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Author has written 8 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, and Fairy Tail.

How I Found You is on an indefinite hiatus!! I'm sure its obvious for years...err...awhile though. I really want to re-write it but i haven't had time to. Hence some chapters don't match up ;

Just an FYI. My grammar sucks. Yes i'm a native English speaker but i just suck at it. lol.

See spelling errors? Probably because i missed them, my MS Word is lame and didn't come with a spell check installed. So i just try reading it over and over again =/

Fun Fact: I love handing out plushies at the end of my chapter. Why? I don't know. it's just something i did when i first started writing, and i still do it to this day. XD

About Me:

I'm just a 24 year old female who is from Santa Cruz, California. I recently moved up to Eugene, Oregon and i am now situated in Salem, OR. Dyed Black Hair...Blue/Green/Grey Eyes and sadly 4'11.5". I spend most of my time hunched over a computer or a game controller. Currently unemployed...and i am searching for work. I love Coffee, Video Games, Web Design, All Nighters, Pasta & Pizza, All Things Japanese (except sake, natto and wasabi XD). My big dislikes are being tired...sleep (silly i know), Smoking, Milk, Most know...boring stuff.

My Writing Style:

I'm honestly not sure if i have any one way of writing but i know I'm not the greatest by any means. I just write how i write i guess? its kinda silly to put that but its the best way to describe it i think. I do tend to have common themes in my stories though. I for one have a hard time just writing a pure, light-hearted, normal fanfiction. I thrive on romantic drama, being a hopeless romantic. Watching certain romance animes and dramas have not helped at all XD. But anyways, i have been told often my writing is "too angsty" or "too emo". To each their own i guess. I freely admit that most of the time, themes such as sex, violence, drugs, rape, etc. happen in my stories. I'm not sure why i'm drawn to them. But i like writing about characters being at their lowest and slowly getting back on their feet, eventually with a smile on their face. But also as i said before, i thrive on romantic drama.

Evolution of Writing:

When i first started writing i had spelling mistakes left and right. I also fully admit i had terrible grammar, i probably still do. When i first started writing i didn't care too much about plot, things just went the way i wanted, when i wanted them to. I feel Cherry Blossom Dragon and Nightmares are a good example of this. I would skip over things i didn't want to bother with, just got to the details i wanted. I felt it made my stories very empty and choppy. With Nightmares Reawakened i tried to improve on it a little but it still has a lot of flaws. How I Found you (and eventually He Wasn't) was a somewhat step in the right direction i think and for longest time it was my baby.

However as i wrote How I Found You on and off i was slowly bothered by my lack of accuracy on things. Not necessarily personality of characters but certain facts about a series or said events in a series. He Wasn't was started sometime after HIFU, and tried to work on these things. It was rather difficult though because Advent Children and eventually Dirge of Cerberus were released. Both project have been largely left untouched and i hope to go back and rewrite them. Currently, HIFU is has been dropped. I really want to rewrite it but my period between rewriting chapters have just left readers confused. Since 2005, I have had very sporadic updates to my writing.

As of 2012, i am really working hard on accuracy of series plot and characters. While the latter made be a bit hard to do i really am focusing on accuracy. I want my stories to be somewhat believable. So i have been prone to filling notebooks up with notes and ideas when writing fan fiction. It started with the rewrite of HIFU and recently my new projects. I thrive on watching videos, reading up on things to refresh my mind and all in all, just coming up with things. Fan Fiction has become a very creative process for me this past year and I really hope it shows in my writing.


FF4: Rydia/Edge, Rosa/Cecil

FF7: Yuffie/Vincent, Tifa/Vincent, Cid/Yuffie

FF8: Selphie/Squall, Selphie/Seifer, Quistis/Seifer, Selphie/Irvine

FFX: Rikku/Auron, Lulu/Auron

FFX-2: Gippal/Rikku

FF12: Balthier/Fran, Ashe/Basch, Al-cid/Ashe, Penelo/Larsa, Penelo/Vaan

FF13: Sazh/Vanille, Lightning/Hope, Lightning/Snow

FF Tactics A2: Adelle/Luso

Street Fighter: Sakura/Ryu, Cammy/Ken, Chun-li/Ryu

Phoenix Wright: Phoenix/Maya, Mia/Armando, Ema/Klavier

Resident Evil: Rebecca/Billy, Jill/Carlos, Jill/Chris, Ada/Leon, Claire/Leon

Dragon Quest VIII: Angelo/Jessica

Metal Gear: Snake/Meryl

Bayonetta: Bayonetta/Luka

Sailor Moon: Rei/Minako, Seiya/Usagi, Lethe/Mnemosyne, Setsuna/Mamoru, Yuuichirou/Rei

Soul Calibur: Taki/Mitsurugi, Setsuka/Mitsurugi, Xianghua/Kilik, Xianghua/Maxi

The World Ends With You: Shiki/Neku, Kanzaki/Yashiro

World of Warcraft: Thrall/Jaina

Cardcaptors: Sakura/Syaoran

Ayashi No Ceres: Aya/Yuuhi

Fushigi Yuugi: Tasuki/Miaka, Amiboshi/Miaka, Yui/Suboshi, Soi/Nakago, Takiko/Uruki

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge: Kyohei/Sunako

Shugo Chara: Amu/Ikuto, Nagihiko/Rima

Samurai Champloo: Fuu/Mugen

Nana: Hachi/Nobu, Nana/Ren, Nana/Yasu

Digimon Tamers: Ruki/Takato

Yumeiro Patissiere: Ichigo/Kashino, Rumi/Andou

Fairy Tail: Lucy/Natsu, Gray/Juvia, Levy/Gajeel, Mirajane/Freed

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