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Where to begin... I'm quiet new to this whole site, so please bear with me while I'm learning the ropes. I will say I support MattxMello and LxLight (Death Note) as well as NnyxEdgar (JtHM) And some other things I can't think of at the moment... Anyways I hope to post one shots and such quiet frequently with whatever obsession I have at the time. So I hope you enjoy!


So. I'm on a mission that I can't do alone. I'm tired of becoming a fan of something that people were fans of a few years back, but are now almost non-existant, so I'm going to try and reawaken a fandom. The Death Note fandom to be exact. (more specifically, and hopefully, MattxMello) But like I said, I need help. Simply let me know there are still those people out there that still care about them! We could start something! I just need a little help.


Hey guys... I'm sorry and know you all are about ready to slit my throat because I completly stopped writing... I'll try an make it up to you, but don't expect anything new too soon. (like the next couple days soon.) College classes are really starting to get to me right now so I was a bit focused on them seeing as they were a tad more important. (But only a tad.) I will say I will give you an update on Chained Assassin, AS WELL AS an LxLight oneshot that I've had in mind ;) MAYBE, just MAYBE an update in Roomies as well, but I have been getting alot of feedback from Death Note things.


Sorry about the lack of updates on Chained Assassin., I've been obnoxiously busy with finals an such. I probably won't be very active this weekend either due to the fact of it being Mothers Day, I have some volunteer work to do (and my cousin found an epic fishing hole! Yes, I can be a redneck at heart...) But this being said, I am also working on a new project along side Chained Assassin! It's a series of oneshots but they all connect in a way with the same characters and living conditions and such. So be looking for this! I promise it will have LxLight, MelloxMatt and if you know of JtHM, NnyxEdgar. Yes, It's a crossover with the Wammy Boys ( Light and B.B) and JtHM Characters! :D


IM GOING TO A-KON DALLAS!!!!! w00t w00t hecks yes! If I'm able to save up enough I going to dress as Minene Uryuu from Mirai Nikki :D my first anime convention I'm so excited :3 so if you'll be at A-kon Dallas on June 2nd, hit me up! I'll be the epic one strutting around like I know the place


Alright, so for the time being, I'll take one shot requests since my creative idead are running on empty at the moment. I'll take requests from anything related to the following:

Death Note


The Wallflower

Inuyasha (though I have yet to finish the series...)

Mirai Nikki/ Future Diary

Maximum Ride

The Hunger Games



Those are just to name a few, but if there is something else that I might possible know about and you would like a oneshot of it, don't hesitate to message. I like messages. And If you would like a oneshot, just message me as well.

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