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Author has written 5 stories for General Hospital, and Harry Potter.

Dear Readers:

Thanks everyone for the kind worlds dealing with Grandpa's death and me walking away from writting for a while. Update--Grandma doesn't live with us but I still haven't found the will to write HP. I am working on something but nothing I'm ready to post until it is finished. It is a western story. Those of you that remember shows like Maverick, Lancer, and others. I think you will like it. I just won't post it until it is finished. I'm tired of posting stories that are half done.

as for my other stories they are up for adoption if anyone wants to finsih them. Two have been adopted but I haven't seen any new posts or heard from her in a while. Who knows how that is going. I had to change my email account. It seems my old sever was to slow and my husband couldn't do his farmville. He is addicted to that game for some reason.

Harry Potter and Merlin Series...

Sadly this story is asleep and will remain unfinished until I get a chance to revamp some things in it but I'm adding it to my list of stories because I never truly give up on a story. I just walk away from them now and then to rethink things.

First story is 'Correcting Mistakes and Finding Answers'-this story starts off in Harry's third year. Vernon Dursley goes to far and beats Harry badly bad enough that it almost kills him but thanks to two Muggles. Harry is saved and ends up going to live with his Godmother Minerva McGonagall. The story takes a many turns from this point on going from Harry finding out that he is a level five wizard to the part his parents are alive but are in a chanted sleep. Harry also meets Merlin in this part of the story and learns that he is called the Child of Light. So, not only is he the savor of the wizarding world but the entire world depends on him now. The other surprise in this story is that Ginny is Harry's sister. So, if you like having Ginny as Harry's girl friend. I wouldn't read it.

Second story in this series is called 'Preparing for War and Living a Life'-it picks up where the last one leaves off. Harry's parents are back and the Potter's move into the Potter Manor. Merlin joins Harry there where he trains the boy in preparing him to face the Dark Child. As the Child of Light it is up to him to defeat the Dark Child and save the world from Darkness. But it isn't all about training, Harry also learns how to live and enjoy life. His friends learn a few things as well, one of them it isn't a good idea to prank a level five wizard...

The last part of the story is called War...War only has a few chapters and I think the title says it all. The Dark Child has returned and is ready to take over the world. It is up to Harry to stop her.

Harry Potter and Aunt Petunia stories...

this story is about Petunia and Dudley ending up magical. It is the story that I'm working on at this moment.

Petunia Takes Charge... This story picks up after Harry's first year at Hogwarts but before he returns home. Petunia is sent a letter from Professor McGonagall. She warns Petunia to change her ways or Minerva will be forced to go to the Ministry and tell everyone of the abuse Harry has suffered. At first Petunia is upset about the letter but then slowly she starts thinking things through and realizes that maybe Minerva is right. She has turned a blind eye to lots of things. She has her reasons of course and trust me they are good ones. She has tried to protect Harry over the years but sadly she knows she hadn't done a good enough job. So, Petunia promises herself that things will change when Harry arrives home.

Petunia is not the only one that is thinking of changing. Dudley is as well. Dudley has had a hard time his first year away from school. He finds out that there are bigger fish then him in this world and he is just a guppy. Dudley also found out how his cousin had felt all those years growing up with him bulling him.

So, together mother and son promise to change and make life for Harry very different indeed. The only one that won't change in this story is Vernon. He is a jerk. Vernon is not happy when he finds out that Petunia is a witch and that his son is friends with the freak. Petunia is forced to leave Privet Drive and they move into Rosewood Hall. There Dudley and Harry find out that they are the Heirs to the Ravenclaw line. Harry is the sole heir to the Gryiffindor Line. The boys are Lords or will be one day but for now. They are just kids and Petunia does her best to give them a child hood. In the rest of the story, they deal with birthdays, Sirius trial, kidnapping attempts and death threats. This story is prefect for those of you that enjoy watching characters that normally are bad become good.

Return of the Heirs... This story is the second part of of a several part story. Harry, Dudley and in time Neville find out that they are the Heirs of Hogwarts. It will be up to the three of them to defeat Voldemort. If they do, Hogwarts will be free to be what the founders wanted her to be. If not, Voldemort wins and he will live on forever. Voldemort in this story bonds himself to his a diary and it ends up in the Headmaster's hands. Albus ends up over his head in trouble and it is up to the heirs to save him and the others around them. The boys won't be doing it alone. Their parents made sure they had help but I think you will have to read the story to find out where this help has come from.

A New Hogwarts... This is the story that I'm working on at this moment. Hogwarts is free from Slytherin's curse and Voldemort is gone. The kids will soon go back to school to finish their second year and face their third year together. Their are no longer houses in at Hogwarts but that doesn't mean they don't find trouble. They will face Werewolves and Vampires in this story. They will deal will just deal with being kids. Oh, and the adults will have their own troubles to face as well. Like can Petunia forgive Severus and let him into her life and his son life or is it to late for Snape to have a family.

I am working on another story but it might not get posted. It depends on how far I go with it. I am adding it here to my list of stories just to in case.

Truth and Lies...

Has been adopted as is The Real Wizarding world...

In this story, Hermione finally gets people to listen to her that Harry isn't safe at the Dursley's. Her Aunt Scarlett and Tonks arrive to find a brused Harry working in the yard. Tonks connects her boss Madam Bones and this starts a roller coaster ride for the Wizarding World as they learn that Dumbledore is not the Leader of the Light.

It turns out that Dumbledore has been behind Voldemort's actions all the time. He was the one calling the shots. He ordered the deaths. He even personally murdered James and Lily Potter as well as Voldemort. Everyone wants revenge on Dumbledore by the time this news gets out including Voldemort himself. He is living off Dementors at time. He is staying earth bond only because of his horcrux's.

Voldemort will not be the only thing Harry has to deal with in this story. He will face betrayal from his best friend Ron and his mother Molly. Ron was only Harry's friend because he was ordered to keep on eye on the kid. Ron and Percy as it turns out are Albus children not Arthur's. Arthur finds out about his wife's betrayal and divorces her. It is strange but soon after Molly and her two children are thrown out of the house. The Weasley families life start changing for the better. Arthur is also going to find a new love. Poppy and Arthur will slowly start getting closer and in time. She will help him for get about Molly.

Yes, this is a Hermione and Harry story. I like Ginny but think I need to do something different. I don't know who Ginny will find but I'm sure I can find someone. The other pairings that I know will happen in this story are as followed... Remus and Tonks, Snape and Scarlett (OC), Sirius and Winter (OC), Neville and Susan Bones, Voldemort and Bella, and lastly Draco and Luna. (Yes, I you read right Draco and Luna. She is going to be good for Slytherin's heir.)

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