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ey what's up i'm spanisheyes...and welcome to my world. - i think everyone's an artist. in whatever they do. writing, dancing, walking, breathing. life is breathing art. live your life how you want to live it and have no regrets. don't let life pass you by. life passes most people by when they're making grand plans for it. me? i'm the type of girl that reads books and watches movies looking for quotes or sayings that inspire me. or that affect me in a way that i can't forget them. and i don't want to. i'm a big movie buff. i like pretty much all types of movies. i get really into movies with johnny depp or a tim burton trademark. they got me hypnotized.

my...interests - (obviously watching movies), taking pictures, reading fanfics - (good ones anyway), writing (stories and poems - i have a lot of feelings), johnny depp (of course!), tim burton movies, listening to music...and so on and so on...

my...fav movies - any depp movie (it doesn't matter as long as i look at him for an hour and a half i'm happy), nightmare before christmas, girlfight, almost famous, don't tempt me, crash, girl interrupted, crazy/beautiful...the list goes on pero, i'll spare you.

my...whatever - i don't know if you noticed but i haven't exactly written anything. i have a few POTC stories in the making pero i'm lazy. i write in numerous spirals and i'm just too lazy to type them on the computer. i'm a big fan of other stories...if i'm going to be honest i'll just say i like everyone else's fics better then mine. so that gives me another reason to not post my stories. so technically i'm not an official author's to your fic. cheers.

my...fav quotes -

"if pictures have anything to say, it's this. i was here, i once exhisted. i was once young and happy and someone cared enough to take my picture."
- robin williams

"you can tie me up, but you can't tie me down. my hands may be tied, but my heart's not bound. you may leave me here and watch me die, but to the horizon my soul will fly."
- unknown

"what i am to you is not real. what i am to you, you don't need. what i am to you is not what you mean to me. you give me miles and miles of mountains and all i ask for is the sea."
- damien rice 'volcano'

"There are millions of people out there but, in the end, it all comes down to one. i still panic sometimes. forget to breathe but i know. i know there's something beautiful in all my imperfections. a beauty which he held up for me to see. a strength that can never be taken away."
- from the movie 'crazy/beautiful'

"it's the sense of touch. any real city, you walk. you brush past people. people bump into you. in l.a. nobody touches you. we're always behind this metal and glass. i think we miss that touch so much that we crash into eachother just so we can feel something."
- from the movie 'crash'

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