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Hello there. My name is Emily. My last name is not Poe, but it just has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? I used it for two reasons: 1) I've been very fond of dear old Edgar for a long time now (if I may be so bold as to call any fraction of my miniscule 14 years on this earth "long"), and if I believed in reincarnation (which I don't), I think I would have been related to him somehow. We're kindred spirits in a way... ANYWAY. 2) I've inherited a sense of paranoia from my father and absolutely refuse to post any important personal information about myself online. Unless you can verify that you know me and have met me in person, do not bother asking for any. I'm just secretive that way. ;)

I don't, however, have any problem telling you a few random facts about me, if you're willing to listen.

The thing I consider most important about myself is that I'm a Christian. I don't mean this in a "Oh look at me I'm a 'good person'" type of way. Absolutely not. "Christian" is not the synonym of "perfect;" in fact, it's quite the opposite. I'm a sinner just like everyone else, and I can do nothing to earn God's love, which is why I am so in awe of it. It's the most beautiful thing in my life.

I have WAY too many hobbies. I play basketball with a wonderful organization called the NCC Warriors, who are like family to me. I'm a competitive Irish dancer at the Prizewinner level. I am a part of a group called Generation Joshua that's for teens who are interested in politics. I love philosophy, religion, theology, politics, logic... basically anything that involves thinking, but doesn't involve math. I can't abide math. I love everything creative, but especially drawing and, of course, writing. And music! I play guitar, harmonica, various percussion, and Scottish snare drum.

When I grow up, although I want to do some writing as well, I hope to become some sort of doctor, possibly a surgeon. I'm also considering interior/graphic design, forensic anthropology, and audio engineering.

Basically my every single member of my family on my dad's side is a movie/TV nerd. We litterally have whole conversations in quotes. Needless to say, I grew up getting a very good education in (what would now be considered) "old" films. (We watch newer stuff, too, though.) Here are a few of my favorite movies: Dead Poets Society, The Holiday, Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, The Man From Snowy River, Lawrence of Arabia, Pride & Prejudice, Henry V (Kenneth Branaugh's version), all Indiana Jones movies, all Star Wars movies (although I don't particularly care for the first three, chronologically speaking), Act of Valor, The Blind Side, etc.

All right then. It's very late, and I'm very tired, and even though I haven't finished this yet I'm going to go to bed now... I doubt anyone will see this before I get to finish it as I haven't even posted a story yet. My appologies if you do, though! I also appologize for any misspellings... even though I'm a grammar nazi I tend to have those when I'm not paying attention.

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