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I love Gargoyles! I first saw Enter Macbeth back in 1994 and I loved it right away! I'm a college student and I plan to major in literature. I love to write, and Gargoyles has such a rich storyline--it's a joy to write for! I love the Goliath and Elisa Beauty and the Beast scenario, so if you're opposed to that, don't read my stories. I think those two could carry their own series together with all they have and will be :) through. I love to get reader comments, so please email me! And don't be afraid to advise me--part of being a great writer is knowing how to write what you love in a way that connects with the audience! So relax, enjoy, and email me sometime! I also hold a chat session at chat every Thursday from 6pm (central time) on, so come to yahoo and find my room, Jenigoyle's Gargoyle Room 1 under the Entertainment/Television category and talk with me and other Garg fans! Kick back, relax, and enjoy, all! Until sunset, my friends! Jenigoyle.