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my name is Ironhide's wife formerly Optimus Prime Fangirl and my interests include TMNT, Skulduggery Pleasant, Transformers, Corpse Bride, AVATAR, Buzz Lightyear and many others. I am sixteen years old and love reading different fanfictions on the site because they help to inspire me to write my own fanfictions also i would be so appriciative if someone could read my first fanfiction called Future Turtles and review it to tell me what they think because I have been patiently waiting for a review on here.

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Sometime in 2010, I first paid real attention to the Transformers. Since then, I have been a huge fan, especially Transformers Prime. A lot of people say that I like Transformers too much, but they always say that to a passionate fan of any particular thing. The Transformers world offers me peace and a way to escape the chaos of life.

If you sit and think about it, the situations that go on in Transformers are frighteningly parallel to real live events here on Earth. If you take away all the plasma guns, energon and giant robots, their war is indeed parallel to a war that could come at any moment. In their world, people die from the terrible acts of those believed to be allies, friends are made in the most unlikely of places and ideals, originally meant to be pure, corrupt. All of these, completely realistic. The Transformers can be seen as a clever way to show us in an entertaining, seemingly unrealistic fashion the all too real ravages of war and that it can ultimately lead to a dead end.

Optimus Prime is my role model. He has suffered a great deal in the war, yet still clings to hope with a death grip, despite all the misfortunes around him. More concerned for his troops than himself, he kept an optimistic viewpoint, knowing that if the strength in his hope begins to wane, his troops' strength will wane as well. He could not allow the Decepticons to win and strives to protect humans from all hurt, harm, or danger involving their war. Even though humans may not deserve his protection, and on several occasions betrayed the Autobots, he risks life and limb to keep Earth from falling to the Decepticons and sharing Cybertron's darkened fate. This is demonstrated wonderfully in Transformers: Dark of the Moon when the US government tried to appease the Decepticons by booting the Autobots off the planet, despite the fact that people agreed that the Autobots are their only chance against the Decepticons. The fact that he came back to defend mankind after that blatant act of desperation and betrayal speaks volumes about his true character. I, personally, would have left the Earth to the Decepticons, since the humans were clearly stating that we Autobots were not needed.

Nevertheless, Optimus Prime is my role model because of his steel re-enforced patience and unparalleled endurance. His kindness and caring towards those he loves is without bounds. I hope to gain even a tiny fraction of his wisdom within my lifetime.

Though Optimus is my role model,Bumblebee is the bot that I can relate to most. He has been bullied by countless people and is still a bright and cheerful person and clawed at by war and his job as a scout is, by far, the hardest job someone can have during a lifetime. What draws me the him is his high value on life. I believed that if you see people die frequently, your value on life goes down significantly. Instead, Bumblebee did the opposite. He realized in the war that life was precious and ought not to be thrown away. Though he tends to get very cheerful and hyperactive when his comrades are damaged and leaking energon, he still cares for all of them. In fact, acting as a child with too much energy this is his way of showing his comrades that he cares for all of them and greatly dislikes it when they get hurt in battle. I act in a similar fashion.

As you can probably tell, my favorite TV show and movies have something to do with the Transformers. But to be more specific, my favorite TV show is Transformers Prime and my Transformers related favorite movie thus far is Transformers Dark of the Moon. My favorite favorite is The Lion King. Transformers Prime is by far the best TV series I have ever seen. It is extremely well written and the characters, old and new, are all wonderful. Each character has their flaws, though, and they all show at some point in the series, making me love the series even more. As for Dark of the Moon... They did quite well with this one and has progressed to be more serious in the plot, something I didn't see enough of in the 2007 Transformers movie.

You know you are a serious Transformers fan when (some of these came from Gakupo the Samurai's profile)

-You don’t trust black cop cars for fear that it is Barricade.

-You mistake Auto body Repair with Autobot Repair.

-You can talk about the Transformers all day and list off every last reason why.

-You see a red and white ambulance and you automatically think it's Ratchet.

-You see a yellow Chevy Camaro with black racing stripes and think 'OMG IT'S BUMBLEBEEEE!'

-You say you will unleash Ironhide on someone if they are being annoying.

-You dream you are your favorite Transformer.

-You can point out a Peterbilt 379 even if you only see the smokestacks.

-You can get people to do what you want by saying, 'Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.'

-You see a police car patrolling down your street and wonder if it's Prowl looking for Sunstreaker and Sideswipe.

-You call your cat Ravage.

-You curse in Cybertronian so much you'd make Ironhide cringe.

-You see a mountain and wonder if there's Energon is it.

-You say 'We all work for the Decepticons now' when you are talking about your boss

-You get really jittery and nervous when you know Transformers is on and you, for some reason, are not watching it.

-You read Transformers fanfiction in most of your free time.

-You can give a full visual analysis of a battle scene in the Bay-verse movies and explain every last detail to your clueless friend.

Copy and paste this if you think they should bring back TFA. (Hell yes!!!)

Copy and paste this if you bawled when Prowl died.

Copy and paste this if someone said your obsessed w/ Transformers. (SOOO many people! XD)

Copy and paste this if your friends and family members remind you of characters from your favorite work of fiction (lolz I know a Bumblebee!)

Copy and paste this if you wish a Transformer was real and would be your friend/ or ask you out (for me, Megatron from animated or any Optimus voiced by Peter Cullen *dreamy sigh*)

Copy and paste this if you can quote Optimus Prime's sayings. ("Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." "Sam! NO SAM!!!" "Ebay." "Transform and roll out!" "Your opinion is noted." "We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron." "Earth customs, I hadn't considered..." XD and even more!)

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