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Author has written 14 stories for Fairy Tail.

May I have your attention please. I will be fixing and updating many stories mostly because my writing style has changed somewhat after my leave of absence. I know I've left many stories unfixed, not updated, and just plain right make no sense what so ever. I'm going to slowly fix these mistakes while updating one shots and so forth. Thank you for your patience.

Hey everyone. And welcome

I work myself to the core in the hopes of becoming a book writer when I grow up! Coming to my Laptop everyday after school I release all my tension when typing a new story o continuing on with one. Everyday at school I think of new Ideas on how to make the story more dramatic, funny, and heart warming. I want people at the edge of their seats when I update new stories I hate cliff hangers but doesnt that make us want to keep on reading more? I update everyday but If I have writers block it only takes me 2 days to recover! So dont worry about me ever ditching you guys on a good story I hate waiting more than anything!

Now here were some questions you guys messaged me about, and this is just a kinda to get to know me kinda thing:

What's your real Name?

Scarlett but people just call me Scar.

Anime you plan on writing about?

Fairy Tail of course...


Soul Eater

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fruits Basket

Pandora Hearts

and sooo many more i can even name XD

Will your recovery from your surgery delay your writing and updating?

Well that's for sure -.- I have the writing all complete for my stories and what not but updating and getting to a computer at the hospital is not easy...

What kind of surgery did you have?

I'm not so comfortable for saying that but since I love you guys sooo much and I cant really keep secrets from you all it was Liver transplant.

If you ever had to be in any anime which anime would you chose?

Wow that's a tough one... well i'm caught between. Having my own magic powers and joining the best guild ever! Having my own death sythe and collect a bunch of kishan souls. Being able to use alchemy, having my own monsters to battle other monsters. Idk really I cant really come to any conclusion XD

How did you start off writing?

Well when I was a kid. I use to always write about a scary mansion called The Evermore Mansion (I used the same name in my story Fallen Angel.) 5 Friends would enter and only 1 came out in the end. And for a 11 year old I was already pretty skilled at describing things and at vocab but never at spelling or proper grammar. That was until one day my teacher read my story telling me that I wrote at a higher level than a 7th grader. She loved the gore, romance, and even the great detailing. And when I got 5's on my FCAT Writing test. She expected no less. So she told me a quote that I think I wont ever forget. 'Your a great Writer. But with writing comes Criticism. Except it and don't fight back! Cause there is always more room for improvement.'

Fallen Angel is your most popular story. Exactly how many fans are there?

Well I didn't really count as to how many people 'Like' the story. There have been a TON of alerts, messages, and even reviews. But mostly messaging and reviews. All I know there's 128 fans of Blaze X Lira I didn't know they would be that popular XD and their side characters! They have 36 more fans then Natsu X Lucy! I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT THANKS!

Once Fallen Angel is over... What will you do next?

Good question. I'll keep on writing XD

If you were to write a sequel for Fallen Angel would you write it?

0.0 um... Wow. We'll if there's popular demand then sure why not. (Shrugs) But as of this moment I'm rewriting the first 5 chaps since back then my writing was less improved. Now that i'm at a better level of my writing skills, I can actually go back and do some tweaking. But to answer your question yea only if people want it cause the way I'm ending it. IT SHOULD have a sequel. So idk maybe all up to my fans :D I love you guys that much if you want me to keep writing.


A younger brother. Who also likes my stories. Brother: "You make the worse pasta I have ever tasted. But your stories never get old." Me: "Aww... I think XD"

Usually you write a quote in one of your stories. Do you make them up or are they from other writers?

Their all my own. If I had a line that wasn't mine I would write their name. It rightfully belongs to them. :)

Favorite Quotes?

"A loss can only make you stronger not weaker..." Blaze Heartfilla

"If you have a white flower and want it red. Why not paint it red?" Alice in Wonderland

"One i'm nuts. Two I'm simply mad about you." Natsu the Madhatter in Lucy in Wonderland.

"Running away by myself?... No way!... It's more fun when were together..." Lucy Fairy Tail


Already publishing your 6th story of Fairy Tail are you planning to do other animes?

Well like the list I posted up above of the others I'm planning to do. I'm thinking of doing a Pandora Hearts fanfic cause I feel like the anime has been going down a bit on the fanfictions. :/ So i'm planning to make Pandora popular again hopefully it works out cause that was and still is my favorite anime. Well 2nd to Fairy Tail but other than that i'm still sticking to Fairy Tail till the very end XD.

In your avatars and Images you use for your stories you use ALOT of Oz and Alice from Pandora Hearts, Why?

Well Oz and Alice look a lot like Blaze and Lira. The resemblance is uncanny, and many people have a hard time taking in my detailing about how they look so Oz and Alice are kind of a help for people with the trouble of finding out how they look. Like a reference...

What helps you write your stories?

Oh that's simple, music. I usually listen to instrumental such as acoustic, violin, cello, a bit of Jazz, piano, and sometimes an orchestra set. But that's all it really takes for me to write a story. When the song starts to play the words start to flow. And that's when I find myself clicking the replay button a MILLION times. Sometime's it works other times I need complete silence. It's like an on and off relationship between and music. But it's my best med. for writers blockage. :D


Fairy Tail:

Fallen Angel- Rewritting. (Since my writting style had changed for a better improvement I will be rewritting Fallen Angel not only will it make more sense. But its for the greater good. I love this story and want to fix my mistakes.)

Best Man- Complete

Natsu's Journey- Complete

The Princess and the Dragon. - Complete

Lucy In Wonderland- Complete

Igneel- Complete

You And I Tonight- Complete

Lift me up- Complete

Rose's- Complete

Wishing On A Star- Complete

7 Deadly Sins- (Rewritting)

FireFly- (Rewritting

Father's Day- Coming soon.

This is Love-Coming soon.

FT: Game show- Coming soon.

Halloween Terror- Coming soon.

Dragon's Hoard- New series coming soon

The Island- New series Coming soon


Ouran High School Host Club/ Fairy Tail - The Host Club And The Fairies.- Coming soon


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