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*me psyching myself up* It's okay. The readers are more scared of you than you are of them. Especially now they know that you talk to yourself.

Phew! Well, now that i'm done being scared of you, i think it's time you learned a little about me.

First of all, I'm a teenager so my writing may not be the best, but I do ask you to give my stories a chance. I've loved writing ever since I was little, and it's one of the only things that I consider myself good at!

I'm a proud devout Muslim. If you think we're all terrorists, then you need a life. Stop watching Fox News, and actually get out and meet some of us. we're pretty darn cool ;D As i was saying, I'm a Muslim, but i'm also a regular teenager. I was born and raised in Britain, but my parents come from Pakistan. What has this got to do with my writing? It means NO SLASH and especially NO SMUT!!!

I don't like slash. I do, however, LOVE bromance. Here, have some Merlin bromance: (

I am a huge potter fan, but i created this profile for Merlin, because...well, Merlin's awesome! I really don't like sappy stuff, but I'm okay with romance sometimes, especially if it's Percabeth (Percy Jackson and Annabeth! yes i LOVE them!) *fan girl moment* I'm also a member of the NRKOA (noble reviewers of Kitty O of awesomeness) check her out, she inspired me to make an account with her story Rules and Regulations.

Please don't flame me! I'm a little new to this, so forgive me if i get anything wrong, and if you don't like something in my stories, message me and I'll fix them. Reviewers are awesome :D and i promise i will respond to all of them ;)

I'm into humor, angst, AU (alternate universe), and just about everything as long as it's not a death fanfic. i'm not ashamed to admit I cry like a baby at those. You should have seen me when Fred died in Harry Potter :'(

I think the twins are my favorite people in Harry Potter. And Gwaine's probably my favorite person in Merlin. As well as Merlin. And Gwen. And Arthur. And pretty much the whole cast, except Uther. I'm sorry, but i never really forgave him for trying to execute Gaius, no matter how much he was scared of magic! I cheered when Gaius told Uther off at the end, because really, an apology's not enough :P

So...I just re-watched 'The wicked day' and i decided i don't hate Uther, but I'm leaving that bit up above just for Gaius.

i just watched Queen of hearts. Uther can rot in hell. Forever!

As you can you can see, we have a complicated relationship.

I LOVE Gwen. She told off Arthur. And said he snored like a pig xD I just wish she could hunt like Mithian though. And insult Arthur some more. Otherwise than that, she's fine :) I guess she's brave in her own way. Arwen's pretty cute, and I'm usually up for Mergana. Could anyone suggest some BAMF! stories please?

Wow, im just starting to realize how many of the characters i used to not like. Here's the reason I started to like Elyan. In the episode 'Lamia', he said something that went a little like:

Dude: We need a skilled physician, not a boy.

Elyan: His name is Merlin

Me: Yay Elyan!

When Arthur finds out about the reveal, I want him to banish Merlin like he did to Gwen, and then I want Gwaine to follow him. And Percival. And Leon. Basically the whole round table. But especially Gwaine because we need his hilariousness to tone down the angst and drama that will no doubt be involved in the reveal. Don't get me wrong though, Gwaine's not just my favorite character because he's funny, it's also because he's loyal, and he was Merlin's friend first instead of Arthur's.

I'm very open to suggestions about my stories, and I LIKE criticism, as long as it's constructive.

About requests: I take them, and I'd be honored if you requested me to do a specific type of story. However, I can not write slash stories about Merlin. I'm sorry, but I see them as brothers, and it's what keeps me watching the show.

About story suggestions: if you think that I would enjoy yours or someone else's story, feel free to PM me about. I'm always scanning the site for more stories.

If you want to talk, ask for ideas, or anything, i usually have homework that i need to not do, so feel free :)

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