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Harry Potter: An Interpretation

I've seen others using their profile to give a brief overview of their take on HP and thought I would do the same.


I loved the first three books with their Enid Blyton/Roald Dahl-esque qualities of a very quirky world and a boy-hero, and his two trusty side-kicks. I liked the fourth book. I disliked the direction of the fifth-seventh books. That said, I think JKR's achievement in exciting an entire generation of children into reading and enjoying fiction is to be much admired. If I had one per cent of her success as a published author I would be deliriously happy.

The HP-verse

There are many aspects of the wizarding world that are fascinating and not truly explored within JKR's work although her interviews have given a peek into how much world building she did. There are some elements that feel created simply to serve an immediate plot issue though and therefore the implications create plotting issues later on - for example, the Wizarding justice system.

I also feel that the world building was impacted by the changing audience target for the books - the initial world is a fantastical one with strange whacky places that don't make logical sense to muggles. But it's that lack of logical sense that allows for confusion and plot holes as the plot expanded from hero's adventure of the year to include adult commentary on extremism, government and journalism.


So many wonderful characters and so many died a tragic death! I will say that I think issues with characterisation in the books stem again from the changing nature of the books as a more adult tone took hold. Many of the characters start out as caricatures rather than characters; larger than life depictions painted in simple terms of Good and Bad, Hero and Villain. More realistic characterisations were later shown but the gap between caricature and end character is sometimes not completely bridged within the text. I also think a lot of issues with the characters stem from them appearing and disappearing as the plot required them to without a decent character motivation of why.

Harry Potter

I like Harry as a character but I think the end diminished Harry as someone powerful magically. Ultimately Harry wins because he gets lucky with the confusion over who is the master of the Elder wand and because he gets anchored by Voldemort stealing his blood and is thus resurrected. It's a far cry from the boy who battled a very large basilisk, produced a patronus, and went toe-to-toe with Voldie and escaped after the rebirth. Harry remains heroic but his heroism is his willingness to sacrifice himself rather than any magical skill and prowess.

Sirius Black

Sirius is my favourite character. I think because there was a wealth of material in the hints about his childhood, friendship with James Potter and his relationship with Harry that never get fully explored. Moreso, because he loves Harry and he represented a hope for a better life for Harry. I do think canon Sirius suffered physically and emotionally from his stint in Azkaban and therefore couldn't give his best self to Harry, no matter that Sirius loved him. Ultimately I understand that Sirius had to die in the original text in order for Harry to continue being isolated but I hated that he died.

Albus Dumbledore

Albus went from benevolent and wise Headmaster to manipulative son-of-a-gun (Harry's ability to forgive is tremendous because I would have held a HUGE grudge if someone did to me what Albus did to Harry). His mitigation is that the character feels clearly guilty about his mistakes and has some remorse for his manipulations - that in many ways he is trying to do the right thing, and he is truly trying to find a path to defeat Voldemort. I also think Albus in his own way is very fond of Harry, but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one for Albus, and that's the central core of my view of him. He isn't Evil, it's just that he doesn’t quite see that the road to hell is paved with many Greater Good intentions.

Hermione Granger

Hermione is probably the character I most identify with; bookworm, know-it-all, bossy - but loyal, brave, and very clever. Harry would struggle to complete his adventures without her. Why she ends up with Ron I have no clue. While there may have been an element of opposites attract, I find the pairing unlikely to have worked in the long term because of the disparity of their interests, backgrounds and values. I guess in one sense it did provide the twist of the hero not getting together with the female side-kick but I personally think it would have been more realistic for Hermione and Harry to have ended up with each other than Ron and Hermione.

Ron Weasley

Ron is for the most part a good friend to Harry but he has his moments of jealousy and pettiness - much of which is forgiven by Harry with little fanfare despite how badly Ron behaves. He is not as steadfast as Hermione in his support for Harry and he needed to mature a great deal, even by book seven. That said, he is brave when pushed, loyal to his family and definitely on the side of Good even if his ingrained prejudices show at times. I still wouldn't pair him with Hermione.

Ginny Weasley

In a nutshell, the fangirl with a crush that becomes a true friend and then his romantic interest. Yes, I can see the arc in the books but it is one that is hampered by Ginny’s sporadic appearances and the need to keep with the ‘Trio’ in DH. I’m not convinced that a relationship between Harry and Ginny would work but that’s primarily because there’s not a great deal of interaction shown between them despite the relative importance of Ginny becoming the romantic interest. I think had Ginny been more developed and included as a character, the relationship may have come across as believable.


While these are my interpretations of the characters and their relationships, it is all subjective and other fans have completely different interpretations which I recognise as equally valid. However, my fics will have these interpretations, so be forewarned! Happy Reading! Cats.

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