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I have been in the world of fan-writing (either as writing fan fictions or role-playing) since
I was around the age of thirteen. I am now twenty-three and my writing has matured over the years. Though, even in my earlier years, it was more mature than one might think.

Only recently have I started posting my stories online. Most of the time, I tended to stick to the world of role-playing and using my stories for that. Recently, I have realized that I should begin posting my stories online.

Things that I am currently working on:

The final chapter to my Loving Annabelle fan fiction called “A Possible Future”. That story has taken many turns over the past few months that it has been since I had started writing it. The original final chapter was supposed to be a slight cliffhanger (for the Simone/Annabelle relationship wise), but I have decided that that wouldn’t be the final chapter because that was a horrible way to conclude the story. I do realize that not everyone will like the turns that this story has taken, but I do plan to make it all a bit better in the last chapter.
This story was the first story in that verse that I have written and I haven’t decided if I will be writing other things in this verse or putting it on hold for a little while.

I am working on a crossover story of Lost and Xena. I know it’s not one of the most plausible crossovers, but it is going to be based off a role-play story that I had going for a while with a few things changed around a bit. That story is primarily set around Varia and Kate, not as a coupling though.

I am also working on another Xena-verse story. This one of Eve/Varia, the awesome fan couple that I really love the pairing of. I personally think that there could be a lot there that would keep it interesting. I haven’t gotten far enough into writing it to have a title for it yet but it is coming soon.

I am working on two different stories for the Leverage verse. Both primarily femslash.

I am also beginning my fan fiction for Legend of the Seeker, to which I cannot put off any longer.

There is also a Harry Potter fanfic that I am contributing to with one of my best friends.

Soon I will be starting a Once Upon a Time fan fiction with an original character with some unexpected ties that you’ll have to wait and see about.

There you have it. That’s all the different stories that I am working on or planning to begin on in the very near future. They will all be posted in due time. I would like the stories to be in tip top shape before I post them on here so it might be just a little while before you see some of the other ones but they will be up there.

Thank you for your time,

Acaesia, formerly known as Aurelia1

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