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About Moi

Hello there everyone. Not a lot to know about me besides the fact that I am the The One, The Only, JOWY AVILON! I am also an avid Megaman X fan. Most of the stories I post here will most likely be centered in that universe like my "Tales of" series. If your a Megaman X fan like myself I would love to talk with you. I was also going through and rewriting my Looking For Group fanfics and was posting them here as well but this has been discontinued since I lost everything related to this series. I am also looking to sometime soon get into doing some Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction. Anyway, I think that is about it for this so just have a read of my stories and hit me up sometime. Till then my peeps, PEACE!

UPDATE (03/12/15): I know I haven't really written anything since February when I wrote my first ever Sonic fanfic to broaden my horizons. For that I apologize. I haven't forgotten about things or lost motivation like I have in the past. Metroid X and A Tale of Rebellion will be updated soonish as well as continuing my thorough update of A Tale of Legendary Love to bring it more up to par with my current works. The reason things are moving slow for me currently is because on top of plotting for Metroid X and AToR real life still has me pinned down and I am plotting up another solo Sonic fic idea as well and plotting with my newest good buddy Taurus Pixie *you can find a link to her profile in my favorite authors list, go check out her work, it's awesome stuff! /endplug* for our coming Sonic collaboration.

Sonic Fan Character

Yes I decided to give into myself and make one of these. The current iteration is only a first draft and is a work in progress and will be updated as the character develops more and this will be updated as such.

Name: Vintas

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 17

Appearance: He is white with circular royal blue rings around the ends of each of his quills. His arms and stomach are tan and has black eyes. Instead of gloves he wears two silver gauntlets with gold rings around where the wrist is and two sapphires in the center of them. He also wears silver greaves with gold rings around the top of them. To top it all off he wears a long red silk scarf. Strapped to his back with a black strap that comes across his right shoulder, comes across his mid section, and runs to his back is a black scabbard for his sword. Wears a black belt that has a holster for his laser pistol.

Powers/Abilities: Great sword skills, very slight teleportation, acrobatics, Soul Surge, second sight

Characteristics: Brave, peace loving, friendly even though he worries something bad may happen to anyone who gets close to him sometimes over confident and cocky, can be sometimes lazy, a bit claustrophobic.

Likes: Traveling, forests, practicing his sword skills, rain and thunderstorms, pizza, his sword, the Chaos Emeralds.

Dislikes: Robots and technology including his own Laser Pistol, Dr. Eggman, tight and small spaces

Weapons: Broadsword, Laser Pistol

Catch Phrases: Let's dance

History: At a very young age his small village was attacked by Dr. Eggman and his parents were killed and his sister was taken captive. Taking a laser pistol that had been discarded by a defeated robot he made an escape from the under siege village as it was entirely razed. Barely surviving the attack he came across an old hermit who took him in and raised him, teaching him how to use a sword to pass down his techniques. After the hermit finished training him and presenting him his trademark, gauntlets and greaves he passed away and an older Vintas after giving his father figure and mentor a proper burial set out to travel the world. He sought out new experiences to get stronger, to hopefully someday find and free his sister if she's even still alive, and to be a pain in Eggman's side every chance he gets. Despite his hatred for robots and technology he keeps the laser pistol with him as a reminder of his past and only uses it in dire emergency situations. As he traveled he learned he could teleport very small distances and that he had the ability known as the Soul Surge which allows him to temporarily boost either his speed, strength, teleportation range, or allows him to perform a special sword technique. During his journey he also took up acrobatics to make him more flexible and agile in combat. After having seen a couple in his travels he came to like the Chaos Emeralds because of their shape, colors, and what they are capable of doing and he one days hope to have one for himself because he simply thinks they're cool. Being a Seer he is gifted with the ability of second sight which allows him to see him into the past, events going on in the present, and the unaltered future. Using this ability he tries to stop as many terrible events as he can from unfolding which has led him on a great many of his adventures. He also uses this ability from time to time to earn money as an Oracle for Hire.

Important Megaman X OC's

Violet Omega: Zero's sister.

Hydro: Chief Medic of the Maverick Hunters after Lifesaver left.

Corrupt X: X infected by the combined Sigma and Zero Virus strains referred to as the X Virus.

Dr. Linka Light: Great granddaughter of Dr. Thomas Light.

Wenda Wily: Great granddaughter of Dr. Albert Wily.

General Morisha: A High General of the Maverick Hunters

The Adjudicators: Personal body guards of the High Generals.

The H-Hunters: Gold Vallant, Silver Gallant, Black Sniper, Green Boxer, Pink Seductress, Red Blade, Blue Samurai, and White Runner: Group of Mavericks designed and created by Wenda Wily.

Current Projects

Megaman X: A Tale of Legendary Love (Complete)

Megaman X: A Tale of Rebellion (In Progress) Latest Chapter: 3

Megaman: Metroid X (In Progress) Latest Chapter: 2

Megaman X vs Zero (Complete *For now*)

Sonic the Hedgehog: Amy's Valentines Special (Complete)

Sonic the Hedgehog: End Game (Coming Soon *Collaboration with Taurus Pixie*)

Artifact Of The Old World (Discontinued)

Support me in my other endeavors

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