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Author has written 20 stories for Harry Potter, Gundam Wing/AC, Kingkiller Chronicle, Stargate: Atlantis, and NCIS.

Okay, I guess people read this thing to learn about the author. Maybe it's time I actually put some information on myself.

I write in the following fandoms:
Doctor Who
The Harry Potter series
Stargate Atlantis
Gundam Wing
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

My favorite characters from the afore mentioned fandoms in order of fandoms mentioned:

-The Doctor, K-9, Leela
-Neville, Percy, Severus, Draco, Remus
-Dr. McKay, Sheppard, Zelenka
-Duo Maxwell and Wufei.
-Tony DiNozzo, McGee and Gibbs.
-Bast, and, believe it or not, the main character Kvothe

I write:
The way rocket ships explode. There's a good chance I'll finish it but I won't pick up the shrapnel afterwards.
It also usually happens in one go. One shots are my preffered way to write. But sometimes I'll do something with chapters, this usually ends in disorder and chaos.

"The True Story of the Great Neville Longbottom" - A short story depicting Neville as the hero because in the cannon he is so often used as a butt.

"The Prisoner" - Short dabble about Sirius Black's escape from Azkaban from the perspective of a dementor.

And Hell Came With Him - Cross over of the Constantine comics with Harry Potter. John Constantine teaches at Hogwarts and creates chaos in the meantime. Not my best work but my friends refused to let me call it quits.

"What the Gods Thought" - Short story about the death of Severus Snape; and what happens to him afterwards. Inspired by Good Omens, a novel by Neil Gaimen and Terry Pratchett.

"On Holiday" - Short story about the death of Sirius Black and the unexpected man who gave him a hand. Harry Potter, Doctor Who crossover.

"The Best Follower" - Short story about Percy Weasley. It's a bit of a redemption fic I guess, gives some reasons for why he did the things he did between the third and seventh books. Doesn't follow D.H. exactly but most of what happened still holds true. I wrote it just because Percy was a character with so much possibility and J.K. Rowling never really got around to exploiting that.

"The Taming of the Whomping Willow" - Short story about the death of Remus Lupin and what transpired thereafter. I've been reading alot of Neil Gaimen short fiction lately and I wanted to try to do something in a similar style.

"Ode to a Fallen Warrior" - Short poem in the fashion afer Beowulf written in honor of the memory of Hedwig.

"The Unmaking of George Weasley" - Short story about George and how he deals with the death of his brother. D.H. compliant. Co-written with VisciousWolfie. And when I say cowritten I mean she did most of it, I only added a small bit in the rewrite. So the writing probably sounds like my style but the idea is all hers.

War Stories - An on going project that will be a collection of stories from the war. Takes place from multiple character views. Inspired by Tim O'Brien's book The Things They Carried and my War Lit class. D.H. compliant so far.

Dreamers - Neville centric fic, sort of a crossover with the SANDMAN comics, but written so that it is unnecessary to have read the comics. Alice Longbottom wakes up lucid at the same time that Neville gets stuck in his dreams. Lost, Neville accidentally wanders into Draco's unconscious and Alice calls on The Dream King to assist. But Morpheus has problems of his own and won't let Neville and Draco go until they help him set the Dream World to rights. Slash in the future, Neville/Draco. NOTE: I'm overhauling this puppy, I don't like where it's going. After a decent reformating it will be rewritten and reuploaded. The new story probably won't resemble the current one but the title will remain.

"Harmless Sand" - I was reading alot of Lovecraft when I wrote this story and decided I would try my hand at it.

"Sleeping With the Reaper" - Another poem. I am facinated with the idea of the Gundam boys actually being the archetypes they represent. This explores Duo's archetype...and maybe a little of Wufei's.

"Death Was" - 100 word writing exercize I did. I am messing with the GW archetypes again.

Terms of a Lifetime : Neville centric. Sort of almost a tragedy. Neville is pulled from his own universe into another where he finds himself tangeled in another Neville's problems. He encounters a familair prophecy as well, except it would seem the unfortunate words were meant for him this time, and there is a tragic twist.

"Interlude - Between the First and Second Day" : Based on The Name of the Wind. Which is a more than lovely book if you haven't had the chance to check it out yet. Takes place, to be precise, between the second to last, and last page of the novel. Bast kept a secret from his teacher. The story is slash.

"The End of the Tao" : Stargate Atlantis snapshot. Takes place directly after the episode "The Tao of Rodney". Slash, McShep. More of a rambling with a fluffy ending than anything.

"No Trick of the Memory but a Tale True to Tell" : Kingkiller Chronicles. Told by the young sandy haired man of chapter three. Just a thoughtful ditty done for fun.

"Breathless", "Breathing" and "Breathe": Three short stories that follow one another. NCIS, tag to Requiem from season 5. The first two stand alone without the third because the third is slash and not everyone is a fan. DiNozzo's take on the rescue. Then Jethro's. And then the events that followed after.

The pen is stubborn, sputters-hell!
Am I condemned to scrawl?
Boldy I dip it in the well,
My writing flows, and all
I try suceeds. Of course, the spatter
Of this tormented night
Is quite illegible. No matter:
Who reads the stuff I write?

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