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Author has written 25 stories for Teen Titans, Gundam Seed, Digimon, Tales of the Abyss, Fullmetal Alchemist, Joan Of Arcadia, Sandman, Degrassi, Supernatural, and Bokurano.

Been awhile since I updated this; most stories are either on hiatus or pretty dead. I'm trying hard to write more, but don't count on any chapter stories being updated.

Real Name: Ashley. No last name I will say. Middle maybe later. The internet knows me as Ari, though.

Location: Currently in the realm of all things fantasy and angsty, but I live in the U.S.A., in some small suburb of Chicago that nobody cares about.

Age: 20 at last

Hobbies: Reading, writing, thinking up stories, watching TV, playing video games, and listening to music.

Favorite Music: Almost anything Japanese (adding exact bands later...) , Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Evanescence, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, SR-71, Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy, and Lifehouse, 30 Seconds to Mars, Vienna Teng

Song of the Moment: "The Cave" by Mumford and Sons

Current Obsession (Anime): DragonBall Z. Shock and surprise! Old love rekindled by Kai, my brother and I have been rewatching some of it, going through the Great Saiyaman Saga to the end and now backtracking through the Androids Saga. It's great fun to watch it uncut, because I've had sooo many more feelings than the first time I saw it all those years ago. It's great for a rewatch.

Current Obsession (TV Show): Supernatural. Goddamn, I tried hard not to get into this show, but my dear bff loves it and I've watched through season five now. I quite love the storyline and I honestly can't wait to get into fandom and dive into fanfiction for improving these poor characters' lives. Plus more females. GOTTA give Jo and Ellen and Anna and all the rest their dues.

Current Obsession (Game): Psychonauts. Finally got this game after years of wanting it. Though I believe my disc - or the X-Box, gulp, - has problems from epic freezing, I was able to power through the game in three days and hope to go back and do another playthrough soon. I ADORE it so much. The witty humor, the innovative game-play, the characters - everything (except for the last level AUGH MEAT CIRCUS YOU AND YOUR SUDDEN JUMP IN DIFFICULTY AND NIGHTMARE FUEL-NESS). I'm sad that it never got a sequel, because it was just begging for one. I'd love to see Raz and co. again some day. Until then, there's always fanfiction.

Zodiac Sign: Sheep (But I wanna be a Cat... Seriously...)

Western Sign: Leo

Favorite Animes/Cartoons: Digimon (Tamers, Adventure, Zero Two, Savers (tied with Zero Two), Frontier)), Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball/ Dragonball GT (in that order), Shaman King, One Piece (4Kids dub is ... ;shivers;), Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Teen Titans, Pokemon (Old childhood obsessions that come back and never let go... ;sigh;), Wolf's Rain, Inu-Yasha, Gundam SEED/Destiny (Destiny = horrible second half), Fruits Basket (manga is better), .Hack//Sign, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Romeo x Juliet, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Powerpuff Girls Z (mwhaha, I luff it), Lucky Star, Shugo Chara!, Total Drama Island, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (holy crap, this thing is so brain-breaking-ly awesome), Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (the visual novels), Now and Then, Here and There, AIR Tv, Kanon, Angel Beats!

My favorite couples:

Taiora- Digimon Adventure/02 (because I will NEVER accept the 25 years later epilogue regarding Sorato...)

Takari- Digimon Adventure/02 (Garg. It SO happened. 25 year epilogue be damned)

Kenyako- Digimon 02

Ryuki- Digimon Tamers (OTP)

Jurato- Digimon Tamers

Hirojuri- Digimon Tamers (...Dive, I blame you. And I love it.)

Suzie/Mako-Digimon Tamers (What? ... it's cute...)

Terriermon/Lopmon- Digimon Tamers (Yes, I KNOW that Lopmon was originally a guy, but a combination of my own brainstorming for Tamers fanfiction and fanfiction I have read made me fall in love with this pairing.)

Takumi- Digimon Frontier (because even though this is my least favorite season, their scene in Opanimon's library was too cute for words)

Teruo/Chiaki/Koichi- Digimon Froniter (Blame Yang Yin for this one. ;grin;) (OT3)

(Digital Dive is the reason behind all of my Savers/Data Squad pairings, because even though I've yet to finish the series, reading it there effects me sooo much - oh, and they're the Japanese names because 1.) we have no pairing names for them yet ;frown; and 2.) that's what they use on Digital Dive)

Masaru/Yoshino- Digimon Savers/Data Squad

Tohma/Nanami- Digimon Savers/Data Squad

Ikuto/Chika- Dgimon Savers/Data Squad (or Keenan/Kristy, because these names were changed SO much in the dub... I blame Toon Disney, honestly)

Pokeshipping- Pokemon (anyone who knows the fandom will be able to figure it out) (OTP)

Contestshipping- Pokemon (again, fandom)

Doomedshipping- Pokemon (xD Okay, not really... you'll have to go to the list of ships on bulbagarden to figure this one out)

SakuSasu-Naruto (OTP)




Yoh/Anna-Shaman King (OTP) (Yeah, only one here, but that's how much I like it)




Gohan/Videl-DB/DBZ/DBGT (OTP)

Beastboy/Terra-Teen Titans (OTP)

Robin/Starfire-Teen Titans

Cyborg/Raven-Teen Titans (Eh, can't really see them together, though... AU stories are really good with them in it...)

Raven/Rorek-Teen Titans (Okay, I got into this after visiting the Otaku board on . I know they technically weren't ever a couple, but I'll probably invlove Rorek in my series since I can't see Raven and Cyborg together in real life...)

Cyborg/Bumblebee-Teen Titans (They have good chemistry and I need someone for Cy since, as I've said, I can't see Raven and him together in anything but an AU story.)

Ed/Winry-Fullmetal Alchemist (OTP)

Al/Rose-Fullmetal Alchemist (This one happened after the movie...)

Al/Mei- Fullmetal Alchemist (manga manga manga~)

...Anime!Wrath/Winry-Fullmetal Alchemist (...Dear God, what is wrong with me?)

Inuyasha/Kagome-Inuyasha (DIE KIKIYO, DIE!)

Miroku/Sango-Inuyasha (Heh heh... Crazy, perverted monk...) (OTP)

Kira/Lacus-Gundam SEED

Athrun/Cagalli-Gundam SEED (OTP!)

Tolle/Miriallia-Gundam SEED (Only when Tolle's alive...)

Dearka/Miriallia-Gundam SEED (Only when Tolle's dead...)

Mu La Flaga/Murrue-Gundam SEED

Shinn/Stellar- Gundam SEED Destiny

Luna/Rey- Gundam SEED Destiny

Auel/Meyrin- Gundam SEED Destiny (I'm an odd girl)

Kiba/Cheza- Wolf's Rain

Hige/Blue-Wolf's Rain (OTP)

ShinjiAsuka-Eva (OTP)




Kataang- Avatar (Book 3: Chapter 11. YES.) (OTP)

Sokka/Suki (George) - Avatar (Boiling Rock is love. Go buy the DVD. Now. NAOGH!)

Sokka/Yue- Avatar (Sukki wins out in the end)

Zuko/Mai- Avatar (Another reason to buy the Boiling Rock DVD. Mai=character DEVELOPMENT!)

Romeo/Juliet (er, what else?)-RxJ

Benvolio/Cordelia- RxJ

Amuto- Shugo Chara! (OTP)

RimaxNagihiko- Shugo Chara!

Gwen/Trent- Total Drama Island

Duncan/Courtney- Total Drama Island (OTP)

Geoff/Bridgette- Total Drama Island

Owen/Izzy- Total Drama Island

Haruhi/Kyon- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (OTP!)

Keiichi/Mion- Higurashi (OTP)

Satoshi/Shion- Higurashi

Battler/Beatrice- Umineko (OTP) (Oh god oh god oh god EP3 made me fall in love)

George/Shannon- Umineko

Kanon/Jessica- Umineko

Maria/Sakutaro- Umineko (He is not just a stuffed animal. She gave him a soul. If the ending does not have this, I will be pissed.)

Nabuca/Sara - NTHT (OTP) (There is absolutely no evidence of this. AT ALL. Yet I ship it so hard. Because of roleplay and happy endings after extremely depressing ones.)

Yukito/Misuzu - AIR Tv (OTP)

Kanna/Ryuya - AIR Tv

Yuichi/Ayu - Kanon (OTP)

Kaori/Jun - Kanon

Otonashi/Yuri - Angel Beats!

Hinata/Yui - Angel Beats!

Favorite Characters:

Teen Titans: Terra

Inuyasha: Sango

Gundam SEED: Cagalli

Fullmetal Alchemist: Ed, Wrath (;cuddles;), Winry

Naurto: Sakura

Wolf's Rain: Blue

.Hack//Sign: Mimiru

Evangelion: Asuka

Avatar: Katara, Suki, Aang, Jin, Iroh, Roku, Sokka

The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi-sama (yes, -sama), Kyon, Itsuki

Lucky Star: Konata, Tsukasa (her montage of what she did over Golden Week is totally me), Kagami, Akira (God, I just about died laughing at the first Lucky Chanel)

Higurashi: Mion (O.O Mion-chan needs to have the biggest hug ever. M-Meakashi-hen. ...MION-CHAN ;.;), Rika, Keiichi, Satoko (...G-God. Satoko.), Hanyuu

Umineko: Jessica, Kanon, Battler, Natsuhi, Rudolf, Kyrie, George, Shannon, Beatrice, Maria

NTHT: Sara, Shu, Boo, Nabuca, Lala Ru, Sis (can I just say everyone but King frickin' Hamado?)

Favorite Manga: Beet the Vandle Buster, Bleach (KON!), Rave Master (So much more violent...), Naruto (HUG!), Shaman King, Hikaru No Go, Fruits Basket (FURUBA!), Flame of Recca, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days, Bokurano, Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning (the anime's good too!)

Favoritve Manga pairings:

Beet/Poala-Beet the Vandle Buster

Kissu/Milfa-Beet the Vandle Buster



Haru/Ellie-Rave Master (OTP)

Let/Julia-Rave Master

Hikaru/Akari-Hikaru No Go

Kyoru-Fruits Basket (OTP)

Yuki/Machi-Fruits Basket

Hiro/Kisa-Fruits Basket

Kureno/Arisa-Fruits Basket (OTP) (Yeah, two...)

Haru/Rin-Fruits Basket (OTP) (... Okay, three- I can't help it!)

Recca/Yanag i- Flame of Recca

Fuko/Domon - Flame of Recca (OTP) (I didn't realize how much I love this pairing until I went and finally finished reading the manga. Amazed that it's hinted at being canon. Such a shame that the fandom seems obsessed with Tokiya/Fuko instead, sob. Give Domon some love, he rocks.)

Kurei/Neon - Flame of Recca

Ushiro/Machi - Bokurano (I'm sad to say I don't ship this as much as I used to. :( Blame RP and Waku/Machi (but not really because that is SO SO SO GLORIOUS), but for a canon ship, this is still my favorite.)

Seki/Tanaka - Bokurano

Kanji/Anko - Bokurano (Okay so it didn't happen in the manga like it did in the anime but I already had the idea in the manga and the anime just showed it was possible)

Daichi/Nakama - Bokurano (IT IS SO CANON. SO SO SO CANON, OMG.)

Maki/Anko - Bokurano (THE NOVEL MADE ME SHIP IT.)

Waku/Machi - Bokurano (OTP) (Blame RP and a lot of shipping discussions. And re-reading the manga. I think I ship this even more than Ushiro/Machi. >> In fact, I know I do.)

Kanji/Komo - Bokurano (RP rocks \o/ )

Moji/Chizu - Bokurano (More RP)

Dung Beetle/Mayako - Bokurano (More RP -- if anyone told Kitoh, HE would ship it too. Seriously.)

Kirie/Maria - Bokurano (More RP and it is ADORABLE)

Ayumu/Hiyono - Spiral (OTP) (The anime had so many sweet little moments and Hiyono's song spreading to Ayumu and made me giggle and then I read the manga and loved it even more and there was the hug and then suddenly I get to the ending and O.O gao. Epilogue stories make my life because...gao.)

Kousuke/Ryouko - Spiral (...half-siblings SO can have a relationship >.>)

Eyes/Rio - Spiral (at least one-sided)

Favorite Manga Characters:

Beet the Vandle Buster: Poala

Bleach: Orihime

Rave Master: Ellie

Hikaru No Go: Sai

Fruits Basket: Kyo, Rin, Kureno, Arisa, Machi

Flame of Recca: Domon, Fuko, Kaoru, Kirin, Nadare (though I have no idea WHY)

Bokurano: Machi, Anko, Ushiro, Kanji, Nakama, Daiichi, Maki, Waku, Moji

Spiral: Ayumu, Hiyono, Rio, Kousuke, Ryouko (actually most of the cast. Loved this so much.

Favorite TV Shows: Smallville, Stargate SG-1 (Please let us have more movies after Continuum...), Stargate Atlantis, Heroes, Joan of Arcadia (most unfair cancellation ever), NCIS, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Degrassi, Glee!, FIREFLY, Dollhouse (er, love-hate), Supernatural

Favorite Couples:

Chlark- Smallville (Screw canon!) (OTP)

Lex/Lana- Smallville (Or I used to, before Lex became evil (does this one have a name now? I'm out of the loop))

Jack/Sam- SG-1

Daniel/Vala- SG-1 (I think I'm developing an addiction to whump-fics involving these two. This is neither good not bad)(Oh, and I totally love THAT scene in "Undending." Funny how the fandom's come to call it that...)(OTP!)

Sheppard/Weir- Atlantis (OTP)

Ronan/Teyla- Atlantis

Rodney/Jennifer- Atlantis

Claire/Zach- Heroes (...It's cute, gimme a break) (OTP)

Hiro/Charlie- Heroes

Mohinder/Eden- Heroes

Isaac/Simone- Heroes

Niki/DL- Heroes (A family of heroes 'til the end...)

Nathan/Heidi (for most this would be a given, considering she's his wife, but here's for good measure)- Heroes

Peter/Caitlin- Heroes (I should freaking stop saying which couples I like, because I don't want to add this to the every growing list of "Heroes ships that have been sunken" that I have)

Joan/Adam- JoA (Do The Math = Pretty, Trial and Error = sob) (OTP)

Luke/Grace- JoA

Friedman/Judith- JoA (... Judith...)

Friedman/Stevie- JoA (;glomp Stevie!;)

Friedman/Glynis- JoA (Huh, Friedman getting much action)

Kevin/Lily- JoA (Yaaaay! Kevin finally has some luck in the world of dating!)

Tiva - NCIS (OTP)(The amount of UST these two have could probably strangle a water buffalo. PLEASE give us a happy ending on this one.)

Jibbs - NCIS (...Jenny. soooobs)

McAbby - NCIS

Buffy/Angel - BtVS

Buffy/Spike - BtVS

Willow/Tara - BtVS (OTP)

Xander/Anya - BtVS

(I'll be honest, I like most Buffy and Angel pairings)

Angel/Cordelia - Angel (OTP)

Wesley/Fred - Angel

Gunn/Fred - Angel

Conner/Dawn - BtVS and Angel (What, you've got the Miracle Child and the Key - it has that Buffyverse weird-factor that draws me in. Plus the awkward tension that would come from family reunions? Totally digging it.)

Sean/Emma - Degrassi

Jimmy/Ashley - Degrassi

Craig/Ashley - Degrassi

Craig/Ellie - Degrassi

JT/Liberty - Degrassi

Jay/Manny - Degrassi (Gotta be honest, since it looks like they've killed Palex and Sean/Emma for good, this is my one hope of a pairing I'm head over heels for staying true to the end of the series)

Peter/Darcy - Degrassi

Paige/Alex (Palex) - Degrassi

Ali/Johnny - Degrassi (While it lasted, at least...)

Spinner/Jane - Degrassi

Declan/Holly J - Degrassi (Made me love Declan SO SO MUCH. They are adorable.)

Eli/Clare - Degrassi (I want it more than I've wanted anything on this show, seriously they are made of snark and win and their little power-trio with Adam is BEAUTIFUL)

Finn/Rachel - Glee (OTP)

Puck/Quinn - Glee (because really who can not like it after the "baking" scene in Wheels? Still has a fond place in my heart.)

Puck/Lauren - Glee

Will/Emma - Glee

Brittany/Santana - Glee

Simon/Kaylee - Firefly (OTP) (Seriously. SERIOUSLY.)

Mal/Inara - Firefly

Wash/Zoe - Firefly (...gao)

Topher/Bennett - Dollhouse (It's nerd love. And-- At least they're together in death.)

Caroline/Bennett - Dollhouse (...what, they had a lot of chemistry)


Paul/Mellie - Dollhouse (Well, the early stages of it...)

Dean/Jo - Supernatural (OTP)

Sam/Madison - Supernatural

Sam/Ruby - Supernatural

Sam/Jess - Supernatural (DAMMIT SAM STOP IT)

Bobby/Ellen - Supernatural

Dean/Cas - Supernatural

Cas/Dean/Jo - Supernatural (I AM ALLOWED TO HAVE AN OT3)

Favorite Character(s):

Smallville: Chloe

Stargate SG-1: Vala, Jack, Teal'c, Daniel (don't guest star on Atlantis! They kill doctors there!) , Sam, MiniJack (I believe some have dubbed him Jonathan O'Neill? ;grin;) (honestly, I like all the main characters)

Stargate Atlantis: Carson (;sob;), Ford (;sob redux;), Elizabeth Weir (;sob times three! Dammit, Keller better not be next!), Jennifer Keller

Heroes: Claire, Zach (WHY didn't they get Thomas Dekker under contract? ;whine;), Hiro, Peter, Charlie (;huggles;), Caitlin (...)

Joan of Arcadia: ... Can I just say the whole cast? If I had to choose a few, I guess I'd say all of the Sub-Defectives (including Judith), Stevie, and Kevin, but I love everyone (Adam's pretty close to being my favorite, though... This is bad for Adam fans)

NCIS: ...I like everyone! griiin Okay, okay, I'll pick and choose. Abby, Ziva, Tony, Gibbs, Jenny, McGee... Y-yeah, bad job at picking and choosing.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: Buffy, Angel, Willow, Cordelia, Fred, Gunn, Xander, Giles, Tara, Dawn - ...Would it be easier to list the characters I hate? (And as a comment, "You're Welcome" and "Hole In the Wall" are probably the only things I cry at evey single time I watch them. Or read transcripts. Or anything. Let's add "Seeing Red" to that list too. God, Joss, why do you hate your characters?)

Glee: I like all characters except for Terri in some degree, but my favorite-favorites... Rachel (she is so adorable SERIOUSLY), Kurt, Artie, Finn, Tina, and Will. Seriously, everyone gets love from me though, except crazy-wife.

Firefly: EVERYONE. All the principle cast, at least. Okay, so favorite-favorites include Kaylee, River, Wash, Simon, Book, and Mal. Though all of them are love.

Dollhouse: A case where my interest in the characters surpassed my interest in the story or hope for it. In order of favoritehood: Claire/Whiskey, Mellie/November/Madeline, Priya/Sierra, Topher, Bennett, Mag, Victor

Supernatural: Dean, Sam, Jo, Ellen, Bobby, Castiel, Anna, Madison, Andy, Adam, Gabriel, Pamela, Mary

Favorite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II/Birth by Sleep, etc. (;prays for a third one;), Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy X-2, Star Wars: KotOR (;GLOMP!;), Digimon video games, basicly any (eh, give me a break, I still love the thing...), Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, Tales of Symphonia (;GLOMP!;)- A.K.A. ToS, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (not like the original, but still wonderful), Tales of the Abyss (No game can measure up to its greatness)- AKA ToA, The World Ends With You (Hardest. Last Boss. EVER), Psychonauts (Most underrated game ever ;-; ...Oh, and the last level makes me want to kill something)

Favorite Couples:

Sora/Kairi- Kingdom Hearts

Roxas/Naminè (Okay, seriously, this couple had to have one of the saddest moments I've ever seen. When you get to the end... Oh, damn, I almost cried like a baby)



Tidus/Yuna- FFX/FFX2

Lulu/Wakka- FFX/FFX2

Rikku/Gippal- FFX2 (OTP)

Colloyd- ToS

Shelloyd- ToS

Sheelos- ToS

Gesea- ToS

RegalxAlicia- ToS

RegalxRaine- ToS

Kranna- ToS

EmilxMarta- ToS2 (Crap, crap, crap, I ship this like FedEx. Overnight. I think I may even ship it as much or MORE than LukexTear - and that is saying A LOT) (OTP)

LukexTear- ToA (OTP)

NataliaxAsch- ToA

NataliaxGuy- ToA

AnisexIon- ToA

FringsxCecille- ToA

SyncArietta - ToA

ShikixNeku - TWEWY (OTP)

Raz/Lili - Psychonauts (OTP) (And on that note I subscribe to the "being psychic makes you mature faster" theory. No way are these kids only ten.)

Sasha/Milla - Psychonauts

Elton/Milka - Psychonauts

Edgar/Gloria - Psychonauts (...don't ask)

Bobby/Chloe - Psychonauts (and I don't even like Bobby - but Chloe's "Bobby, we're going to have to work on you..." line is adorable and amusing)

Favorite Character(s):

Kindgom Hearts- Kairi, Naminè, Roxas, AQUA

Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy X-2- Rikku

Star Wars: KotOR- Carth

Tales of Symphonia (and Dawn of the New World)- Sheena, Colette, Emil, Marta, Tenebrae

Tales of the Abyss- Tear, Anise (yeah, I like her- got a problem with it?), Ion (ION! ;SOBS!)

The World Ends With You- Shiki, Kariya, Rhyme, Neku

Psychonauts- Raz, Lili, Dogen, Milka, Augustus, Phoebe, Sasha

Favorite Books: Harry Potter series (DH, OotP, PoA-GoF-HBP (all tied), CoS, SS), The Warriors Series (Oh, gosh... I can't list them all...), Bridge to Terabithia, Star Wars: Jedi Quest (actually, anything by Jude Watson), Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Book Thief

Favorite Couples:

Harry/Ginny- Harry Potter

Ron/Hermione- Harry Potter (OTP)

Neville/Luna- Harry Potter (Okay, so it won't happen. Still cute.)


Gingershipping (Firestar/Sandstorm)- Warriors (OTP) (I somehow knew this would happen the entire way through...)

Rescueshiping (Graystripe/Silverstream)- Warriors (Okay, sot he name isn't confirmed, but still)

Bunnyshipping (Dustpelt/Ferncloud)- Warriors

Quarrelshipping (Brambleclaw/Squirrelflight)- Warriors

Steamshipping (Crowfeather/Feathertail)- Warriors ( ;SOB!;)

Twilightshipping (Crowfeather/Leafpool)- Warriors

Floodshipping (Stormfur/Brook)- Warriors

Darkshipping (Lionblaze/Heathertail)- Warriors (TOTAL OTP!) (Is it disturbing that I like them both when they're uber!cute AND when people write about them being just like the song "I Hate Everything About You"? Yeah, I thought so too.)

Lionblaze/Cinderheart - Warriors (Is there an official shipping name for this one? Oh, whatever. It's the only other Lionblaze ship I like.)

Woodenshipping (Jayfeather/Stick)- Warriors (IT IS TEH TWU WUB!!111!! ...Okay, not really, but I love making fun of him with it. Sorry Jay, still love you~!)

Reflectionshipping (Jayfeather/Cinderheart)- Warriors (the more I think about it...the more I like it...)

Timeshipping (Jayfeather(Jay's Wing)/Half Moon)- Warriors (...Okay, you know what? Jay's just a pimp)

Fallen Leaves/Hollyleaf- Warriors (So there's no official shipping name for it yet. I still ship it. Why? ...Well, that would be spoilers. So :D )

Dovepaw/Tigerheart- Warriors (New forbidden love, check my heart at the door.)

Obi-Wan/Siri (Siriwan)- Star Wars Jedi Quest (OTP for life)

Percabeth- Percy Jackson series (OTP) (AH IT IS SO CUTE)

Grover/Juniper- Percy Jackson series

Favorite Charater(s):

Harry Potter- Ginny, Hermione, Neville, Ron, Harry-- you're hard-pressed to find characters I do not like

Warriors- (hoo, boy, long list) Sandstorm, Firestar, Ferncloud, Dustpelt, Feathertail, Leafpool, Stormfur, Lionblaze (though the boy is starting to grate on my nerves with his bloodlust), Jayfeather (He's grown on me so much, I may like him more than Lionblaze), Heathertail, Dovewing

Star Wars: Jedi Quest- Siri (Secrets of the Jedi, last eight pages=did NOT happen), Tru Veld, Obi-Wan

Percy Jackson series - Percy, Annabeth, Rachel, Nico, Leo, Piper, Thalia, Bianca

Least Favorite/Hated Pairings:

This section was started because of a certain couple on Heroes that I can't stand. That is not about my own personal preferences, it's about the incest that comes with it. Oh, you all know what I'm talking about. There won't be much here because I honestly don't want to go through every single thing I dislike. I'll only list those that are on the top of my mind.

Heroes- Paire (please, people, in the beginning it was just underaged love, but after Distractions... Just STOP. Changing Peter's relations makes it even worse- destroy a wonderful brother relationship to make your incest work. Yuck.)

Kingdom Hearts- AkuRoku (...the word "friends" mean anything to you?)

Gundam SEED/Destiny- KiraCaga (My incest thoughts were fully expressed in the Heroes one), AsuMey (Just friends, people- read the subtext, and you'll see he doesn't like her like that, and she doesn't him either), YuuCaga (...Watch the frickin' show, people)

Teen Titans- Beastboy/Raven (It's like a sibling relationship. I don't see anything romantic in it. ...Okay, there's more but I've been giving my rant for years. Don't want to anymore.)

Joan of Arcadia- Joan/ANY GOD AVATAR (PLEASE don't tell me you are all serious. PLEASE.)

Stargate- Anyone with Jack other than Sam, anyone with Sam other than Jack

Stargate- This is more of a little side-note, but I'm not a fan of Sam/Daniel either. They don't click romantically with me (friendship-wise, however, is a whole other story). ...Though the theory that they're perfect for each other due to Sam's problem of being a "Black Widow" and Daniel's habit of never staying dead for too long makes me chuckle.

Angel- Cordelia/Conner. Full stop. Seriously, why did Joss think it was a good idea to put them together? I don't care if Conner didn't remember her as the mother figure or Cordy didn't remember them for awhile or that she was possessed for the rest of the season (okay, I do, but that's another rant): It. Was. CREEPY. And squick-y. Very, very squick-y. I get full body shudders when I think of it.

Gee, that's all for now. My current big-gripes. They WILL stay, especially the Heroes one.


Updated Don't Fear the Reaper, August, 2010


What Is Christmas Spirit, Anyway? (This one WILL be updated! The final chapters are being written after MUCH delay. I actually had them typed out but my computer crashed and...well, they got deleted. I sadly haven't had any inspiration to write since, which was obviously quite awhile ago. I hope I can get back to it one day.)

HalfBreed: (Obviously on hiatus... When I update it, I promise I'll have several other chapters written as well to lighten the wait.)

T.E.R.R.A: (My first one-shot and completed story; it is in the same universe as Stone Memories, but set in the future)

Memories: (Will there be more in this era? Who knows. Not any time soon, but you can hope...)

Of Scissors and Replicas: (First Tales of the Abyss story. Very satisfying. A one-shot, but I'm proud of it.)

Alternative Hymns: (Oh, I had NO idea what I was getting myself into...)

When the Battles Stops: (Gosh, that was an insane thing. I loved writing it, but insane.)

Observations of a Teenage Angel Girl: (My first Joan of Arcadia story. It's dead, but a fun little jaunt.)

Reversing the Stitches: (This came to me and refused to leave me alone. It now stands as my first completed chapter story, and, as of September 4, 2007, my longest one (at least, longest online).)

What Could Have Been: (Honestly I have other drabbles for it. I need to upload them eventually.)

Don't Fear the Reaper: (It's coming and living! I'll be updating very soon.)

Favorite Quotes/Conversations:

Cagalli: "The hardest battle is to keep living!"

-Gundam SEED

Hige: "Let's meet again... in Paradise..."

-Wolf's Rain

Claire: "My destiny is not to shoot you. The universe cannot be that lame."


Hiro: "Oh no. I broke history."


Zach: "Embrace your inner freak... 'Cause if you don''re just denying who you are."


Haruhi: grabs Kyon's arm

Kyon: sarcastic "If you're scared, you can always grab my arm; not like it's going to put me in the mood or something."

Kyon: mutters"Jerk."

-The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Davis: "Saving the world’s one thing. Changing the world? Now that takes guts."

-arpulver's fanfiction Level 2: Connections

Tear: "I just suddenly got worried..."

Luke: "Don't worry. If worse comes to worst, I'll protect you."

Tear: shocked "What...?"

Luke: "Uh..." blush "I-I didn't mean it like that..."

Tear: "... Well, fine. I didn't take it like that."

Luke: sweatdrop

-Tales of the Abyss

Prior: "Foolhardy are those who do not follow the path!"

Cameron: "Anyone wanna bet what he's gonna say next?"

Prior: "Kill them."

Cameron: "...Could've made money on that one."

-Stargate SG-1: Ark of Truth

Daniel: "You are a fruitcake."

-Stargate SG-1, Prometheus Unbound (I love this episode more than words can describe)

Teal'c: "Indeed."

-Stargate SG-1, nearly every single episode

Vala: "There's nothing to be gained by second guessing yourself. You can't remake the past, so look ahead...or risk being left behind."

Bra'tac: "She displays the wisdom of a battle-seasoned warrior."

Daniel: "She's a mother. Close enough."

-Stargate SG-1, Counterstrike

Cameron: "Well now you know that the hard part about being part of this team is not risking your own life. It's watching your friends take chances with theirs. Congratulations. Now you really are one of us."

-Stargate SG-1, The Quest Part 2

"We are the Furlings."

-Furlings, Stargate SG-1, 200 (That episode is so hilariously wonderful...)

Raz: "Lili! A deranged madman is building an army of psychic death tanks to take over the world, and there's no one who can stop him except for you and me!"

Lili: "Oh my God! Let's make out!" puckers her lips

Raz: "What?"


Lili: ;thinking; "When are you going to shut up and kiss me?"

Raz: "Uh... I can hear that..."

Lili: ;flirtatiously; "I know."


Mrs. Dawes: ;about Eli and Clare being English partners; We may have a very special partnership on our hands, people!" ;gasp; "Like Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes!"

Clare: ;deadpan; "Sylvia Plath killed herself." :|

-Degrassi, s10e07, "Better Off Alone Part 1"

Eli: "So, what's exciting in the world of Recreation today? Darts?"

Adam: "Ballroom dancing."

Eli: ;looking over his shoulder; "Oh boy."

Adam: "It shouldn't be that bad, I get to dance with cute girls--"

Eli: "No, oh boy."

Clare: ;walks up to them, starts talking to Eli; "Edited your story. I don't approve of this Clara Edwin character."

Eli: ;false surprise; "She's an ingenue!"

Clare: "She's a floozy." :| "Change it." ;hands story to Eli, walks away;

Eli: ;smirk;

Adam: "You two give me the runs."

Eli: "I think it's entertaining."

-Degrassi, s10e15, "My Body is a Cage Part 1"

Clare: ;big fake smile; "Silly me! Always dropping my feminine hygiene products!"

-Degrassi, s10e15, "My Body is a Cage Part 1"

;awesome school project video, lol;

Eli: "Juliet, I will join you in the afterlife." ;picks up a bottle of soda; "Death come quickly, so I can be with her ASAP." ;gulp!;

Clare: ;"wakes up," gasps; "Romeo, you drank the poisonous high-fructose cola beverage, no!" ;lolwhat;

;and there's kissing;

-Degrassi, s10e18, "Still Fighting It Part 1"

;after teh video project filming;

Clare: ;mind=blown, dazed; "Should we do another take?"

Eli: "Uhhhh." ;looks at Adam, who shakes his head subtly, little smile; "I think we got it." :)

-Degrassi s10e18, "Still Fighting It Part 1"

(Maybe I should just say I love every conversation they have.)

Eli: ;about Clare; "When I'm around her...all I can think about is getting her to kiss me."

-Degrassi s10e19, "Still Fighting It Part 2"

Eli: "Now, let's talk about something more important, like how you're gonna thank me for throwing Simpson off your scent."

Clare: ;half-smirk; "What'd you have in mind?"

Eli: ;pondering/thoughtful, idk these facial expressions XD; "Well, I don't know--" ;KISSES. LIKE, FULL-ON MAKE-OUT. TONGUE AND EVERYTHING; ;...brief realization; "I have a French exam."

Clare: ;dazed, it has been dubbed an Eligasm; "I think you just passed it."

-Degrassi s10e23, "All Falls Down Part 1"

Funny conversations/moments when I KNOW I am a nerd:

:While playing Tales of Symphonia:

Me: Now, off to save Genis's girlfriend!

Ryan (my brother): Um, what did you say?

Me: Off to save Genis's girlfriend?

Ryan: Oh, good.

Me: Why, what'd you think I said?

Ryan: Well, Genis sounds a lot like another word...

Me: ...

Ryan: Oh, come on! I thought you said 'Off to save Penis's girlfriend!'


:Again, while playing Tales of Symphonia:

Ryan: You know what? I've been thinking about something for awhile.

Me: Hm?

Ryan: You know what another couple name Genis and Presea could be called? You know, with Presea's name first?

Me: ;Thinks;;Puts the 'P' in Presea in place of the 'G' in Genis; Oh my- YOU SICKO PERV! ;hits him;

:Playing ToS:

Me: ...

Ryan: ... Penis...

Me: ;Falls out of the chair laughing from the randomness of it all; ;Almost dies in game...;

(He does this a lot now...)

:More Adventures in ToS:

(This involves dialogue from the game too. I won't get Genis's line right, I know, but it's something like that...)

Lloyd: Collette, I can't keep it a secret any longer!

Ryan: ;In deep voice; I'm carrying your baby.

Me and Ryan: ;Break down laughing; ;Laugh over the next line because I hit 'A' by accident and the dialogue continued...;

Me: ;Catches breath; Oh God, ;huff; You are sick! Lloyd's a guy!

Ryan: ;Catches breath and smirk; Exactly!

Me: ;shudder;

Genis: How did this happen?

Me and Ryan: Remember last line Ryan said; ;ROTFLOFAO, or Rolling on the Floor Laughing Our Fing Aes off;

:At school, trying to get my friend to watch anime:

Me: Come, on Sara, you gotta watch some!

Sara: Well, my mom might not let me...

Me: Why not!

Sara: They might be too violent.

Me: ;groans; Well, let's see what I find. ;calls to other friend; Hey, Mike, what can we get Sara to watch?

Mike: Hmm...

Me: Well, what won't your mom let you watch?

Sara: Well, some of it is me, too. I don't want to see any flying or exploding body parts.

Me and Mike: No FMA or Naruto.

Sara: And that thing you told me about with the little girl in FMA was sad too...

Me: And Wolf's Rain is too violent... :sighs:excited: I guess Gundam SEED it is then!

Sara: Is it violent?

Me: Ummmm... Not as much as the other ones...

Sara and Mike: -_-

:Again at school:

Sara: Hey, guess what?

Me: Ugh.

Sara: My mom said I could watch Gundam SEED.

Me:Perks up instantly: Really!

Sara: Yeah.

Me: What about the violence?

Sara: She said it was fine.

Me: And the swears?

Sara: As long as it's not too bad.

Me: Yes! ;Starts jumping up and down;

Robin (another friend): ;Walks up to talk to me; ;Sees me jumping like a Ferret; Um... Hi?

Me: Shecanwatchit,shecanwatchit,shecanwatchit!

Robin: ... ;Has no clue what I'm talking about;

:At school one morning:

(Hai- yes in Japanese)(This is also on my friend's (yamihawkeye) profile, but with reversed roles)

Me: "Hi!"

Mike: "Hello?"

Me: "Hai!"

Mike: "Hai..."

Me: "Hai!"

Colleen (friend): "... Uh- hi?"

Me and Mike: "Hai, Hi!"

Colleen: "Nevermind..."

:Talking to my online friend after he said he'd "die for me":

Me: ... I should take that as a compliment, right?

Him: Depends on how you look at it. If that means letting you live so you can get mugged out of house and home then that's bad. If that means taking a bullet for you so you can grow up, be successful and have a chance to contribute to society, then that's a good thing.

Me: ...

Me: My happy mood died

Me: It died in a bloody and gruesome way...

:Me and a friend, talking about Beastboy being shirtless in an RP:

Al: B.B's got a toned chest, but again his muscels are long and ropey, not like cyborg

Me: lol

Me: yeah

Me: Still, it would make a girl go crazy...

Al: well yeah, green nipples, teh sex

Me: Al... ;Blush;

Me: Great, now I'll never be able to eat vegetables without blushing...

Al: (Died laughing)

:Me and the same friend, now talking about how my brother gave me a little extra time on line and he needs to post fast:

Al: he's a nice man

Me: yes, he is. But post fast

Al : like the wind

A few minutes later…

Me: ... wind is sure slow tonight, huh, Al?

Al: bite me

Me: Naw, you don't taste good

Al: How would you know? have you been licking me again?

Me: ... say it again, I dare you... twitch (you've seen me on a bad day...)

:At an amusement part talking to a man at the Airbrush place:

Me: Um, excuse me? Do you take requests?

Man: Yes. What kind of request?

Me: Well... ;pulls out a Kyo plushie from my bag; This! Don't ask what it is. ;nervous;

Man: It's a cat.

Me: Yeah...

Man: It's a pissed off cat.

Me: He's orange!

Man: Okay. An orange pissed off cat!

:My brother, playing a WWII Real Time Strategy game:

It is 1942, and I am off to fight the Japanese so that one day, they may grow into a culture that worships anime, sushi, and women with overly large breasts!

(He said that with a straight face. That's what made me laugh so hard)

:Another conversation with my brother, when he was ignoring me:

Me: Ryan! Listen!

Ryan: ;Playing his Gameboy;

Me: He doesn't like me! ;pouts;

Ryan: Not quite right... ;smirking;

Me: ;pause; HE HATES ME!

Ryan: There ya go!

Me: ;glooms;

Ryan: ;Laughs and shakes head, muttering about me being gulible;

:Me and Sara sitting at a table at lunch, talking about Mwu La Fllaga looking at a magazine with a girl in a bikini on the front:

Sara: I mean, why would he be looking at it!

Me: ;dryly; He's a man.

Sara: I never realized it before!

Me: ;eyes wide; THAT HE'S A MAN!

Sara: No! Not that!

Mike: ;sitting near us and laughing her head off;

:A conversation between Sara and her little brother. Explanation: In my little group, I'm called Cagalli, and Sara is Lacus. Her little borther didn't know this:

Sara's Bro: I want to be someone from Gundam SEED!

Sara: Okay. Who?

SB: Hmmm... I want to be Athrun!

Sara: Then you'd be Ashley's boyfriend!

SB: Fine, then I want to be Kira!


SB: ... Then can I be Haro?

Sara: YAY! You get to be my minion!

SB: Minion?

Sara: ;happy smile;

:At lunch, when there is no room for us at a table and we're sitting right behind it:

Mike: So, Sara, how are people?

Sara: Well...

Me: Because we wouldn't know.

Sara: You two have each other.

Me and Mike: ;Stare at each other for a second; BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ;double-over laughing;

Sara: ;Trying to yell over our laughter; I didn't mean it like that!

:While watching an episode of Heroes, "The Hard Part":

Ryan: Wait, wait... The reason Sylar kills people is because he never hugged as a child!

-A few weeks later, during a certain "dream character's" explanation of Peter and Nathan "How to Stop an Exploding Man"-

Myself: "If all Sylar needs is a hug to stop the killing, I'm never watching this show again."

:While playing Tales of the Abyss the first time around, at Mt. Roneal the second time:

Me: I wonder if there's anything over here. Last time we were a bit too...rushed to explore.

Ryan: ;shrug; Go ahead.

;runs to the right side of the screen to see a BLACK WALL that was not supposed to be there;

Both: ...

Me: Was that...there before?

Ryan: No...

Me: I-I think I've found it.


Me: The Fourth Wall. I have found the Fourth Wall...and it is black.

Ryan: ...

Me: I wonder what would happen if I could break it.

Ryan: Stop right there. You've exceeded your pun quota for the day.

Me: Awwww...

:While replaying Tales of the Abyss, same area as above, same time frame:

Me: ... I wonder...

;runs over to the right side of the screen, sees the BLACK WALL again;


;runs out of area;

Me: ... I need to tell Ryan about this...

:While replaying Tales of the Abyss, in the Cheagle Woods before fighting Arietta:

;runs down the path to the left side of the screen, sees a BLACK WALL;

Me: ... Holy crap, it's stalking me. The Fourth Wall is stalking me.

:While replaying Tales of the Abyss, at the Tower of Rem event:

Luke: I'm alive? Why?

Tear: Thank goodness! I thought you were going to disappear...

Me: ... Hug him. Hug him now. He almost died and things are going to get very depressing later, so HUG HIM NAOOGH!

;Jewel of Lorelei appears, drawing everyone's attention;


:While brain-storming for ideas on the imminent "What did you do over Spring Break?" question:

Me: I made an AMV, read Stargate fanfiction, talked to my computer, and ... went to Macomb... I...I think it's official. I life.

:While re-watching the Stargate SG-1 episode "Line in the Sand" with my brother:

Me: Man, everyone gets whumped in this episode! We've got Teal'c-whump, Vala-whump, MAJOR Sam-whump, and even a little Cam-whump. The only person who isn't getting whumped - in a strange turn of events - is Daniel! ...But then again he's probably getting seduced by the evil super-powerful Whore who is the daughter of the woman he may kinda-sorta love right now, so he's not in a very fun position either...

:While re-watching the Stargate SG-1 episode "The Shroud" with my brother, right when Adria is seducing Daniel:

Ryan: You know, I think she has a bit of an Electra complex.

Me: From this point on she shall be know as The Whore. Don't question me. She just shall.


1. Author's notes in the middle of a story. I used to do this, you used to do this, we ALL used to do this. If you still do this? Shame shame.

2. The "word" anyways. Please, people. I will give you a reality check: THIS IS NOT A REAL WORD. It's something people used in casual speak because their words slurred together and then translated into writing form. I see this "word" mucking up even the best of fiction.

3. No punctuation. ...I shouldn't even have to explain this one.

4. Misspelling a character's name. I can understand the occasional slip up here and there - leave off a letter at the end of a word or writing "ever" instead of "even" or something like that (we all probably write at god-awful hours, anyway). And I can also understand characters with various transliterated names or last names due to fandubbing, i.e Elthman vs. Elsman, etc. What I can't stand for, however, is when the character has an easy-to-spell name or the name is shown in show - or in book, that's even worse - or whatever and you still proceed to call Geoff Jeff or Tohru Toru or something like this. This goes for the names of places too. FYI, ThunderClan has the 'Clan' part capitalized, so do all the other Clans. Just because a typo in one book had Windclan doesn't mean its lower case. Be familiar with your fandom, people.

5. Please please please please don't ignore your character's thoughts! I'm not looking for epic block paragraphs, but unless your intent is just dialogue - some very witty stories have been written that way, but not too many - make sure to balance outer and inner conversation.

6. Okay, here's one I am TOTALLY guilty of. Unless it's a big-big-big thing if they character is wearing something different or...heck, if it's a plot point, don't introduce a character and automatically describe what he or she is wearing to a T. Or the eye, hair, exact description. Sprinkle it around. If the character whose POV you're writing from wouldn't notice everything about someone right away, don't have it.

7. Sp-spellcheck? Please?

And more to come when I read more fanfiction and pick out more errors! Probably from my own, too. No one is perfect. We just strive to be~


I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy it!

You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me!

One day, I will be the Evil Empress Alchemist! BOW BEFORE ME, MINIONS!

Being a drunk Chibi is fun!

;sarcasticly; Riiiiight...

Kyo is mine! ... Until Tohru claims him. Then I'll galdly give him up! ;smile;

Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard, be evil. (Thanks for the quote, Riles!)

SOUR ALTOIDS! (Inside joke... I'm very scary on Sour Altoids...)

I am like the plague!

There was something in it! ;slight pause; I had to blow it up! (While describing an OC of mine to my brother... I did the hands motions perfectly and now this is a new catch phrase of mine I never get tired of).)

;sweet, happy voice; The sun is shining, the birds are singing, there's rainbows everywhere! ;low, demonic voice; Everyone must die.

Is it morally wrong to be in love with a Gundam?

I need sleep.

;slightly chucking; I'm okay ... no I'm not...

... Kyu...?

This is the best thing in the history of ever.

... ;hides;

;fondles Arc of Truth DVD; ... ;nervous giggle-grin;

Gao. (can be used in any situation with any amount of feeling behind it, or can refer to the mon or the completely incorrect sound effect (anyone who can name where both of those references are from gets a sticker))

That's sextastic! (Okay, so I've only said this one once, but it was too tempting)



And, what all the readers of Gundam SEED Randomness! or When Two Fans Go Crazy have been waiting for: The advertisement made by our very own Mike!

Youtube profile:

Those who I linked the promo picture for my Degrassi story, "Circles and Stages," I am SO sorry that nothing showed up! deletes links, which I didn't know, whoops! The photo, however, is here:

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Until Dawn - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 21 - Words: 44,457 - Reviews: 77 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 1/2 - Published: 12/14/2015 - [Ashley, Chris] Josh W. - Complete
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