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Holas People!!

Senior year is in session lol


Name: Secret but call me Sticker

Age: 17 18 real soon

I tend to make up my own words like...

Ramblegasted and Confrapple

I'm generally a nice person like ask anyone I may be buddy pals with lol.

I am pretty passionate about Rping and skeeve those that are...bad. I'll put it out there there are many ways to rp...but you all know...what is a bad rper.


I have so many OC's and I love each and everyone of them. Be they gay,straight,blind,half demon, half angel,an exorcist,made of electricity, an archer,twins, adopted,abused, 4 years old, centuries old, player, hater, good, evil, girl ,boy,or indifferent.


That's all you need to know about me...


My OCs

Name: Alicia"Allie" Tinkov

Alias:(Blackbird) Psyche


Age: 10/14

Gender: Female

Power:Telekinesis(visible objects, life forms, etc.)Speed up or slow down the vibrations of atoms in stuff to alter temperature,possibly to the point of ignition(also known as pyrokinesis and cryokinesis when slowing them down).
Self levitation.
Influencing events
Biological healing.
Phasing through matter.
Transmutation of matter.
Energy shield
Control of light waves/particles.
Thoughtform projection aka telepathic projection
Great martial artist

Hometown:Rich side of Gotham/ Honarhall Orphanage

Appearance: She is 5 feet with blackish brown curly hair. Her eyes are purplish bluish grey. She's short for her age but as she reaches puberty she starts to fill out a bit. Her hair reaches the middle of her back. She is in the middle between skinny and fat and she is slightly tan.

Street Clothes: She loves to wear her purple hoodie and a black graphic tee underneath. then some black skinny jeans and her all famous purple converses. sometimes she wears her mothers purple ribbon in her hair.

Costume: Her costume is all black except for the sides wear she has purple running along it up to her shoulders. It is short sleeved and short-legged.Made of Kevlar. Her legs and forearms are covered an bulletproof armor wrapped with bandaging and finally she has a black half mask that blots out her eyes.

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Allie is somewhat serious due to her past but she can be a joker(lol). She is also very very sarcastic at times its funny but alot of the time it hurts. Due to her small size people tend to over look her but she is very smart but also violent if angered. She also has a fear in her that one day she'll lose control of her powers.

Family Background:(spoiler to some that read my book) Her dad,Vikas Tinkov, was a russian general in russia but came to the us and became a general here. But soon he began to work in the science feild. Experimenting with genes and dna and such. He met her mother,Ellie Tinkov, the head scientist of the secret organization. They soon had a daughter. Allie's older sister. They experimented on her and she gain powers. Laila was blind to the whole thing and thought her powers just came. Her parents were very strict and often abused her. When Allie was born. she was also experimented on. Laila finally found out but being to young she protected and blinder her from their parents scheme.

History: Allie was raised in the wealthy side of Gotham in her household with her mother,father and older sister. She always did the right thing because her parents held in a high position. She loved her sister Laila so much that she'd kill for her. Laila tried to help her control her overwhelming powers. One day her school was having a performance and the Joker took over the school to settle some business with her parents. After Joker killed her mother. Her father offered Joker Allie instead. Joker took Allie but Laila began to use her powers to save her but was killed by Joker. Finally Allie lost control of her powers after seeing her sister die. She destroyed the surrounding crushing her own father and was knocked out by her own powers. She woke up in Honarhall Orphanage and soon she began to train her powers in revenge but ended up saving people instead.

Likes: Meditating, Art, Playing her Saxophone,Videogames and proving someone wrong

Dislikes: Being belittled,unneccsary noises,scientist,Honorhall Orphanage

Fears (Reason): Losing control of her powers(she can hurt someone or herself), losing herself in revenge(she feels that what she is Laila made her so she doesnt want to lose that.)

Hobbies:Playing her saxophone and she tutors elementary kids.

Talents:her powers, she's very smart, she is a great martial artist and she can play a mean jazz song.

Stereotype In High School: being a freshmen she doesnt really know but she's a mixture of a bandgeek,nerd,hipster,thespian lol

Enemies (Type): Joker and any scientist until they are proven innocent of anything

Friends (Type): she has none until the team.

Relationship (Yes or No):Thats a maybe(i want her to but later in life)

What Type Of Person In The Relationship?:

Illness/Allergies:Bananas and Nuts (so banana nut muffin her worse enemy)

Random Facts:Mature and perverse jokes sometimes goes over her head or she kinda chokes if someone were to ask her stuff like that),she has a russian accent, secretly admires Batman

In some cases he is good but mostly evil.

Name: Westley Rhode

Alias:The Borrower

Species: Human well DNA confuzzled human

Age: 16

Gender: All Male

Power:Ability Replication and Ability Absorption(if he feels like it he takes away powers too)

Hometown: He travels around (like a nomad lol)

Appearance: Wes is 5 feet and 11 inches. He has extremely bushy and curly red hair(sometimes black) that he can barely tame. He is pretty pale and looks pretty sickly. But at first glance someone would take advantage of him until the see his eyes. His eyes are red and can scare a hole through your soul. He is slightly built and muscular.

Street Clothes: Wes wears a red cardigan and black tee. He always has a boe tie on. He wears cargos and converses.

Costume: He pretty much wears fancy clothes and a mask. Due to his power.

Sexuality: Bisexual(I wasnt to sure about him. lol)

Personality: Westley is quiet and very intelligent but once you screw with him he is absolutely crazy but in a calm way. With his power he tends to yearn for a fight. But overall he is down to earth and sometimes a complete nerd. But he loves to look spiffy.

Family Background: His parents abandoned him at the age of three along with his older brother. When they discovered that they both had powers. He was raised by his older brother Quincy in the streets. They soon learned to use their powers together. Quincy was a wise cracking natural born white collar criminal. His powers(mind control) made everything better for them. They traveled the world together.

History: Westley traveled the world under his brother learning the ways of the world. One day they were captured after the stole money from a crime boss. Quincy knew they wouldnt make so he forced Westley to take his power. and escape. Leaving Quincy screwed with Westley mind. He soon was able to fully use his powers and gain respect among criminals at the age of 10. Traveling around the world causing trouble.Finally he decided to stop in Metropolis for some time and...

Likes: Bowties,fancy clothing, being feared

Dislikes:noises, being underestimated,talking about his brother

Fears (Reason): disappointing his brother's memory

Hobbies: Shopping, testing different powers, causing havoc

Talents:his powers,he is great at brainstorming and taming his hair

Stereotype In High School: Nerdy Hipster(only without the trying to be a hipster)

Enemies (Type):Anyone that talks down to him or bad about his brother. Or anyone in his way..

Friends (Type): someone that can get under his skin(in a good way)

Relationship (Yes or No):Yes

What Type Of Person In The Relationship?:someone that isnt afraid of him and ignores his issues.


Random Facts:He has a weakness for orphans,has tons of money,can be very self conscience, confused about his sexuality

They are my little babies. Allie is actually my clone with a little spice and Westley is a clone of my twin bro. In some stories i might make them twins lol

I love to argue with my best guy friend on if Batman or Iron Man will win in a fight.

If your a total comic book geek, and don't care when people who aren't stare at you like you've grown a second head when you launch into a lecture on the history or Robins or recite the nine lantern corps, copy and paste this onto your file.

Which Robin are you most like?

Dick Grayson (1st Robin)

[ ] You are in gymnastics/know some acrobatic moves

[ ] You are flexible

[ ] You love the circus

[ ] You have lost someone precious to you in death

[X] You are caring and kind

[X] You are very intelligent

[ ] You're first language was not English

[x ] You live with one parent/guardian

[x ] You say “Holy _” a lot

[X] You have your own catchphrase.

[ ] You are a leader

[ ] You have had many girlfriends/boyfriends

[X] You have quit a team before

[X] You have made a name for yourself

[ ] You are a very positive person.

[ ] You have blue eyes

[X] You have black hair

Jason Todd (2nd Robin)
[ ] You are male

[ ] You own a gun

[x ] You have failed at something

[X] You have had a near-death experience

[X] You are headstrong and moody

[ x] You make rash decisions

[x ] You have inner turmoil no one understands

[X] You have a grudge against someone

[ ] You aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty

[ ] You are out for revenge

[X] You prefer to work alone

[ ] You have blue eyes

[ ] You have red hair

Tim Drake (3rd Robin)
[ ] You are male

[ ] You come from a wealthy family

[ ] You idolize someone

[ ] You have lost someone close to you in death

[ ] You think things through

[X] You are intelligent and quick to think

[x ] You are good a figuring out puzzles

[X] You are a leader

[ ] You get good grades

[x ] You fight with your younger sibling(s) a lot

[x] You lose your temper easily sometimes

[ ] You are somewhat anti-social

[ ] You prefer not to show your emotions

[x ] You don't like to show off

[ ] Your favorite color is red

[ ] You have blue eyes

[X] You have black hair

Stephanie Brown (4th Robin)
[x ] You are female

[x ] You don’t get along with your father

[ ] You father has been in jail

[x ] You are impulsive

[ ] You have dated someone from your same team (job/sports/etc.)

[X] You always feel you have something to prove

[ ] You have had a child

[ ] You change your appearance often

[X] You can play with the boys just as easily as with the girls

[x ] You have seriously thought about faking your own death

[ ] You have blue eyes

[ ] You have blond hair

Damian Wayne (5th Robin)
[ ] You are male

[ ] You belong to a wealthy blood-line

[x ] You are short

[X] You are mature for your age

[ ] You are always angry easily annoyed

[x ] You fight a lot, whether verbally or physically

[x ] Your parents are/have been divorced

[ ] You curse a lot

[ ] You live with only your father

[ ] You like cats

[X] You have your own catchphrase

[ ] You have blue eyes

[X] You have black hair

I'm like Dick lol I thought I'd be more like Damian or Jason.

(x)You love hoodies.
(x)You love jeans.
(x)Dogs are better than cats.
(x)It's hilarious when people get hurt.
(x)You've played with/against boys on a team.
(x)Shopping is torture.
(x )Sad movies suck.
(x )You own/ed an X-Box.
( )Played with Hotwheel cars as a kid.

()At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.
(x)You own/ed a DS, PS2 or Sega.
( )You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers.

(x )You watch sports on TV.
(x)Gory movies are cool.
( )You go to your dad for advice.

( )You own like a trillion baseball caps.
(x )You like going to high school football games.

( )You used to/do collect football/baseball cards.
(x )Baggy pants are cool to wear.
(x )It's kind of weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.
(x)Green, black, red, blue or silver are one of your favourite colors.

(x)You love to go crazy and not care what people think.
( )Sports are fun.
(x)Talk with food in your mouth.
( x)Sleep with your socks on at night.



( )You wear lip gloss/stick.
( )You love skirts.
( )Cats are better than dogs.
( )You love to shop.
( )You wear eyeliner.
( )You wear the color pink.
(x)Go to your mom for advice.
(x )Pink, yellow, orange, purple or gold is one of your favourite colors.
( )You hate wearing the colour black.
(x)You like hanging out at the shopping centre.
()You like getting manicures and/or pedicures.
(x)You like wearing jewelry.
( )Shopping is one of your favourite hobbies.
( )You don't like the movie Star Wars.
( )You were in gymnastics/dance.
( )It takes you around/more one hour to shower, get dressed and make-up.
( )You smile a lot more than you should.

( )You have more than 10 pairs of shoes.
( )You care about what you look like.
( )You like wearing dresses when you can.
( )You like wearing body perfume.
(x)You love the movies.
(x)Used to play with dolls as little kid.
( )Like being the star of every thing.


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Clairvoyance reviews
Allie was a sweet innocent ten year old that enjoyed martial arts and when performing for her family. That sweet innocent allie dies along with her family. AU RobinXOC jasonTodd Robin
Young Justice - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 17 - Words: 14,904 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 6/3/2013 - Published: 5/13/2012 - Bruce W./Batman, Richard G./Nightwing
Switched Up reviews
Harsh feelings among the Wayne Boys and the help of a retrieved stolen amulet causes a switch up in the Wayne House. Talking about walking a mile in someone's shoes. All of the robins and Brucie. I say its T because of some naughty words.
Young Justice - Rated: T - English - Family/Supernatural - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,522 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 7/14/2012 - Published: 5/27/2012 - Bruce W./Batman, Richard G./Nightwing