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Author has written 2 stories for Alvin and the chipmunks.

I am not a girl, even though it may seem that way. I am a boy.

Now, if I was a long-lost brother of the Chipmunks, here's what I would look like:

Name: Johnny

Fur/Hair Colour: Chocolate Brown, like Simon

Eye Colour: A Deep Ocean Blue Color with a Silvery tint

Dress Sense: White t-shirt with blue-coloured jean coat; I also wear a special tribal necklace that I recieved as a child

I would also be near-sighted, and very smart, just like in real life. Guess what? I'M A REAL LIFE SIMON SEVILLE!!!! Isn't that cool?

My Chipette: This is based off of my girlfriend at school;

Name: Jamie (Not my OC!)

Fur/Hair Colour: Arburn like Brittany with Milk-Chocolate Brown stripes down her back

Eye Colour: Ice/Lightning Blue like Brittany

Dress Sense: Pink under shirt with purple coat; She wears a beautiful pearl necklace that I gave her years ago

Johnny and Jamie Relationship: Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Mates/Parents in upcoming story!)


Johnny N. Seville(Him actually talking to you): Well, much of my life is pretty explanitory in "Holiday." I was born two weeks before Alvin and Simon, and Theo came a day or two later. We didn't know what was going on with my mom at the time, or my dad for that matter. They left a week and three days early after Theodore's birth. I didn't know what to tell them, so I told them our parents were hippies, and that they left early. I eventually, a few years later, left, and became a Naturalist, skills in multiple fields. I was actually the one who sent the Chipmunks' to L.A., CA in the U.S.A., and suggested that Jamie send the Chipettes to Australia, just to protect them. I won't say who from. And at around seventeen years old, I came to the U.S.A., in pursuit of my long-lost brothers.

Jamie M. Miller(Same as Johnny): It's pretty much like Johnny's. But, he said that he told Alvin, Simon, and Theodore that their parents were "hippies" and left early. My parents, our parents, were killed by other chipmunks due to jealousy. I told my sisters that they left on a vacation. They still believe it to this day, even in "Holiday." And, yes, I sent the Chipettes to Australia. Johnny and I thought it would be better for the six kids to grow up somewhere else. We won't say why.


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Ok now something a little more serious:


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Here's the Youtube site for the song that inspired my cross-over, "Family Secrets":

Fave Quotes:

"Only Love can build us a Bridge of Light." From Bridge of Light by P!NK

"Even the shallowest of light can pierce the darkness." From an assembly I had. (Don't remember the name)

"Live life like it's your last day, everyday." From a plaque in my Band room.

"Suicide can solve one problem, but creates thousands of others." From: Me.

"Fate isn't's what you make of it." From a plaque in Culinary Arts.

"You may not please everyone, but you sure can try." From James Carbajal.

"Fights don't solve anything. They just create more fights." From: Me.

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