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Author has written 31 stories for Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT.

Full credit for this Avatar goes to Vixeona! THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!

My hobbies are singing, photography, and writing of course. At the current moment Im studying photography at AILV (Art Institute of Las Vegas) and I hope to either become a landscape photographer or wildlife photographer. Writing is my hobby but i would love to publish a fiction novel.

Yaoi = DAISUKE! I love love love Yaoi! Most people don't believe how popular this stuff is, it's even bigger than Yuri!(girlxgirl) As for you flamers and haters on this, don't knock it until you try it! There's just something about two hot guys making hot sweet love to each other that just gets the blood going!

My favorite DBZ characters are Goku, Trunks, Pan, Vegeta, Bardock, #17, and Goten. Hell I just love them all!

I have characters of my own. I can never keep them in the same background. I originally wanted Ryanna and her brother to be full saiyans but in more stories I've been playing around with their characters in order to get them to fit into the story line.

Ryanna Coutsa'n: OC creation, her looks and personalities differ with each fic depending on the situation and plot. Normally high strong, and emotional.

Kankton Coutsa'n: Ryanna's Brother used as a filler for couple pairings most times.

Chary Cabana: Romance novelist, used her in "A Rose by Any Other Name," She's mostly a filler character but I plan on using her again in future fics

Damien Coutsa'n: Ryanna's and Kankton's father

Rika Coutsa'n: Ryanna's and Kankton's Mother

(Ryanna's kids)

V.J: short for Vegeta Jr.

Rika (Jr)

Damien (Jr)



I've been pretty busy with school, work, and my story updates so bear with me on everything. Here's what's going on with my latest fics and what you should expect to come.



I now have a site you can go to to read the unpublished Lemon chapters from the various series. Since Fanfiction isn't allowing links to be shared I have created a facebook page called Bri's Fanfiction in which you can post or message me if you'd like the link to the lemon chapters for the various fics including of the ones I plan on posting from my alternate Pen Name.

"Mis- Series"

Mistaken Identity: Thanks to the reader CloudyThunder47 I've been inspired for a new fic. Born a woman Princess Vega of the saiyan race has taken on the pseudonym of Saiyan Prince Vegeta. With this new identity Vega struggles yet thrives showing immense potential and strength which catches the attention of Lord Frieza himself. Can she keep her cool under his rule?

Misconstrued:After the birth of her child, Vega finds herself living a normal life among the other Earthlings. The darkness of her past was almost a distant memory until a blast from her past comes a knocking.Things to expect from this story is a lot of drama, angst, with a touch of romance. Goku will become a more vital person in Vega's life, and at the same time his son Gohan will become important to her child's as well.

Misguided Soul:This will be the final addition to the Mistaken Identity series. Gohan and Xena take center stage as the primary characters and it focuses on their relationship as well as the struggles of their individual lives as they go into their teenage years.

"Reborn Series"

Bardock Reborn: I decided on writing some ideas on how to involve more Bardock because my Bardock/Ryanna couple turned out to be a complete success and I absoultely love BARDOCK squeee! Anyway the basic summary is simple. Ryanna and Bulma work on a time machine prototype and at the same time Ryanna works on a saiyan dna potion that can turn humans into Saiyans. Anyway while working overtime there's an accident and not only does Ryanna get sent back into the past but she becomes a saiyan. Even more surprising is the place she lands is Planet Vegeta before it exploded. How will she escape and after meeting Bardock will she really want to? I love the concept of this fic because in my previous fics I've always made Ryanna a saiyan not really thinking how she ended up as one.

"Dragon Ball Reborn" Unlike my Why Can't trilogy Dragon Ball Reborn will far differenciate from the original series. This is mostly because Ryanna is from the future and hers and BArdocks presence will add more entice. In otehr words they'll help to train Goku to be far stronger than he ever was in DB. Of course he's still going to meet Bulma and his other friends, but the outcome is more centered around a secret plot I'm not going to reveal until after I release the fic. What i CAN tell you is that Bardock and Ryanna will be featured, but the main characters will be their kids Radditz, Goku, and a secret character revealed later.

The continuation of the reborn series will end with the third fic.

"Z Reborn" 21 years have passed since Ryanna had taken that unscheduled trip into the past that changed her life forever. In doing so she became a saiyan, fell in love, and was now the mother of three beautiful kids who weren't kids anymore. Radditz, Goku, and Mirai have grown up and as her chapter ends theirs begin. With the dramatic changes done to the timeline how will their story differ from the original timeline, and how will that timeline help them in defeating the darkness that threatens to destroy their world?

"Why Can't- Series"

Why Can't I?:This started with a Goku/Vegeta pairing and due to a request from a fan I altered it and made it into an Alternate universe fic. Goku comes back from his affair with Vegeta and wishes he knew what life would have been like had he been born a woman. Shenron hears his wish and allows him to view the life he would have had. This particular storyline will continue on through three fics. Why Can't I surrounds around Rikku (AKA GOKU) and the entire Dragon Ball series from being born to her life after her victorious win of the World Martial Arts tournament.

Why Can't You?: My most successful fic by far! Continues the Rikku/Goku universe. It starts with Rikku's life after the birth of Gohan (his existence is explained in Why Can't I.) Raditz emerges and comes to Earth, but instead of wanting to recruit or kill Rikku he is sent by Vegeta to force "Karat" (Fem version of Kakarott) to become Vegeta's mate. When she refuses he kidnaps Gohan for collateral. This fic will continue enter the DBZ series and end after the Cell Saga

Why Can't We?: The conclusion of the Rikku/Goku Universe. It is the finale, and oh what a finale! It's the Buu saga naturally, but it won't end when Buu does. With so many barriers and unnatural forces going against them will Rikku/Goku and Vegeta be able to conquer it all with their love? Bulma suffers from unrequitted love and has a major bitch fit with Rikku, will their friendship survive? Last but not least, in reality where Goku is asleep and experiencing this, how will he be able to go back to the way things were now that he's had a taste of true love? Read all this and more!

More of Rikku/Goku Universe!!!

Future Goten's Story: A link with the "Why Can't" trilogy but in the Future universe where Trunks came from and Goten was born before Rikku's death.

Why Can't They?: Due to popular demand I have decided to do a continuation of the "Why Can't" series. Instead of being the entire GT series it will partake the "After Story" of what happens to the next generation when Rikku has to leave with Shenron. Pairings will be Trunks/Pan, Goten/Rika, and Bulla/OC . PLOT RELEASE!!! Pan disappeared for 3 years, taking after her grandmother Rikku, to go out and see the world through a Martial Artist's eyes. When she returns things had hardly changed. Goten was still oblivious to Rika's love for him, Bulla was still unable to admit her feelings for a human, and to make matters worse Trunks still sees her as that fourteen year old he traveled into space with. In order to Include some fighting there's going to be a new series of villains raining on the parade, but no one sees it coming. Rikku speaks from beyond limbo to try and warn her family about the upcoming dangers!

Why Can't the Gods: I've had several readers ask for a Dragon Ball Super continuation for the Rikku universe. Due to some of the plot points in Why Can't They not meshing well I've decided to put Why Can't They on hold so to pursue this more popular idea. Plot: After being shown what his life would have been like as a woman, Goku was told that after Buu nothing in the universe changed, He would still have gone to space in kid form, and he would still have gone with Shenron after the attack of the Dark Shenrons. However Ruler of the 12 universes, the Almighty Zeno or Omni-King, appears before him and tells him that isn't so. He grants Goku a second chance in life as a woman, and recreates the universe in a way that will change “Rikku’s” life forever.


Briry18 - Be sure to check out my other account for my Kingdom Hearts story "If I was Yours" I had decided to create this separate account so to keep better handle on my stories.

*IMPORTANT* I will be deleting some stories in order to make way for new ideas as well as some rejuvinated fics such as revisions of "Through Another Child" "Memories of Life and Love" "Canto Alla Vita" "Conflict on Vegeta-Sei" "Give me a Sign" and "A Rose by any Other Name"

If you would like revised versions of any of my other fics please let me know. I will put warning notices on all the fics that are in danger of being deleted. IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT TO BE DELETED PLZ TELL ME!

*AUTHOR SPEAKS* Comments, Requests, and Concerns can all be sent to me Via a E mail. is my main account but I also check my Yahoo account which is I'm online chatting with this username so if you want to talk to me personally don't hesitate to poke me on youtube or look me up on facebook >>> bmrdbgt AKA Briana Reed. I am a person who loves her readers! Without you I have no purpose here on I don't mind you e mailing me or IMing me with critiques I actually approve of them so long as they're not flamers. FLAMERS ARE BAD! There is such a thing as a RUDE critique and I don't approve of those. My definition of a rude critique is using bad words in every *bleeping* sentence, saying you hate yaoi or hate this hate that I hate everything blah blah blah. So long as we can be polite and friendly we'll get along swimmingly!

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CHAPTER 23 updated! Yo ho Yo ho a pirate life for me, based on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean I wrote and twisted the plot a bit to create a DBZ/GT version. Read and enjoy... PLEASE! PS I do not own POTC or DBZ. I do own Ryanna
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COMPLETE This is a fic I made a while back. I'm a real TP fan so here's a OCGot Fic! Ryanna and Goten meet at a young age and develop a love over the years together, but what happens when Goten leaves, will he remember her, and will she remember him?
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