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Hola! Soy Nicole (joy!), tengo 14 años, mi cumpleaños es el 26 de Julio(de ahí el 26 en mi nombre), soy peruana de nacimiento con raíces italianas, mido 1.55m (si soy chata) y soy morenita :3, mis amigas me dicen Joy porque...umm...esto es incó verdad es que no sé porque me dicen Joy pero me gusta, soy seddie shiper, McCurdian, Sheerio, no soy arianator(Ariana me desepcionó en nivel Dios), no me gusta 1D (excepto por Louis Tomlinson) ni JuBi, me gusta el Hard Rock y el Grunge. Mis amigas creen que estoy psicologicamente mal. Adoro al chileno German Garmendia con todo mi corazon. Hablo y entiendo ingles super bien. Lo que me gusta en:


The Script, Paramore, You Me At Six, Green Day, AC/DC, Guns NRoses, My Chemical Romance, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Metalica, Nirvana, Maroon 5, Foo Fighthers.


iCarly, Victorious, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, PLL, Gossip Girl.

Información básica:

Adoro todo lo que tenga chocolate

Mi color favorito es el azul (raro para una chica)

La idea de hacerne quinciañero me hace vomitar

Mi conjunto favorito es unos jeans oscuros, mi musculosa blanca y unas vans azules

Colecciono Converse

En cada cumpleaños me regalan perfumes, hasta hoy tengo 15 perfunes diferentes

Mi Twitter (ahora) es @jennmcprettyn

El gusto de música que tengo se lo puedo agradecer a Alexia93 y a su fic Lost Bullets

Tengo dos perros

La abuela de mi abuela es igual a mi y era italiana

Me, MySelf & I:

vestuarios:cap 1:

Cap 4:

Cap 5:

si tuviera la oportunidad de escribir un episodio de Sam&Cat sería así:

After the question that got all confused (,"I need to talk to you about something important." "You wanna get back together?") and the moment that got all happy (Robbie and Cat's kiss), in this new episode of Sam&Cat, some people are going back to surprise both girls...

-Hi Sam
-Hi Sam
-Hi Sam
-Hi Sam!-the three guys said at the same time
-Hi guys!-Cat answer

-Hi redhead-a puppet said
-Hi Cat

Some people are going back to give big news to Sam

-That day...I asked you something
-Yeah and you never told me if you meant it
-I...really meant it, but before you answer me I have to tell you something
-I listen to you
-Carly kissed me before she went to Ithaly
-WHAT!-Sam, Spencer, Gibby, Cat and Robbie yell
-Ok, I really have to go
-No, Sam!
-Wow Freddie, you really ruined this time

Some people are going back together?

-Do you want me to puch your face?
-OKAY!- she raised her fist ready to punch him but he grabbed ir before she punch him and he get closer to her

Some people are going insane?

-Spencer found his socks
-He found it in the middle of the park where we were playing with that dog
-We never played with a dog
-Oh great, I confused you guys again-Gibby said

Some people are going back to scare Cat

-Something happened with the bibble
-What happened with MY BIBBLE
-Someone stole it
-This kid

All this in the new one hour special episode of the first season of Sam&Cat...

(I don't know how to put the mane of this episode)

Coming on this June 26th 8/7c

esta en ingles lo se pero para eso existe Google...nah no sería tan mala, mañana junto con la traducción lo subo

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