I'm Not Your Ex
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I'm Inye.

'Inye' is a shortened version of I'm Not Your Ex, not my real name.

The origin of my username comes from the girl who I created this account to review. Her stories were horrible, tasteless, and poorly written. She blocked anonymous users from reviewing, so I had to go and create this account. Due to the fact that she has now threatened to call the police on me, I had to take down my two stories which were both parodies of hers. Apparently she doesn't grasp the concept that, in order to make a parody, someone DOES IN FACT have to copy and paste (for the most part).

This account is just for reviewing or making humorous parodies. I have another account, but there is no way in hell I'm telling you what it is.

I do all my harsher reviews on this account. YES, I DO FLAME. I will NOT give false praise, and if I hate your story then I will by all means tell you. Instead of getting all offended, try actually fixing what I criticize. If I tell you your story is nothing but fluff, then write some plot. Just because I dish out criticism harshly does not mean it should be ignored.

I don't like mentally handicapped people, I don't like free lunch programs for illegal immigrants, I don't like people who think they're special, I don't like attention whores, I don't like people who don't like me, and I don't like people who judge me because of what I don't like. Everyone is a hypocrite, no matter how good and nice they think they are.

If you have a problem with me, tell me instead of reporting. If I offend you with my reviews or my profile, then fix what I told you to fix or stop reading my profile.