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Author has written 6 stories for Glee.

My name is Toots! (AKA the ninja) and I am a Gleek who loves to write as a hobby. I am a Klainer and a Potterhead. My stories will mostly revolve around Glee because I find them easiest to write about. I am a regular teenager who writes for a hobby, not a living, and I just want to share my stories with you, and would be grateful if you could spread the word! Also, I am pretty new to Fanfiction, I have read an awful lot of Glee fanfiction and now would like to start writing rather than reading! I ship Klaine, and Niff, which incase you didn't realise, is a nickname for the relationship between the Warblers Nick and Jeff. They have too much chemistry for them to just be friends!

I am a shameless fan of the fic Dalton, and I think Rane - Reed/Shane - is adorable. I am also IN LOVE with the Tweedles and I would flipping love to wake up to them ;P

ALL reviews are welcome with ideas and criticism so...Thank you for reading :) Umm tbh I don'tknow why I did the thing underneath but it was copy and paste (:

Umm the bold is what I am/do (:


You drink a lot of tea.

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"Can you?" I was over the fire escape and into the alley in an instant. -Hunted, The Medusa Project, Sophie McKenzie.

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It's fun and entertaining. It helps me a lot.

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I don't think anyone actually read that xD

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