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Hello all!

Yeah, I've unleashed my inner geek in order to inflict poor prose upon the rest of the world, and there's one fan-dom in particular to blame. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (Troika Games 2004). Then, thanks to DeviantART, I discovered the awesomeness that is Sanctuary! They had me with the words Nikola Tesla is a Vampire.

If you have any questions or requests which are Sanctuary Fan-fic related, or just creative writing related, please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from my fellow Sanctuary-addicts!

With Sanctuary I do prefer to write history-fics and make them work within cannon, whilst kinda adding to it in a sympathetic way... my aim is always to keep the characters in-character and the setting believable, whilst coming up with Sanctuary-eque moments that could make any fan smile. Basically I try to write in a way that would make Kindler, Tapping and Wood proud! Let me know if I'm on the right track!

Wanting to know what's going on, or why I've not updated? If I've not posted a chapter in a while I'll leave you a progress update here so you know I'm still alive, and still trying to finish these gosh-darn stories!


25/01/15 - Sorry not a major update, but I am starting to tinker and edit a few things - namely correcting some of the woosy-ness and inconsistencies in Vienna in Springtime, starting with 1916. Basically I just want to make the plot a bit more water-tight, so I'm making sure I'm not talking-round-the-houses, clearing up things that were more obtuse than they needed to be etc. It's an ongoing and intermittent project, but I'll let you know when the new and improved Mark II is up, and whether there's anything majorly different, when it's done. Also, I managed to write some more of Post-Mortem! Yay! So hopefully it won't be too long before another update for that.

01/01/15 - Happy New Year All! In the words of Henry - do you want the good news or the bad news... bad news, I am currently working flat out to achieve my MA, apply for a PhD, support myself financially and, well, do sociable things like see my boyf and friends so time is limited. This means I haven't written anything for months which is BAD. The Good news - I do, honestly, have every intention of finishing all my unfinished Sanctuary fics, and I am still reading the fics people keep posting, so I'm still here! And hopefully in the future I will be able to make good on those promises, but in the mean time, I have posted the next chapter from Post-Mortem where Druitt and Tesla finally make their appearance! Yay. Hope you enjoy it. All the best for 2015 and I hope to be able to continue them soon.

17/07/14 - Arrr well, again, my apologies for not updating things. I've taken the sad-face decision to wind-down my Sanctuary fics as I will be returning to uni to do an MA in the near future and chances are I won't muster the energy to take on any more big-fics whilst trying to write essays. I had originally planned to continue the Nikola-Helen pre-WW2 stories right up to and including King Tut's tomb, but I fear that if I do that we may never get there. So I have the post-Vienna interlude, Incubation, which I will be posting soon (deffinately one for the Teslen fans), and I promise I am still writing and WILL FINISH Post-Mortem, but my plans for Influenza are now on permanent hiatus. :( It's been great fun though! Sanctuary has kept my love of writing alive and hopefully developed it too, its an epic sandbox, but I'm not sure its one I have enough time to play in anymore and I don't want to ruin it by trying too hard.

24/06/14 - Sorry for being such a ghost people, not only did my social life get busy, but work got horrifically busy, and... yeah... kinda came to a bit of a crisis point of 'is this what I want to be doing for a career???' :S Stresssssss. So I will try and update because I hate unfinished stories but, just so you know, creative output likely to dip for a while. :(

On-going Sanctuary-Fic Status Report:

Post-Mortem: On-Hiatus - until I get chance to write more. I do have a plan, and an end game, and most of the next two chapters written but... y'know, life keeps getting in the way. :S Sorry.

12 Days of Sanctuary Christmas: On Hiatus - Still Sanctuary Obsessed, but I didn't have any time this Christmas. Lords, Pipers and Drummers will have to wait for December 2015.

Immortals All... On-Hiatus - Until I can muster the energy and time to write this some more. Like the Invisible Man, a series of one-shots surrounding the Five, Pre-Source-Blood in Oxford. It will only be updated on an ad-hoc basis and give me chance to get the occasional burst of Griffin, Watson and Druitt-related shenanigans out of my system. :) May face minor edits as I have reassessed Helen's academic trajectory a little after reading a fic by featherxquill - she made an excellent point that a medical education for women did exist before 1886, whilst Helen was a younger woman. But anyway...

I'll always try to put the correct ratings on my work, (though I personally believe people of all ages should be allowed to read whatever they want,) but if you think I've been lax, let me know and I'll probably bump up the rating.

Please, please, DO point out any spelling mistakes/grammar errors etc and give constructive criticism on the writing - this is always welcome as I'd like to improve my writing skills. Goes without saying that unless otherwise stated characters, scenarios, locales etc are all from their various fan-verses and do not belong to me yadda yadda, not for profit... just for fun... please don't sue.

And now - on with the show!

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Post-Mortem reviews
January, 1962. Cornwall, England. At the funeral of their dear colleague Nigel Griffin, James and Helen learn of an ominous force looming over his wife and daughter. Can the remaining members of the Five work out why Nigel died, and keep his family safe? Mystery-Thriller. In progress.
Sanctuary - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 21,446 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 1/1/2015 - Published: 5/11/2014 - Helen M., James W., Nikola T., John D.
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London, June 1917. WW1. Having moved out of the Sanctuary, Nikola receives an unexpected guest. An intimate vignette set in the months following Vienna in Springtime.
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