rosie O'Donnell show.

6. Mila and Topher attended a TRL Star Wars special together in 2002.

7. Topher: "Mila is The Burst Of Energy."

8. Mila: "Topher is shy and very funny."

9. Mila: "If you look up to anybody in the cast, you're gonna be screwed for life," she says, probably half-kidding. "Topher abuses me constantly."

10. Their playful relationship is conveyed through photos, such as one from a 1999 TV Guide. Mila rests on a disco ball with a sneaky smile while Topher, who stands to her left, pretends to swing a disco ball her way, scowling adorably. This would most likely explain why they hardly took pictures next to each other. They always teased.

11. For the Link magazine photoshoot, Mila and Topher held hands for thirty minutes on a trampoline.

12. (from an Eonline chat transcript) From Cloudy asked, "What is Mila Kunis like?" Topher: "Mila is awesome. She has a lot of energy, and I think she's the perfect Jackie. I have a great admiration for everyone who is in the show. I can't wait to start working with them again."

13. Laura on the cast hanging out during Season 1's production (1999): "Topher (Grace) sometimes hangs out with us, although Topher hates coming out. He doesn't like hanging out with people. And Mila (Kunis). She's younger and feels kind of uncomfortable around us anyway."

14. (On leaving That 70's Show on The Late Late Show, 2004) Topher: "Alot of these shows a lot of actors of sitcoms say ya know we're all really friends. For us it's much deeper than that. I grew up -I was a teenager when it started- Mila Kunis who plays Jackie was like 14 years old in the pilot, and now she's like a woman. It's-It'll be-I never cry...ever...ever."

15. Mila: "Wilmer [Valderrama] and Topher [Grace] always joke around. They’re dumb, but in a good way!

16. On a news interview from the late 90's, Mila sat on the floor in between a seated Topher's legs and it appeared he was playing with her hair.

17. Cuddled briefly for a photoshoot I am unsure was for being that I haven't seen the images online; just a video.

18. During an Eonline! interview (2000), Mila burned Ashton's character, making Topher laugh. In a gesture of complimenting her joke, Topher held her hand briefly then glided it away. I found it weird how Mila stared at him afterwards, smiling as he continued to laugh silently to himself as the interview proceeded. I guess he sensed her looking at him so he glanced at her with a playful serious face then glanced away and she reacted by throwing her head back with a grin and rubbing her face. It seemed like she was so proud of herself for tickling him considering he (quote): 'constantly abuses [her].'

19. On a Loveline radio interview (2002), Mila laughed hysterically when a Topher fan asked Laura if he was a great kisser. What's so funny Mila? Huh? >:D

20. A T7S fan confronted Mila on Loveline (2002) about lying. To give you a run-down, after a taping of the show, a fan really wanted to see Topher who was driving away from the set, maybe going home. The fan asked Mila if it was Topher so she would be able to flag him down for an autograph and Mila answered no. Mila: "I-I-I try to keep his life saaaafe," she defended herself. "I-I don't know. What am I gonna do? Go find him."

21. They still keep in touch. In 2011, Mila helped Topher with his Russian via phone for the movie 'The Double.'

22. Topher has told Mila's story of defecting into America at age seven in three interviews I'm aware of that ranges from 1999-2011.

23. For her sixteenth birthday, Topher bought Mila a Gucci watch along with Laura and Wilmer.

24. From People Magazine: According to an onlooker, when Kunis saw her former That '70s Show costar Topher Grace (at an R.E.M. concert), she yelled his name – and he came over and "gave her a big hug." He also shook hands with Culkin, and the three hung out for the rest of the night. Also there: James Franco, who took in the show with a blonde girl. "He was very attentive to her and was definitely on a date," says the source. "They even shared a kiss backstage and mingled with Mila, Macaulay and Topher."

25. Eric and Jackie's characters both wanted commitment from their partners. Donna wasn't ready, neither was Hyde or Kelso.

26. Eric and Jackie were in a wedding gown and tuxedo with arms interlocked, need I say more?

(To be continued)

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