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Hello y'all! ^^ My name is Windy Bakura, but today I prefer to go by the name "Windy-chan". Unfortunately, I think that pen name is taken... so I'll have to be stucked with this. So I guess I'll tell you a bit about me. I'm currently 13 years old, and I'm going to my first year of high school. I live in BC, Canada on the tiny little island beside the province.

I like to write, but I'm a novice writer, so I'm trying to improve my skills such as character making and sticking with the personality. I'm also trying to expand my currently tiny vocabulary.

I currently only write Yu-gi-oh fanfiction, since I'm not very good with other animes or games. But I do love to watch anime like Naruto, Shaman King and other shows that I neglect to mention... probably because it's kinda embarrassing to mention. I play games like the Final Fantasy series, but I currently have not finished any of the games except for Final Fantasy IV. Most Yu-gi-oh fanfiction I write about will probably revolve around Ryou, Yami Bakura, Amane, Yami or Yugi. I personally despise putting my own OCs in them, for fear of making them Mary Sue or something, so that is something I must improve on.

My currently fanfiction work is my "Tales of Another Bakura" series, which features Amane and Yami Bakura. It's currently a five story series, and I think that's all there is going to be.

~*Tales of Another Bakura*~

Part One: Another Bakura
Ryou Bakura, Amane's older brother, has died in a car crash. Little Amane has to inheirit the Millennium Ring and now she has to deal with the abusing yami and the dueling tournament that's coming up...

Part Two: Manipulation
Amane and Bakura are back. Bakura as nasty as he was before and Amane the same sweet, quiet girl. But now they have take on the challenges of Battle City and Marik...

Part Three: (Title to be determined)
A certain yami is shocked to find that he's falling in love with his host. So in a rage of fury and confusion, he beats his hikari to the a deadly point of injury. But what Bakura doesn't realize is that the shadows are growing stronger, and in need of a sacrifice to maintain their powers.

Part Four: (Title to be determined)
It's September, and it's back to school for Amane. She's expecting a new student, but is surprised when she actually finds three new students! And the shadows still need a sacrifice.

Part Five: (Title to be determined)
It's been a year since Amane recieved the Millennium Ring and met Bakura. But good things must come to the end, and Amane is sad to see her counterpart step out of her live and go back to his era. It looks like everything ended, but fate and destiny don't believe that. I guess that's it.

Umm... the plot might actually change in the last three parts, since I tend to change my mind a lot. If you have any ideas, concerns or just wanna talk to me about random shmuff. You can e-mail me at or you can add me in your list on MSN (same e-mail). Just make sure you tell me you've met me on or I'll be mighty confuzzled. ^^;;;

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