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Author has written 6 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Buffy X-overs.
Hia, Ima Julie, and I've written THREE stories, (my friend wrote the other, CREDIT FOR Tru Faith)I'm crazy...sooooooooo...yeah. I'm usually sugar high. I'm usually only into Yugioh, and I LOVE Seto Kaiba, but I like other things too like Daughters of the Moon series, SERENA AND STANTON ROCK!!! I also love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike's a hottie, AND I DON'T CARE IF U THINK HE'S UGLY, HE'S THE BEST THING THAT EVA HAPPENED TO BTVS AND THE ANGEL SERIES!! ahem...sorry for the outburst! I'm Hyper. I'm ALWAYS HYPER! Oh well. Live a long happy life, enjoy my stories and buh-bye!

hehehe, Ima back!!! AND I'm with my *cough cough* annoying *cough cough* Yami, Aleena. She has one strange name O_o

Aleena: It's not as strange as JULIE!
Julie: MY name is normal. Hmmmmm here's Aleena, and whateva she wants ta say.

Hia, it's me! Everyone's faaaaaaaavorite Yami, ALEENA!
Julie: No one knows who the hell u r!
SHUT UP!!! hehe, My hikari's mean!! :(
Yugioh rocks yadda yadda yadda. My fav. character on that show...is...EVIL BAKURA!!!! YAY!!!
Bakura: I hate you.
I like to torture him. :)
Bakura: Leave me out of your stupid bio
Bakura: *sulks away*
Man, you're ooc today! Oh well. Bakura's troubled...HE NEEDS DESSERTS!!!
Julie: Aleena, you haven't eaten your spinach yet! I thought you like it!
Julie: Ok, stop going Lilo and Stitch on me here.
Besides. It's not spinach JULIE!
Julie: w/e
Julie: :P
You're mean!!!
Julie: for someone who tortures Bukura alot, you're sure whimpy around me!
HEY! Did I interupt YOUR bio?
Julie: You weren't here to do it.
Julie: *dissapears*
^_^ She's gone
Julie's voice: Well...not really.
HEY!!! WHERE ARE YOU???? *looks around*
Julie's voice: Obviously not here, huh?
Go away!!! *sulks* THIS IS MY BIO NOT YOURS!
Julie's voice: *shuts up*
THAT'S BETTER! Ok. umm. Yeah. I like Daughters of the moon, fav. character is Jimena, she's tough an' kewl. Lessa see...I also like...Redwall!
Because, you're ignorant!
Julie: AM NOT! O.k, now for my-
Aleena: HA
Julie: Quick-
Aleena: HA
Julie: Bio Add in-
Aleena: HA
Julie: ALEENA!
Aleena: HA!
Julie: My favo-
Aleena: HA!
Julie: -rite
Aleena: HA!
Julie: Charac-
Aleena: HA!
Julie: ter is
Aleena: HA!
Julie: Aleena.
Aleena: OO REALLY???
Julie: yes.
Aleena: ...
Julie: *says super quickly* My favorite character is Martin! You're turn!
Aleena: HEY!!! I thought I was your favorite character! *looks hurt*
Julie: You're not it the book.
Aleena: I'm not???
Julie: -.-*
Aleena: My favorite character is Cluny, cuz he's like, kewl, and I like the Marlfoxes, cuz they're like, kewl, and I like Slagar the Cruel, cuz he's like, cruel...
Julie: Didn't you mean to say kewl???
Aleena: Did I say cruel??? I meant kewl...uh...?
Julie: What?
Aleena: ...
Julie: Well???
Julie: -.-*
Aleena: OK where was I??? Oh yes. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is kewl, and so is Faith, cuz she's like...
Julie: Kewl???
Aleena: Ya! KEWL!
Julie: -.-*
Aleena: Um yeah. soooo...
Julie: What?
Aleena: ...
Julie: NOT AGAIN!!!
Aleena: fooled ya! Anyway, I'm the spirit of the Forbidden Item.
Julie: I don't see WHY it's forbidden. It's just a stupid ring with a stupid Yami.
Aleena: Sorry for taking your thing Yami Yugi...but...MIND CRUSH!!!!!
Julie: Guess again dim wit!!!
Aleena: GASP!
Julie: This bio is LOOOOOOOOOOOONG!
Aleena: ya, but it's interesting
Julie: HA! Yeah right! We better go though. Bye
Aleena: BYE!
Julie: BYE!!
Aleena: BYE!!!
Julie: BYE!!!!
Aleena: BYE!!!!!
Julie: BYE!!!!!!
Aleena: BYE!!!!!!!
Julie: BYE!!!!!!!!
Aleena: BYE!!!!!!!!!
Julie + Aleena: BYE!!!!!!!!!!

Julie: Now I'm here with my cuz, Vikki!
Victoria: It's Victoria.
Julie: Whatever! She's my cuz!
Victoria: It's cousin.
Julie: Whatever!
Aleena: And here's my hikari's sister...KELSEY!
Kelsey: Hi! I'm Julie's sister!
Julie: Yes. Kelsey and I are like Seto and Mokuba!
Kelsey: Yes, and Mokuba's my best friend!
Victoria: Whatever.
Julie; You'll see them from time to time in my little pre-story things and reviews.
Aleena: And I guess that's all she really wanted to say!!!
Kelsey: Au Revoir!
Aleena: Huh? What does that mean?
Kelsey: It means goodbye!
Aleena: Say, just how old are you, and what language is that?
Kelsey: I'm 8, and that language is French.
Aleena: Oh.
Kelsey: Anyway.
Julie: A tout a l'heure!
Kelsey: Au Revoir!
Victoria: Bye!
*Everyone leaves except Aleena*
Aleena: What did Julie say? Was it French? Why am I all alone? Why is it dark? Why does Julie love Linkin Park so much? What is a music band? Why can everyone speak French but me? Why does Julie have a sister and a cousin? Why don't I have a mommy? Why...
Julie: LET'S GO! *pulls Aleena away*

Julie: Hey! Ya made it to the bottum of the page!!! Now we will do...lessa see...my top 5 fav. stories!!!!
Aleena: If you see your title and your pen name, you should feel honored!
Julie; Yeah! Cuz that means, you have one of the best stories ever!!!!
Aleena; And we encourage you to read them!!!
Julie: All.
Aleena: Yeah! Read them all!
Julie: Well, here they are!!!
Aleena: P.S, they're ALL Yugioh ficcy's! ^_-
1.) Operation: Valentine, a Romance/Humor ficcy by D. Draggy (And when she put down humor, she meant it!!!)
2.) An Innocent Joke?, anotter romance ficcy by freewater (this is one I highly highly HIGHLY recommend!!! It's practically tied with my number one favvy!)
3.) My World, an angsty/supernatural ficcy by KarribuHater59 (If you *eye twitch* Don't *eye twitch* like this story *eye twitch* *eye twitch* then don't you DARE flame her!!!! *glares at all of you* It is the bestest angsty EVER!!!!!! Thankies for your cooperation! ^_^)
4.) Secret Life, a romance ficcy by Anime.Otaku1 (not that bad a story, it's getting there, I have yet to see any action though. T_T But it will get real good I'm sure, after all, it's just the beginning.
5.) Lifestyles of the not so rich and famous, an angst/drama ficcy by YAMIGIRL3 (a non-seto/jou story but still really good.)

Julie: Well, that's all!!!
Julie + Aleena: BYE!!!

Julie: And now I-
Aleena: WE!
Julie: Are doing the writer stats.
Aleena: Nightmare- She's going to be gay, and wait 'till like, a year. -.-*
Julie: That's not being gay.
Aleena: w/e -.-*
Julie: >_ Aleena: ^o^*
Julie: And for Why Me, I'm outta ideas on that one, I'm trying to brainstorm ideas of how I should introduce the drunk Ryou...eh, tough situation. If you have any ideas, email me!!! Or IM me, even better...
Aleena: Geez Julie, you're being mean to the poor peeps!!!
Julie: >_ Aleena: Why doesn't you're sister Victoria give you ideas. She DOES like the story, doesn't she.
Julie: >_ Aleena: >_ Julie: -.-* I get her ice cream.
Aleena: -.-* Geez...
Julie: And for Duel On A Hellmouth, Tru Faith and I are working on the second chapter now as we speak. If we're lucky, we'll have the next chapter up in...uh...
Aleena: A year?
Julie: Maybe.
Aleena: -.-*
Julie: Shut up.
Aleena: And What the F! Is done. That's the one Julie's friend created. Besides, it's Degrassi, not Yugioh!
Julie: Degrassi rocks!
Aleena: Whatever! ^o^
Julie: Why are you so happy?
Aleena: Cuz, I just came up with an idea!
Julie: Whatever. That's it for now! C ya!
Aleena: Ok. This is my idea-
Julie: You're not the authoress, so bye! (pulls Aleena away)
Aleena: Wait! I have an idea! We'll put me in a story! Me, you know, it could be called, The New Yami!
Julie: NO! That idea is just...no!
Aleena: You only don't like it cuz it's MY idea! *is dragged away*

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