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Author has written 6 stories for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Doctor Who.

Devon - F, 25 Loyal, rabid fan of BTVS since '96, treasurer of the long-lived 'We Hate Angel' club, proud - but cramped - owner of a veritable Buffy Museum, and faithful S/B shipper. As fanfiction goes, any Spike is a good Spike, but my dream Spike is just unrepentantly evil, and nobody's bitch. No messing around with souls, no crying on about unrequited love, and best of all, little or no guilt. I'd like to see Spike get Buffy with nothing more than a 'I love you, so what if I'm bad, this is what I am, take it or leave it, kindly piss off if you can't deal, I got other things to do', attitude. My ideal Spike has a healthy - or un-healthy - dose of EVIL, else what's the point? Demons aren't any fun if they're 'nice'. Safe gets boring, reliable will eventually make you yawn - who really wants to be able to predict an ending, expect what's to happen? You can still have a happy ending with the 'evil'. It's all just a matter of interpretation. (This isn't obsession, see, or even just my rotten character showing through. I just know something good when I see it. ^_~)
Which is NOT to say I have anything against Redemptionist!Spike. I love anything S/B! Happiness is GOOD. ^_~ I'm just weird, and need lots of angstiness, too. Who knows, maybe I'm manic depressive, or something...okay, that's just creepy. My Fics:As of 8/16/03
Currently working on 'Broken Origin I'. AU, S/B Set in spring '96, L.A. Basically put Buffy's Origin in a blender and hit 'frappe'. *Note: This IS a WIP, and I have the feeling it's going to be a hair-tearingly long, near novel-length cruel bitch of a fic, so be patient with me. I'm also planning a sequel, with Buffy and Spike arriving in Sunnydale - which is actually mostly written already. Scary. *NOW COMPLETE*

Sep/Oct. 04
Wow, I've been nominated at the Vampire's Kiss Awards for Best Kidnapping fic, and at the Love's Last Glimpse Awards for Broken Origin I AND II!!!! Eeep! Talk about exciting! THANKS for the nominations! It's beyond cool (and not a little surreal) to see my name up there, listed next to my fav S/B authors/authoresses. I'm totally unworthy, but very excited. ^_~

Dec. 04

I am totally stunned. Wow. Broken Origin II won Best WIP at the Love's Last Glimpse Awards!!! My life is complete, LOL! Thanks you guys - this just blows my mind, and totally makes my day. I just wish I could show off the lovely award made for me, LOL.

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