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Author has written 12 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Homestuck.

"'Why?' you ask? Why do we do it?"

"Because we get paid, I hope."

"Because it's there!"

-Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

*STATUS: The computer I was writing my stuff on is mocking me from the corner*

A tired writer who constantly procrastinates schoolwork by writing lovely, sorry, passable fan fiction. Through conquering severe emotional turmoil and channeling despair through fan fiction, my tone and emotional writing's gotten better. Or so I like to think. Mostly, I write AUs but there are some exceptions. I beta too, because my editing is one of the reasons my stuff isn't absolutely horrific. Though the same cannot be said for my earlier stuff. Really, you should avoid my earlier Hetalia works. Unless you like to read stuff that's so bad it's funny. Or you're a close friend attempting to blackmail me.

Mostly Hetalia, Homestuck, crossovers if I find a great new anime/series.

Main ships: USUK, Franada, NiChu, SuFin, GerIta, Spamano, basically anything with Prussia. On the side, HRExChibitalia, LietPol, DenNor, and my secret favorite being HongIce ;) And now because of Homestuck, JohnKat, PB&J (Gamzee/Tavros), and pistol pony rodeo (Dirk/Jake) KanRose and EriSol (Kinda, it's cute)

What I have already: *statuses* and summaries

So five countries walk into a bar...: Franada, NiChu, USUK, and what happens when they all get drunk together. One of my first fics. I reread it a while ago and practically flung my computer at the wall. I'll have to rewrite it sometime. *complete*

Chocoholic: USUK, Alfred the closet chocoholic unrequitedly loves the school's SCA president, Arthur Kirkland. *complete*

Espresso: Finally up and updated, goes with Frappucino by tsuruui, who swears they'll update soon. Similar prompts, but we turned it inside out and upside down, so don't expect to recognize it XD the only thing that's really similar is the setting. *complete*

Continuation to the doujin A Hero and a Wizard, which takes place in a Harry Potter world AU, and since I sobbed at the ending to the doujin so much, I decided to make an ending where the fourth wall is broken and happiness is reached. Because that is the way of a fan fiction writer :D *complete*

A June Wedding: Prussia and Hungary break the news to Austria and tell them they're engaged, then Switzerland visits and things get complicated. PruHun, AusSwiss. The title is (kinda sorta maybe) from Artemis Fowl. *complete*

Two Questions: A lovely USUK I wrote between updates. Alfred always says he has two questions, but claims the second is a secret. Arthur can't help but be curious. Spans across several flashbacks and about 15 or so years. Surprisingly short for all that, though Based roughly on my strange mindset during childhood. My friends have informed me no, it is not normal for a preschooler to be married twice and my life is indeed odd. *complete*

Dancing Round All Alone: Slightly songfic based off of Taylor Swift's Enchanted, about Gakuen USUK with hints of Franada. The night of the school play, everyone is falling. It's what happens when everyone works on a play together...}:) *done*

So Let's Set the World on Fire: Also slightly songfic, but barely. USUK, hints of others, an angsty, sad story that's bound to turn out happy at some point. I'm trying to use real experiences for this one as a trial run, if it works out well I might end up somehow turning other parts of my life into a fanfic...XD *I decided an epilogue was a bad idea*

Angel with a Shotgun:Inspired by the song by The Cab of the same name, just a few Hetalia inspired oneshots. Spamano so far, possible others. *abandoned, possibly. I'll just call it complete. It is a product of boredom.*

The Masseur: Arthur's entire senior staff thinks he needs a break, so his devious boss practically forces him to go to a day spa. Thankfully, all they signed him up for was a massage. Unfortunately, the masseur's name happens to be Alfred F. Jones...*I'll get around to it someday*

Substitute Teaching 101: I always thought our Hetalia characters would need a way to blow off steam, so America channels it by being a substitute teacher! This is what happened when he somehow talks England into coming with him. They'll meet some average middle schoolers, interact with them, watch them, and discover that they're not that different after all. Now with even more chapters :) *complete*

Texas-Stuck: Homestuck AU that just popped into my head one day and I go, hey, let's broaden my scope of fan fiction! Texas because its the only place I could think of that has rodeos and cattle XD sorry for the stereotype, Texans. All trolls are human, all humans are human, all alphas are not here, most ancestors become parents/close family members, dancestors are appearing as siblings, and I'm giving it a shot.

-First part, centered around Karkat, pairing of Johnkat, Pusuit of Something New *Updating when I can finish formatting logs*

This is going to be so much fun. I can just tell.

Sickles and Hammers: Communism Communism. That is all. Russian Revolution AU.

The 27 Commandments of Fanfiction

Note: This list (and subsequent lists) are directed at new writers. Most experienced writers know better. I hope.

1. Thou shalt not post a fic until it has been checked for grammar and spelling errors. The fanfiction gods hath given you a spellchecker on the computer for good reason. Use it.

2. Thou shalt not post a chapter of less than 100 words, unless it is a drabble. This displeases the masses.

3. Thou shalt not put author's notes in the middle of the story.

4. Thou shalt NEVER use text-speak in a fic, unless the characters are actually texting.

5. Thou shalt keep to one tense, and only one, throughout the story. Do not switch randomly.

6. Apply the above number 5 to POVs as well.

7. Thou shalt not get offended when someone makes fun of the crack pairing featured in your fanfiction. It probably is rather hilarious.

8. Thou shalt not use :) , ;D , or >:( in a fanfiction to show the emotion exhibited by a character.

9. Thou shalt try-eth to keep characters in character!

10. Thou shalt not treat every criticism as a flame.

11. The author's note is not a spot for your personal drama, and thou shalt not make it so.

12. Thou shalt not put any form of the phrase "first fic" in thy summary.

13. Thy created characters must not have names that exceed five syllables in length. Nor shall thy name have more than five words in length.

14. Thou shalt not insert thyself into the story line as thyself or as a character- yes we know that you are in love with yourself and are very narcissistic, we just don’t want to read about how you end up with the main character.

15. If thou art writing a story that does not follow the original story line, point it out in the beginning.

16. Thou shall not make a person randomly smart or powerful unless stating a reason for the change (a good reason).

17. Thou shalt show and not tell.

18. Thou shalt not EVER use the phrase "I suck at summaries" in-est thine summary. This annoys thine readers.

19. Thou shalt not write the same way thou speak-est - writing is an art.

20. Thou shalt ALWAYS spell the word "okay" correctly. Using the letter "K" is an unacceptable compromise.

21. Thou shalt only use clichés when thou a) art writing a parody or b) find a new and interesting twist to make such clichés bearable to thine reader.

22. Thou shalt always separate dialogue from two separate speakers in two separate paragraphs. Otherwise thine readers shalt be confuse-ed.

23. Thou shalt not EVER make a chapter all one paragraph. THIS INFURIATES BOTH THINE READER AND THE FANFICTION GODS. They have given thee an ENTER key with good reason.

24. Thou shalt not write with thy caps lock on, it displeases the masses and causes thy readers to lose their vision and make angels weep.

25. Thou shalt know how to spell the character's names correctly before you writeth the fic. Misspelling the name of the main characters makes readers angry and distracts from the story. It will also create Minis. Mini-Balrogs, Mini-Aragogs, Mochi Nations - whatever it is, the Mini will hate you.

26. Thou shalt not say in thine summary "summary inside". This shows lack of creativeness and infuriates the masses. The only exception is when a summary is cut short and a continuation of it lies inside.

27. Thou shall use paragraphs and space the story so it is not terrifyingly daunting to thine readers.

All of these helped me out at one point or another. I recommend this.

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In the town of Hussfield, Texas, life couldn't seem more ordinary. Karkat Vantas is a 21 year old minimum-wage worker at the local movie theater, generally loathing life as it goes by monotonously. He never expected a naive idiot with the most irritating bucktoothed grin to give him something new to think about. Johnkat, Texas-Stuck AU.
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So five countries walk into a bar reviews
America, England, Japan, and China all go drinking to celebrate current events but end up doing more than that. Mix in Canada and France and you've got a good approximation of what happens. Equal parts USUK, NiChu, and Franada.
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