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That picture is my favorite lesbian pic, maybe not even that, maybe fav picture in general. I just think it represents the love between those two really well. Like they've been together forever and decided to take a nap, then they woke up staring at eachother and started a little wake up makeout session. I didn't put it as nicely as i could've, but i cud make a whole litte story about those two. It's just a great picture.

Alright I think it's about time i put something down.

I'm a 22 yr old bisexual. I go to a university in Florida and my major is psychology. I want to do something with children and if not that maybe sex therapy. I just think that would be so fun and hiarious to say. Music is my life and i love to read. I really love writing. If i could do this as my job i would die a happy happy woman. Instead of trying to work writing around me schedule it would BE my schedule. Other than that i love to go out to clubs (especially gay clubs) and parties. I also love my days where i just stay in, get in my comfy clothes, and lay around and watch movies all day. I've had some good days doing that.

Favorite Things

Books: Twilight is my fav out of the series, Vamp Academy Series, House of Night, City of Bones, Blue Bloods, Keeping you a secret, Annie on my mind, My sister's keeper, and now currently The time travlers wife (I am so ready to cry).

Music: Paramore is my all time fav band, Emery, Chiodos, Anberlin, VersaEmerge, Muth Math, Red hot chili Peppers, Nikki Minaj, Drake, Florence and the machine, Bloc Party, Black Kids, and much more. I'm liking a lot of indie music too! I love any and everything. If it sounds good i love it.

Musicals: Spring Awakening (still looking for someone who even knows what that is), Wicked, Legally Blonde, Annie, Hair, Hairspray, Across the Universe, Phantom of the Opera...

Tv Show: Glee, Phineas and Pherb, Sonny with a Chance, Family Guy, Skins, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Couger Town, South of Nowhere, Degrassi, The fringe, basically anything on CW, and the great L Word

Movies: DEBS, 40 yr old virgin, Scary Movie 2, Not Another Teen Movie (Best Parody Ever), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Out at the Wedding (surprisingly hilarious), Cruel Intentions, Better than Chocolate, Pocahantas, Loving Annabelle, Imagine Me and You



Spencer and Ashley (South of Nowhere)

Alice and Bella (Twilight)

Hermoine and Ginny (Harry Potter)

Buffy and Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Haley and Brooke (One Tree Hill)

Emily and Naomi (Skins)

I think that's good for now. Message me anytime. I love talking to people, especially about really awesome stories.

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