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Lol, don't you think it's funny that Naraku is in my penname, but I don't have any Inuyasha fan fictions? Well, once upon a time, I did, but they were removed because I had written in a script format vs. a story format. I've yet to revisit the fandom since then. Fun fact: When I made this penname I was a freshman in high school, still on an Inuyasha high that carried me through middle school. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix had just come out that past summer, as well. Naraku was a favorite character my friends and I liked to discuss. Boom. Naraku's Phoenix was born.

I'm a busier lady than I thought was possible, but my goal is to leave no story unfinished!

Donna Sakura links:

For amvs and other short videos inspired by the story:


I can no longer access this YouTube account, but there's two videos frozen, there. I might make another account, in the distant future, but all the Google account mess has been getting on my nerves. I'd still like to unearth all the amvs I've made and upload them, there.

For story art, journals and discussions:

Search DonnaSakura on deviantArt. (I had the hyperlink, but for some reason it doesn't work.)

Please add me to your dA watch list. As Donna Sakura continues, I will take fan art requests.


YOU GUYS...In light of picking back up my Ouran Host Club fanfic, What I Want, I've relocated my old flash drive that had documents of all of my chapters 1-18. In this same folder I've found several fanfictions I've started, but never finished, each dated back to 2008 and 2009. I had completely forgotten about them, and the fandoms include Naruto, Xiaolin Showdown, Hey, Arnold!, and Invader Zim. I remember trashing the spiral notebooks that held notes for these stories because I have a bad habit of telling myself that if I pick it back up, my old notes will be irrelevant...but, I really wish I still had them!

Anyway...I'm debating whether I should upload them because I don't know if I'll actually go back to them. It's a nice thought, but for now I'll focus on the two stories that are still in progress. But, wow, finding old fanfics was wild.


If you're interested in any of my other projects, outside of fan fiction, check out these links:

Cosplay Page: Madd Cosplay

Artist Alley: Madd Market

Also, my Instagram username is narakus_phoenix. Most of my pictures are WIP crafts and my dogs. XD


UPDATE ON FEB. 8, 2016:

Hello, readers! I just wanted to pop in and explain that I'm back in college, this semester, and the workload has been hardcore and overwhelming. So since school comes first, writing comes last. :P Other things I'm currently working on in my spare time are Artist Alley prep for some local conventions, and I'm also on the core staff and planning committee for Valhallacon, which we are working on around the clock to make sure all our ducks stay in their row for our third year. BUT, even so, I am writing notes and sections and plot points toward my in-progress stories. No telling when I'll be able to update next, but rest assured, I am working on it. I can't say it, enough, but thank you for reading and reviewing. The support and kind words received all hit me right in the feels, and that's amazing.


Having an account will make it easier for me to answer your questions and communicate with you. *cough cough hint hint* ;) But since I don't know when I'll have time to write the next chapter, I hope this will do.

*May 17 --> Sasha: The site's been doing funny things and holding my reviews hostage so I wasn't able to read your awesome review, in full, until this evening. I love lengthy reviews so no need to apologize. I do intend to write more Nekozawa and Haruhi homelife bits, and we'll certainly get more of them during their travels and afterward when they return home, but having cooked up some solid plot points and goals I didn't want to drag too much on the nitty gritty. Next chapter will actually be absent of any Haruhi and Nekozawa, but we'll go back to them in Chapter 25 and since you brought it up I think that will be the perfect time to introduce some more of the magick lessons I already have written in my personal notes. I want Haruhi to learn a few more things before she and Nekozawa depart.

It's good Nekozawa makes you feel that way (referring to his mocking). He is, after all, the black wizard feared by many. He is dishonest, full of trickery, and is also very jealous and very selfish - at this point in time, he is no hero. He has many hoops to jump through before anyone can look upon him, favorably. I was actually hoping to already have the next chapter out, but it's divided into four sections, and I need to connect the last two parts in a way that flow well. I've been working on it a little bit each day so hopefully I'll get it out, soon. Thank you for reading and reviewing! Through that you help me become a better writer, and it's my goal to deliver an awesome story. :)



My being has been shattered. I'm upset, and am venting, here, because it is a less public place where I can share my feelings and let it all out while also not feeling like I'm bottling everything up and hiding it. Tonight, my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years has confessed to cheating on me with a girl who is 2/3 my age. I am hurt, angry, shocked, and disappointed - a lot of the love I felt from that relationship was fuel for my writing, and in less than a minute it was decimated. We were each other's longest relationships, and never in my life did I ever once think that I would be in this situation. He knows he messed up, and I feel that his remorse is genuine, but he has a lot of growing up to do if he wants me back. I do not know how fully this incident will affect my writing, but I will take care to ensure it doesn't go down a path opposite of what I've intended.


I'm doing well. Boyfriend and I are taking a break, but we are back on mostly good terms, and we talk every day. We are restarting our relationship from the beginning and taking things slow. He is earning a second chance with me, and we are being very open and mature about our feelings. So, mentally, I'm doing well. Things are getting better, and I'm taking more time for myself. I spent an entire weekend cleaning my room, and it's been bliss. My walls are now decorated with framed convention art, and simply having a clean floor takes away the bulk of my stress. I work better in a clean environment, as there are less distractions to hinder my creativity. While I wish I could say I'm ready to start writing, again, I'm not quite there, yet. My summer job ends this week, school starts back the next week, and my next artist alley show is in one month. I want to start sewing cosplays again. I want to get back into martial arts. I want to write scripts and edit videos, again. I need to get back to all the things I loved to do before post-college depression and anxiety shut me down. See you, soon. I won't forget about you.


I AM DOING MUCH BETTER. My fella and I are still on a break, but we've made remarkable progress with rebuilding our relationship and are giving each other 110%. I'm back in school, and utter chaos has befallen my mental state. I just want to push through and pass the semester. I started writing snippets and sentences for the next chapter of my Naruto fic to help level out my sanity. It's only the second week of school, and I've been working to overcome my bouts of severe anxiety so I can actually talk to someone and ask for help when I need it. Still, my feelings of being overwhelmed are on autopilot and I psych myself out without meaning to. I feel that I always need to be doing something, and I feel guilty when I try and relax. I'm rambling rambling on, right now, because I'm so exhausted, but after I leave here it's off to do PoliSci homework. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY, Y'ALL. But I wanted to check in with you gals. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, you're not alone. We can get through this.

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