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Hey guys plz cheak out my blog




I also want to start writing on fanfic as well, sobe on the look out. Have any suggetions or questions plz PM me on fanfic or facebook.

Little Bio:

I was born and raised in Arizona. I'm really tall for my age which is some age and I'm 5 foot 10. I'm a major nerd and bookworm. I'm not a girlygirl but not a tomb boy either. I like neon and bright colors. I have 2 sisters and 2 dogs and 2 cats. Love, love Hunger Games (total team Gale!) Legend of Korra (Weird huh?) Taylor Swift (Going to Concert! AWWW YEAHH!), Jennifer Lawrence (not just because of Hunger Games; she is so awesome in every film), Wendy Mass and Heather Vogel Frederick (awesome authors), YouTube (you don't go on it you have been living in a hole your whole life (see what I did there?)), Louisa May Alcott (classic is so original), and I LOVE WRITING!

I'll put more upin time ;)

Louisa May Alcott

Have you ever read these book Little Women, Little Men, or Jo’s Boys? Well, if you have, you should at least know a little about the fabulous author of the book, and if you have not, you should read the books and still know about the writer. I’ll share all that I know about Louisa May Alcott with you. You will be surprised by how much there is to know.

Louisa May Alcott was born on November 29, 1832 in Germantown, Pennsylvania. She grew up in Concord, Massachusetts during the Civil War. Her parents’ names were Abigail and Amos Alcott. She also had three sisters, Anna the eldest, Elizabeth and Abigail the youngest. She was taught by her father and Henry David Thoreau (famous author) and was inspired to write by her close family friends Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nathanial Hawthorne (famous authors). She took multiple jobs to help support her family. She also spent some time of her life as a Civil War nurse.

Louisa May Alcott wrote several books including her most famous one Little Women Little Women was based on Louisa’s life and family. Marmee was based on Louisa’s mother, Meg based on Anna, Louisa’s older sister, Jo is based on Louisa herself, Amy based on Louisa’s younger sister Abigail, Beth was based on Louisa’s youngest sister Elizabeth. She also wrote other classics including the sequels, LittleMen and Jo’s Boys.

Ms. Alcott spent the rest of her life in Boston, Massachusetts and most of the time writing and reading. She then sadly passed away on March 6, 1888. She is buried at Authors Ridge, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, Massachusetts. But, even though she has passed doesn’t mean she is gone and will always be remembered.

Now you see all this wonderful women did and accomplished. I hope now that you will read her fantastic classics.

Wrote this in Writing Class

"I'm not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship"

-Louisa May Alcott

Favorite Characters (in stuff):

Mako LOK (yes, I am a total Makorra)

Asami LOK (freaking awesome!)

Emma Hawthorne MDBC (She's just... IDK. SHE'S MY FAV)

Jo March (Little Women is VINTAGE)


I don't know why but I'm obssessed with YouTube.

PEWDIEPIE. is awesome. you mess wit him! You mess wit DA BROS

I love skydoesminecraft, captainsparkelz, cutiepiemarzia, TheQuxxn (RIP), Curtis Paridis, jennamarbles, smosh, shanedawson, iJustine, LenaDanya, swoozie06, PumpkinPie01, KorraSpirit (you might see my odd comments. yeah..), Kmoney, Michelle Phan. (yepp)

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