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UPDATE April 1, 2010

Wow, it's been quite a while, hasn't it? I haven't logged into fanfiction.net in well over four years.
Well, for those who have continued to read my fanfiction, I certainly thank you. I've noticed that even after
my absence that people are still reading both on this website and the other that hosts my fanfiction.
Obviously, as I've said, it has been far too long. I just randomly decided to check out a few of the old
sites that I used to write on, and here I find my old old stories. Reading them over again, I can't believe
just how much my writing has improved since the last time I uploaded a chapter here.

Well, since my last update, I've pretty much been working on getting a degree in Video Game Design.
I sort of got screwed over in college and ended up wracking up a 20k bill for three semesters.
Financial Aid office never informed me there was something missing in my FAFSA paperwork,
which meant my Pell Grant and other grants never came in since that was never filled out. Three
semesters later, they finally inform me of this with a 'Pay the money or leave at the end of the semester'
notice. That was certainly nice of them.

I've been working on a lot of Original stuff, mostly game ideas, some graphic novel that I don't think will
ever get to the process I would like it to. I'm continuing in my Graphic Design field, and I'm helping
to run some RP Forum-based websites. As such, I've continued to improve both my writing and my
old 'Mary Sue' aspect, which I've found in quite a few of my stories.

In accordance to any updating I may do, I can't really promise anything... however, I have been
feeling as though I would like to start writing fanfiction again. I've got a few more series
that I would like to write for, mostly based off things that I've come to know quite well.

Here's a list of possible future Fanfiction series

Tales of Vesperia

Elfen Lied
Legend of Zelda
(OoT most likely; I'll make mention of this below)

I just realized how small that list is. Haha!
Anyhow, as stated above, in accordance to updating...
the following stories have my interest in updating...

Escaping Fate: This was one of my best works. However, there was a lot of reference to a book that I had been reading at the time. It mostly involved the plane crash, and the whole aspect of the 'souls' attempting to return to the plane. Still, I feel I can still take it in a different direction (as I had planned to do so). Nevertheless, I feel I must make mention of the book, and of course, change a few things so it doesn't seem like a complete copy/steal of a good idea. The name of the book is Quietus, and it is a GREAT read. I recommend it to any readers who love a good thriller.

Prophecy of Awakenings:
One of my largest ideas, and of course, involving my obsession at that time, Teen Titans. Now, the show was obviously canceled, yet I think they still have a comic going. However, I've come to hold a bit more knowledge of the 'original' DC comic. Still, I'd rather not turn it completely around. I'd like to keep it based off the show's portrayal of the characters rather than switching it up. Still, I would certainly like to make reference to the original creation. And, of course, continue this story.

Pride of Saiya-jins Series: Another large idea that I had. I think I'm still a hardcore DBZ fan at heart. Hell, it's what got me into Anime in the first place! This was supposed to turn out to be a collection of short stories that told the time that was skipped during Goku's death. It was also supposed to slightly take an alternate route; Goku's death really hitting his family a bit more hard than the Anime and Manga portrayed, and his refusal to be revived. I also wanted to explain how Android 18 and Krillin got together, as well as develop his character a bit more (he was always my favorite!). Gohan, of course, I would like him to be portrayed not as the geeky, embarrassment that Japanese Comedy seemed to make shine, but instead, take a more serious approach. As such, I may end up rewriting some of his chapter, though mostly for corrections in Grammar and overall story quality.

Final Fantasy Menagerie: Generations of Aspiration: They're still my two favorite Final Fantasies of all time; Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IV. Of course, BOTH came out with sequels, and more story. As such, I was thinking of how I could use that to my advantage if I were to continue/rewrite this story. Also! I happened to find the ORIGINAL STORY of this!! My mom somehow had it in one of her flash drives which she found a few months ago (which sparked my interest in Fanfiction again). So many chapters, so many grammar errors. Still, it's always refreshing to see how far I've come since then.

Well, that's it for the update. I know, not much of an 'update' that some
people may have been hoping for, but at least there's 'SOME' home in me
getting some writing done. Well, I've bookmarked the page
and I have Word installed in my computer. Let's see what this month
brings us, neh?

UPDATE May 10, 2006

To those awaiting updates from my books/workings, it'll be only a short, if not, couple to few weeks
before I get anything officially update. Those of you who have reviewed, I want to thank you, as it was
all of you that have kept me going on this website. Obviously, I might still have kept writing regardless,
but I would not have been working so long on True Awakenings if it weren't for its many fans.
Thanks for the E-mails, and just be patient a few more days until I get a newer version of Microsoft
Word onto my computer. Until then, here's a list of things I've been working on...

Teen Titans: True Awakenings
Character Changes, Story Line Changes, Plot Changes
Only a few things will change from the short-short version I have posted on this site. Upon others, there are several changes to the plot, and will still hold four books total.
(Thank you for the person who pointed out the Mary Sue. Hopefully, if are still around and searching, you will like the changes I have made, and will remember to keep the road I place in one motion, and not swerve to better fit some OC. Thank you also to the person who wasn't too impressed with the re-written episodes. Though, some parts will remain the same, I placed more emotion toward the latter chapters, and though I don't want to give much away, there are minor changes after Terra leaves the Titans, with her first initial meeting with Slade, and more emotion, as well as a complete change from the series storyline after the scene with Raven, Terra, and Slade at the Amusement Park.)
Much much angst with this story, lost and lost of drama, and plenty of action in later chapters folks! You like all three? Romance as well? You'll get plenty of it with this book; my biggest Fanfiction project to date!

Dragonball Z: Pride of Saiya-jins Collections: Hero of the Day
Storyline Changes, Plot Changes, Earlier Setting
For those waiting for this story, I'm sorry, but it's not going to take place during the Buu Saga. I'm re-winding it, and having it take place DIRECTLY after the Cell Saga. The stories that are now a One Shot (Chi-Chi's story Broken) will all have Two or more Chapters, and will most likely be combined into one story, since they will all be running along side each other. I don't want to give anything away, but if you read the original, I'm actually going to explain HOW Gohan became the son of a @ Saiya-jin halfling he appears to be in the original (original meaning my story, not the series). This might come out at a later date than the TA update.

Teen Titans: A Titan's Hero
Storyline Changes, Plot Changes, Title up for change
Thanks for all the reviews, but looking over it now, I can't understand what the hell I was thinking, or what direction I was going with this. Don't worry, it'll have as much romance/angst/action as TA, and go in a completely different direction than most TT Stories. It'll go more into Raven and Jinx's backgrounds (according to my own imagination). For a quick plot summary for those curious to what is to change, this is all I have come up with thus far:
Abilities that go beyond the laws of most Meta-Humans, two enemies are told that their paths have crossed upon several occasions for a specific reason. When Raven and Jinx's magic erupt, and both are left completely powerless, a strange prophet appears with information that will change the lives of both, and force them to embark on an adventure on their own in order to not only restore their powers, but prevent others from stealing it.

Teen Titans: Ravenous (Previously Titled: Father's Blood, Mothers Love)
Storyline Changes, Plot Changes, Far earlier setting
Now that Shinigami Virus is back in town, I need to collect my thoughts for this one. Not only do I have to re-read his entire story in order to not create plot discrepancies, but I also need to come up with a completely different plot. It'll take place at Raven's Birth, show more background of Meridith (Kali), how she changed her name, why she doesn't have children of her own, and also start off with her last adoptive child. I need a lot of work with this one. Sorry, but don't expect an update anytime soon.

Sailor Moon: Escaping Fate
No real changes
I just need to um ... update this, really, as well as bring out some more character development. When I get to this project, it'll start rolling again. I think I need a beta reader for this one, as well as almost all my other stories o.x;

Final Fantasy VII: Generations of Aspirations
Storyline Change
Not much really will change from what you've seen thus far, just the second chapter that I had already written. Yea, I tossed it ... going more on instict with this story, which is quite dangerous. Aside from that, this story should probably have an update when Escaping Fate gets updated.

CONTINUE PROFILE BELOW (Will be updated at a later date)

Name: Bill Lepore
AiM: BillLeFnPore
E-mail: gohanstrife@yahoo.com
Website: www.angelfire.com/cantina/gohanstrife/index.html
(Currently in the works of adding more authors to the site)

Final Fantasy Menagerie: Generations Of Aspirations

True Awakenings
Teen Titans Title

-Work in Progress (under a third revision)

Starting off with a lengthy Prelude to the story, and introducing two guest characters from my "S.T.A.F." comic book currently in the workings, Kylie Lockheart, and Kira Rounin, this story has been, and will be my longest project come to date (aside from the DBZ Collection, since that's a collection of stories). The prelude starts off several years before the creation of the Teen Titans Team, giving more background to each character, as well as adding in some plot liners of my own, as well as from the comic books.

The first chapter starts off directly after the events of Season 4's, The End three-part episode. The story will go more into the background of Raven's Demon heritage, as well as the original story of Trigon. More prophecies will be brought forth, as well as the arrival of many side characters. Red-X, Blackgire, the H.I.V.E. Academy, Brother Blood, Slade; many characters will be re-introduced, some in a new light, some in the shadows.

Each character will have their own path to follow, all hopefully leading them to their final goal of saving the city, saving their friends, and most importantly, saving themselves.

Update Status: Completely Re-writing, and I'm sure you'll all be pleased with the results.

The Pride of Saiya-jins Collections
All Characters Included

I had a major breakthrough with this story; ideas flying out of my head. I'm going to place in different characters, and express their point of views; up to the point where all the characters will meet, and the story will truly take place; most likely either around the Buu Saga; where I had my story Hero Of The Day, or beyond that; I'm not sure. I know Hero Of The Day will be merged with this story, so those of you looking for updates on that, wait for this part of the story to come out. Stories of each character are listed below in a somewhat order of the way the story is told.

- Book 1 -
Broken x Chi-Chi
Hero Of The Day x Gohan
Set Me Free x Vegeta
(Not Yet Written)
Crawling x Krilling-Anrdoid 18
(Not Yet Written)
Break Me x Videl (Not Yet Written)
My Sanity x Goku
(Not Yet Written)
No Leaf Clover x Piccolo
(Not Yet Written)
And The World Returned x Vertigo (OC)

Bleeding Mascara x Katalina (OC)
(Not Yet Written)
--Above Listed are collections of short-stories that are all apart of Book 1--
(Future Projects)
Reunion - Book 2 (Written in Standard Story Format)
Saiya-jin War - Book 3 (Written in Standard Story Format)

Update Status: Work In Progress

Escaping Fate
Sailor Moon Title
Rei Hino P.o.V.
Rei and her father take a trip, but on the way back, there's an accident. Rei awakens in a hospital, with slight images and memories of the crash, but none that add up with the facts of what actually happened. After the incident, everything in her life changes. After remembering the full memories of the crash that no one else could, she finds herself in between life and death, not fitting in with either place, coming down with a battle no one has ever survived; Death itself.

Update Status: Work In Progress

A Titan's Hero
Teen Titans
Alright, I've decided to completly take this story in a different direction; completly inspired by National Treasure the movie. Alright, first off, don't be scared off into thinking Raven and Jinx are gonna go off and collect gold as treasure hunters; oh no. I wouldn't have that. Instead, Raven and Jinx are simply going to go off onto an adventure on their own; with no connection to the other Titan's or even Jump City for that matter. Be on the look out for this one, I'm gonna replace what I have currently.

Status: Work In Progress

Sailor Moon T
Sailormoon/Teen TitansCrossover
I know the title is T and it comes after S, but I believe I will simply not include S, or simply make it directly after R, and maybe some pieces of S in it. I never liked the 'Starlights,' and so forth. Plus, I don't want Sailor Moon to be too rediculously more powerful than the other senshi just yet.

Teen Titans Fiction

The prolgue/prelude, which ever you would like to call it, of the Fanfiction.net Story: Robin, My Houkounin, or better known now as Houkounin Sagas. It takes place when Kali first meets Raven, and shall tell the tale of the two and their timeful training, and troubling relationship developing between the two. (Too many T's)

Status: Get'n tired of my revisions? Good, cause here's another one. When I first started writing it, I had no plot in mind at all... however, now I do but in order to incorporate it into the story, I must... yes... revise it. And completly rewrite it; but worry not, this was merely a few chapters long; not too long to replace. Keep an eye out for this one...

Hero Of The Day
Dragonball Z Fiction Story

See Pride Of Saiya-jins Collections

One Shots

Teen Titans: With You - I think I did a pretty good job with this one... I worked pretty hard on it... I'll have more like this out soon.
Teen Titans: The Prophecy Begins - This one was simply something I conjured up at work; less than fifteen minutes woth of work. I didn't wanna put it on, but someone asked me to so I did anyway.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions are always appeciated in reviews, or feel free to E-mail me. Just make the subject something that I won't simply delete. I get a lot of junk mail.

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I will always be with you."
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