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HELLO! X3 Dropping in to read my profile, eh? Well, if you're that bored...

Real name--You'll never know! For now I go by the alias Suzu. That's it. Rawr.

Muses?--I guess I do have my older brother, the hot tempered and stubborn shorty known as Jet! (clap clap). Also my wonderful yami Ziggy. Take a bow, Zigz. (dodges random pointy things thrown from both of them) AH!

Favorite characters--Without doubt, my favorite of ToS are the four angels; Lloyd, Kratos, Yuan, and Zelos. YAY ANGELS! Anyway...I like Mugen and Jin (Samurai Champloo), Kenshin and Sano (Ruroken), Inuyasha, Miroku, andSango (Inuyasha), Edward Elric and Roy (Fullmetal), Kiyo and Zatch (Zatch Bell), Jonouchi and Seto (YGO), Kurogane and Fai (Tsubasa), Kazan, Gibli, Kamushin (Kazan), Ichigo, Rukia, Kon (Bleach), Zoro and Sanji (One Piece), Cloud, Vincent, Squall, Sephiroth, Auron, Red 13, Irvine(FF), Leon (RE), Kimishima, Kazu-kun, Ryudo, Kanami, Cougar (Scryed)...and more...

Fav Anime/manga--Fullmetal, Samurai Champloo, Ruroken, Inuyasha, YGO (uncut without the cards), Tsubasa (whee, Fye-san! Kuro-woofwoof!), Kazan, Wolf's Rain, Beet the Vandel Buster, Trigun, Scryed, Zatch Bell, Naruto, DB, DBZ (before Buu), Bleach, One Piece, and more...just can't remember...

Music--Classic Rock, Country, and some classical. Billy Joel rocks! X3 Also I love Don McLean's song; American Pie. Also Queen's Rhapsody and Champions. Fav Country singer is Garth Brooks. Classical goes to Phantom of the Opera, and Fosse.

Fav Games--ToS (Kratty-san! Zelly!), FF 7/8/9/10 (, Resident Evil series (Leon! Leon!), Zelda (except the second one...I think it's the second one...), Super Smash Brothers, ToE (Keel!), Metal Gear Solid (All of them), DMC3, Time Crisis 2-3, House of the Dead, Lost World shooting game, and some more...

TV shows--Lost (Yay for Locke! I swear my great uncle and history teacher looks just like him...) Raymond, X Files, and Whose Line is it Anyway...that's it...odd I know. I like movies...

Movies! Yay!--Jurassic Park, The Lost World; JP, ID4, War of the Worlds, Holy Grail, Animal House, Lion King (best Disney movie in my opinion), National Treasure, Jaws, Phantom of the Opera, 12 Angry Men, and more. I know about all the "and more"s...I just don't feel like thinking up any more...

Favorite pairings! I'm not a fluffy romantic type, but since 99.99999 of ToS fics are romance-like, I do have pairings I enjoy. Sheelos is my favorite. Also--Gesea, Mugen/Fuu (X3), Ken/Kaoru, Inu/Kagome, Jono/Mai, Sano/Megumi, Miroku/Sango, Roy/Hawkeye (heheh). There are probably more...I just can't think of them. Damn me!

Pairings...that shouldn't happen!--Zelos/Colette (Good Martel no), Regal/Colette (O_o), Kratos/Lloyd (sick), Raine/Genis (same), Presea/Regal (Regal shouldn't be paired with anyone, now that I think of it...), Jin/Mugen (O_o again), Anzu/anyone (damn her!), Ian/anyone (He's MINE!), Kratty/anyone (he's also MINE!), Zelly/anyone (dammit mine mine MINE! Muwahahah!), Yuan/Kratty (Erm...Martel?), Squall/Irvine (Uh..), Sheena/Colette (...), Rin/Keel (C'mon, they loathe each other!), Fye/Kurogane (O_o Yet again)

My fics. My wonderful lovely weird fics.

I really need to escape my little bubble of only ToS. Really. Hm...well I am working on a couple new ones!

In the Works--I'm thinking of either a ToS or ToE (or mix) humor fic. Since that's pretty much what we're good at. Oh, and for our older reviewers, remember our first fic that was rated R, "Random Day is Hell"? It's coming baaaaaaaack...eventually...

Made and ready--Thus far, seems my best ficcy is the humor ToS one. Ah, well, we're funny. Hah hah. Others aren't going well at all. Might as well get rid of them. BEGONE! Heh

Words of the year...and the years to come...--Best sayings are..."Ya Missed", "No Way", and "Updation"! Thanks to my friend at school for the first, Ryu Warrior for the second, and for the third...uh...myself? Updation is spreading in Vyser's ToS fic. X3 Good, now I can be remembered for something. Finally I did something cool. Yay me!

Alright, guys, you can stop reading this and start the updation in your stories. Go. Run! Run now! FASTER!

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