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Author has written 5 stories for X-Men: The Movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Edward Scissorhands.

Hi, my name is Alix. I've been known to have obsessions. I guess my first one was Spider-man (Awesome movie! And if anyone reading this thinks otherwise please don't tell me), then Newsies (Carryin' da Bannah!), X-men (Go Hughey!), Pirates of the Caribbean(Johnny Depp is hot!), and now; Lord of the Rings/ Peter Pan (I'm currently obsessed with both). Although I'm still not quite done with POTC. I also love Edward Scissorhands. It is such a good movie! But so sad... actually, the first time I saw itwe watched Swing Kids right after, which I don't reccomend doing unless u've got ure boyfriend or a really good friend over because they're both really depressing movies and u'll need a shoulder to cry on. Of course it's not much fun when ure friends parents r watching the movie with u... Grrr... Well, that's basically my life. yup,I live in books and movies. Well, it's better than reality!

Various Quotes

After reading: "You have her father's love, Demetrius; let me have Hermia's; do you marry him?" from A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare -"What a psycho... I'd only do that for my cat..." -James ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Reads a few passages of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" "Whoa... what the hell did I just say?"- Addison After Rose (She is supposed to be Hermia) reads the line: Be like for want of rain, which I could well beteem them from the tempest of my eyes (Which basically means she could drown the world in all her tears.) "Wait...So Rose is Gonna kill everyone?"- Addison ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"I don't tease boys that I like... I throw myself at them mercilessly"- Catherine (About me) "I forgot to take my medicine today... Can you tell?"-Me, but its probly already been stolen by some T-shirt from Hot Topic. (Insert Movie Title Here); "It's not just a movie, it's a way of life!"- Some newsies website "Polygamy; It's a good thing!"- Me... tee hee... "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And then, throw those lemons back in the face of the person who gave them to you until you get the oranges you originally asked for!"- Alex... who originally got it off some random person's profile. Ben: Is standing in a crowded gym class holding a dodge ball
Various other students: Ben! Ben! Over here! Pass it here!
Ben: Smiling smugly Heh. I love this; completely at my mercy. Me: I was in the same building as ORLANDO BLOOM!
People: Did you see him!
Me: ... No... but Shh, nobody needs to know that... Catherine: See her? That's Liv Tyler. She's Aerosmith's daughter but his real name is Steven Tyler.
Kristen: Not really paying attention because she is so engrossed with Lord of the Rings Oh...
~ 5 minutes later~
Kristen: Wait, if she's Aero Smith's daughter, then why isn't her last name Smith? "Schwat!" (Pronunciation: Shwa!) - Anika "Sammy is my TEDDY BEAR!" - Me "Aragorn is so totally into Frodo... Oh well, Sam will kill him if he tries anything." -All the members of the fellowship from the "Very Secret Diaries" by Cassie Claire. Link: He's not the guy... I am-Elijah Wood from "Spy Kids 3D." Shitty movie, but I liked that part! Because, well... Elijah was in it... Sam (Johnny Depp): It's a shame about raisins...
Joon (Mary Stuart Masterson): Just humiliated grapes really... - From "Benny and Joon" and by Johnny Depp in a deleted scene in POTC ("Jack's Improv. with the Pirates" or whatever) "Freaks are my heroes." -Johnny Depp. (Well Johnny, meet your heroes!) Me: I can write with out looking at my paper!
Ali: Stop it! Stop doing that!
Me: Why?
Ali: ... It's freaking me out... Hannah: Oh my God! That candy bar was, like, orgasmic in my mouth!
James:... Hannah... You know what, I'm not even gonna ask. "Okay, um, a brief announcement for you guys; Canada is the reason for all the world's problems, thank you." -Camp Guys Anika and I discussing the above statement
Me: actually, you know who the real reason for the world's problems is?
Anika: The US!
Me: Exactly! The US of A! Sung Blame Canada! Blame Canada! It's not a real country anyway-Various Camp kids And there we go again, blaming other countries! No wonder America and its teeming masses of stupidity are screwed... then again; we do have an elf for a president. The ears! shudders- Me After seeing this really creepy microscopic swamp creature when examining pond scum under a microscope. It was making some veeeery provocative gestures. It scarred me for life... shudders "Holy Crap! That thing is humping that other thing!" -Nish Referring to some old judges who came to our school to judge our Social Studies projects "Hey James! When you see those old guys, tell them they can get free health insurance in room E-Andrew Tyler: Where are they?
Me: Who?
Tyler: The People who care. About yogurt commercials and the funny faces people make when eating the yogurt in them “Eeeeew! It’s like she’s making out with her spoon or something!" –Me Me: Ali, I have discovered who your secret lover is.
Anika and Catherine: Who! Who!
Me: ...Oliver Twist!
Anika and Catherine: Gasp!
Ali: ... Oh no... you have found me out... aah...
Catherine: Ali... what have I told you about taking advantage of little English boys?
Ali: Umm... It’s good? Adam: Mr. Walsh!
Mike B.: Adam, if you tell him about that Mother’s Day thing I swear I’ll kill you!
Adam: Shut up Becker. Mr. Walsh! You have to wish Becker a Happy Mother’s day!
Mike B.: ... Can I slap him? (The above quote is continued later into Social Studies while we are talking about the inventions, or in this case, innovations of our culture... yeah...)
Mr. Walsh: Can anyone give me an example of an innovation in our culture?
Mike B.: Yeah. From underwear to the thong.
Entire Class: laughs
Mr. Walsh: ... Happy Mother’s Day Michael... I hope you’re comfortable... (In case you don’t get this, Mr. Walsh was implying that Becker a.k.a. Mike B. was wearing a thong. Hence the hilariousness of this quote)
Entire Class laughs even harder
Mike B.: Falls out of chair because he is laughing so hard
Entire Class: Is now laughing dangerously hard because mike B. just fell out of his chair “It says ‘Kill yourself’ on this desk...” - Jovian

"Without weird, there'd be no normal" - Worded by Me, inspired by Grady

My Little Brother: OH MY GOD!

Me Nathaniel: panicked WHAT?

By Little Brother: (In referance to an anime drawing of Legolas on my ceiling) ... Legolas has no nipples!

"It was a torrent of profanity, the likes of which I have never heard before nor will everI hear again. It was beautiful...God that was good! Quick! Write it down!" - Nathaniel

Chase: You two had better stop kissing ore you're gonna give eachother lyme disease!

Nathaniel: If you cross your fingers... can you lie in the ancient language?

Chloe: But I can't! Because my arms are cut off!

"A thing of great beauty will bring you great joy..."- Fortune cookie

Me: ... IN BED!

hysertical laughter

"So... pixie sticks, eh? Hmm... aren't pixies some sort of faerie? So that would make this stuff faerie-dust... and faerie-dust is a nick-name for cocaine... OH MY GOD! Willy Wonka's trying to sell us COKE!" - Sami

P.S.- the website where i found Jack's hat on is:
You MUST check it out!

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