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It's been awhile since I updated! Sorry! I'm going to write a new Mary Sue chapter soon soon soon, and I also have an idea for a MWPP fic on the way.

Name: Catherine, or Rinne to my friends. As anyone who reads my stories is. ^_^

Gender: Female

Age: 16, junior in high school

Fandom: Harry Potter is pretty much the only fandom I'm working with right now. I've been taking a break from fanfiction for a couple months, since my English class and my Creative Writing class leave little time for extra-curricular writing. But I plan to make a come-back soon. The final chapter of Mary-Sue is finished, I just need to write the chapter in between.

Shipping: I am a hopeless romantic, but I generally don't care much about ships. I support Lily/James, Ron/Hermione, etc., the basics, and I don't like to see these characters paired with others, but I'm not about to write anything devoted to either. The only ship I actually love at the moment is Remus/Sirius. I wrote a very long essay explaining why when I was bored of homework, so I'll put a link to that up eventually on the off chance that you care what I have to say.

But there are a lot of ships I don't like. I don't like cliche, so the 'Romeo and Juliet' plot bothers me, which makes me unlikely to like any fic involving Draco or Lucius or Snape/ A Marauder or a Potter or a Weasely or a Granger. Unless unrequited- I actually kind of feel Snape had unrequited feelings (not love, feelings) for Lily, and I've read unrequited Snape/Lupin that is good, although it isn't my cup of tea. I just really like unrequited, which is why I like Remus/Sirus, because it's usually unrequited until the happy ending. I also don't like ships with a huge age difference, like student/teacher, unless, again, unrequited. Like the ones where Hermione kind of likes Lupin. Also, I don't like when people fall in love with someone they don't know well. Like is okay, infatuation is okay, even obsession, although, again, not my cup of tea, but I fail to see how its possible for Ginny to see Draco from across a room, and suddenly fall in love.






On the Way

First Impressions will be edited, since I actually sent it to a beta reader. I hope to edit all of the horrible mistakes in my stories eventually, as it's a bit embarrassing.

Mary-Sue will be finished, I promise. Hopefully, there will be a new chapter before Christmas. There are two more chapters in the story. Then, I want to revise it a bit.

I began a story on the four founders. The idea is interesting, I really like what I have, and I did too much historical research to ignore it. Hopefully, I will have it written and up before HBP comes out, as I think that book might ruin some of my complicated theories. Like, the theory about who the HBP is. Yeah. That one might get spoiled. I know most people don't read founders fics, but please give it a chance!

I was intending a long year-by-year Marauders fic, but I changed my mind. its been done and overdone. Instead, I hope to write shorter stories about less reported events. I plan on avoiding the big ones, like why Sirius sent Snape to the Willow and hwo the gang found out about Remus all together. JKR will answer most of these, and they've been written better than me countless times before.

That being said, I did plan to write (and soon) a story about Lily & James's first date. Yes, that's been done, too, but I have a new angle, and it will also be my first venture into writing slash. It shouldn't take me long, so that may be my nexct update.

Updated: November 12, 2004

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