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Author has written 5 stories for Trauma Center.

Anyone remember me still? And my beta-reading: I'm working on it :3 Haven't looked at it for a really long time, but now I have some time.
EDIT: School is being more of a trouble than I anticipated. I forgot I had a life. I'll never forget the stories, and I read them often. May not update any stories. If you want to know endings, PM me.


I am publishing two minor stories in about a week. Neither of them are down there. The first will be 1.5k words, the second one closer to 3k or so.

I lied. The second story is 6200 words. I mean, wow. It's a one-shot.

Also, could someone please review Glass? (Edit: Thanks, guys :D)I know it isn't my best work, but still...Also, I'm still holding my second fic, which I have dubbed "Captivate", under works...

MAY be working on a third fic, and a trilogy featuring a completely redone TCUTK3. May restart Blackout and quickly wrap up Fatal Assumptions over break.

Trauma Center Under The Knife 3: Breaking in Two
C1- Head in the Clouds 7% done
C2- Gamble 12% done
C3- Taking Chances 60% done
C4- Diagnosed 60% done
C5- Drowning 5% done
C6- Breath of Life 3% done
C7- Secrets Kept 1% done

Story 6 - Trauma Center Under The Knife 3 - Holding On 1%
C1- Explanation
C2- Time Lapse
C3- Mutation
C4- Synchronized
C5- Face Off With Death
C6- Medical Emergency
C7- Spring Breeze

Story 9 - Trauma Center Under The Knife 3 - Cold Stares 1%
C1 - Not Needed (Short Prologue)
C2 - A Life Without You
C3 - Return
C4 - Cold Stares
C5 - Emotional Weakness
C6 - Ready To Die
C7 - The Final Operation
C8 - Ready To Live, At Last
Bonus - Inseparable

C1- Short Prologue 75%
C2- Trial 85%
C3- Faith 95%
C4- Desperation 55%
C5- Breakout 12%
C6- Hopeless
C7- Blade of Resolve
C8- Final Countdown 5%
C9- Spirit Guardian (Epilogue) 5%

Fatal Assumptions
C1- Frozen Heart 25%
C2- Burning Resolve 95%
C3- Grounded to Life 100%
C4- Electrifying Encounter 7%

Bonded By Trauma
C1- Under The Knife 10%

Breaking Point
C1- Unknown 7%

C1- Reminder of the Past 7%

Best of 2012 - My stories.

My best lines (in my opinion) of 2012.

"Doctor! He has a chiral reaction!" Heather exclaimed.
"What?! That means-"
"I infected him..."

(This is back from my script all honesty, this is easier.)

Derek: The helicopter!
Brandon: ...I'll fly it!
Derek: Do you know how?
Brandon: ...Mostly. Now shut up and operate.
Angie: That's reassuring...

-Ignorance is Bliss

Here's the thing: I actually put a lot of effort into my chapter titles, so it is appreciated if you take a moment to read them.

Guest Review Replies! (If this is you, tell me!)

Storm:I noticed you write DerAng but you always make Angie out to be a

horrible person and always yelling or hurting Derek...This being the icing on
the cake..I think you need to at least consider writing something other then
tragedies where Angie is a bitch.

I thrive on angst/romance/drama stories. I couldn't possibly imagine making Derek do the things Angie would be more likely to do. And, if that's the case, you'll be pleased to read Breaking Point (If it EVER comes out...) And then if you don't like Angie being a bitch then you will be disappointed with Blackout (Chapters 2-3) and TCUTK3 (Chapters 1-2, 4-6?) But in both of those cases, Angie comes around eventually. And in Fatal Assumptions? Have you read the bonus chapter(s) yet? It's rather vital to the "Angie being a bitch" thing.

Story 1- Trauma Center Under The Knife 3: Breaking in Two (Subject to Change)

Summary- Derek and Angie find places to bond in a world of chaos, angst, and love. Very tiny bit AU (In terms of ages and time periods (Angie/Derek never age past 30 yet, etc.), look at the InfoChapter for clarification.

Alright, here's my idea. I am fully aware that my Chapter 1-2 is not only short, it is in need of yet another revision (honestly, this is ridiculous.)
So remember my OLD chapter 1 and 2? The one with the first operation and the one with the notes and paperwork? I'm going to incorporate some of that in my NEW Chapters 1 and 2 (Which used to be three and four.)

C1- Head in the Clouds
C2- Gamble
C3- Taking Chances
C4- Diagnosed
C5- Drowning
C6- Breath of Life
C7- Secrets Kept

Characters- Derek, Angie, Tyler, Leslie, Markus, Valerie, Elena, Naomi, Linda and others.
MAIN Pairings- Derek x Angie. Markus x Elena.
Chapters- 8
Next Revision- 11/1/13 - 2/1-14
Rating: T for Blood, Language, Semi-Graphic Suggestive Themes, Adult Themes. If this was rated M I would change it to be so.
Genres: Romance, Drama (Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Suspense)

Story 2- Blackout

Summary: After a series of violent events, Derek is forced into a unique coma - one never seen before. His survival depends on how far his friends are willing to go for him - and his own strength. His fate rests in the hands of the person he loves. So what happens when that person can not find the strength to continue on? And what happens when Derek chooses to let go of the thing he values most?

Characters- Derek/Angie and others.
Pairings- Derek x Angie, Tyler x Leslie
Chapters- 3
Planned No. of Chapters: 9
Next Update- 12/1/13 - 6/1/14
Rating- T for the usual in my stories.
Genres- Angst, Romance (Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Supernatural, Suspense, Friendship, Tragedy)
Author Notes - This is my favorite story. Started Chapter 3, with 1,500 words. Won't be too long. Also, a review would be nice. I don't have one yet, despite the 50 or so visitors.

This is also my most-read story. As, people almost always move on to the second chapter after reading the first (Only 1 in 31 people didn't.)

Story 3- Fatal Assumptions

Summary- A relationship gone wrong because of innocent assumptions...
Characters- Derek, Angie, Leslie
Pairings- Derek x Angie
Chapters- 2
Next Update- Chapter is ready but I don't want to update, finding my writing spirit for Chapter 4, which should end the series with an happy ending. Sort of. Also full of angst, which I have a great supply of. Although not angst, really, more...depressed. Or insightfully moody. I don't know.
Next Revision- 12/1/13 -1/1/16, as an insightful review gave me pause, and I feel like I should revise again.
Rating- T for Blood, Moderate Suggestive Themes, Language, and Violence
Genres- Romance, Drama (Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Tragedy, Spiritual)
Author's Notes- Hey, I'm working on it!

Story 4- Bonded by Trauma (on large hiatus)

Summary- Angie grows tired of Derek, and their relationship ends. But as they stand up for what they believe in, bleeding to death, they realize that maybe they were wrong about each other.
Characters- Derek, Angie, and others
Pairings- Derek x Angie
Chapters- 0
Next Update- 1/1-13 - 1/1-15 (Who knows? I might drop this entirely, or just keep the old version. I screwed up the second chapter however. I think I'll revise and leave it as a one-shot)
Next Revision- Just wait for it.
Planned # of Chapters: 1
Rating- T for Blood, Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes, and Language
Genres- Romance, Suspense (Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama.)
Author's Note- On a temporary hiatus while I clear my work pile. This includes finishing up Fatal Assumptions, the revisions for Trauma Center Under The Knife 3. On the bright side, I finished the my head.

Story 5- Breaking Point (Wondering if I am actually gonna do this.)

Summary: 13-year olds Derek and Angie are thrust into a brutal world. Forced together by circumstance, both missing their fathers, and threatened by people who will stop at nothing to get what they want, Derek and Angie must stand together as they defend against something no one should ever have to face. Everyone has a breaking when Angie is broken in the worst way possible, what lengths will Derek go to to put Angie back together again?
Characters: Derek and Angie
Pairings: Derek and Angie
Next Update: On a Christmas
Rating: M for rape scene (Semi-Graphic), Language, Blood, Violence, Mild/Moderate Adult Themes
Genres: Romance, Drama (Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Suspense, Friendship)
Author Notes- This is a MAJOR project. I expect it to be at LEAST 12,500 words long, but it'll likely be more. OBVIOUSLY AU, although I guess this could just be an untold story...but the ages are clearly different.

Story 6 - Trauma Center Under The Knife 3 - GUILT's Final Stand

Author Notes - I've planned out over 20 chapters for the series. Just haven't gotten around to the writing part yet. Ugh.

C1- Explanation
C2- Time Lapse
C3- Mutation
C4- Synchronized
C5- Face Off With Death
C6- Medical Emergency
C7- Spring Breeze

Summary - Angie has been infected with GUILT for nearly 20 years...and it has decided to show up now. It turns out that Angie was a perfect host for GUILT, and as such GUILT has evolved so much as to be nearly inoperable. What lengths will Derek go through to save her life?
Characters - Same as first story, at top of page.
Relationship - Derek x Angie, Tyler x Leslie, Markus x Elena
Next Update - 1-1/14 and later
Rating - T for normal reasons
Genres - Romance and Angst (Drama, Suspense, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Adventure, Mystery,

Story 7 - Remembrance

Summary: Angie dwells on past times and what she could have done better with Derek. Realizing the mistake she made, she goes back...only to find a serious shock.
Characters: The Caduceus Team, as well as Markus, Valerie, and Elena
Note: I can't write Valerie for crap so I need to play the game again...Urgh.
Relationships- Derek x Angie, Derek x Elena, Tyler x Leslie, faint Markus x Valerie...
Next Update- Idk.
Rating- T
Genres- Romance, Hurt/Comfort/Drama/Angst (I'm undecided)
Notes: I find the idea of Derek and Elena amusing.

Story 8 - Ignorance is Bliss (The plot is from my old story, my very first one - before it was replaced and otherwise discarded)

Summary: Bliss finally shows up, and who better to host it than Angie? The fight to remove this deadly GUILT is filled with many obstacles along the way, especially after it is revealed that GUILT is not the only pathogen that they will have to fight through.
Characters: Derek, Angie, Naomi, Tyler, Leslie, Brandon (OC), Heather (from TCUTK2)
Notes: I'll do my best with the OC story.
Relationships- Derek x Angie, Tyler x Leslie
Planned Number Of Chapters: 20
Next Update- 1/1/14- 1/1/20
Rating- T
Genres- I'd go with the normal Romance/Drama
Notes- Mhmm...This will be my hardest challenge. So. Yeah.

Story 9 - Trauma Center Under The Knife 3 - Cold Stares

Author's Note - The final installment. It's going to be super emotional and climatic. (Seriously, it will be insane.)

C1 - Not Needed (Short Prologue)
C2 - A Life Without You
C3 - Return
C4 - Cold Stares
C5 - Emotional Weakness
C6 - Ready To Die
C7 - The Final Operation
C8 - Ready To Live, At Last
Bonus - Inseparable

And there is actually more. That's right, TCUTK4. Of course, it'll be like a year before I get this far. And If I get decent reception. I mean, seriously? We have a ratio of 600 visitors : 7 reviewers. (Not counting the reviews I have received from "The Review Game") Really? It's just 20 words I ask for...Psh. Not even that. I mean, come on...If I'm a bad writer, then say so. But you better tell me why.

11-11-12- I'm getting more reviews lately...I am good with that. Thanks so much, guys (and girls)!

1-10-12- If I get a single clue that you guys care about my story...I'll update.

My Priorities - (What they will be after 12/25)

1- Blackout
2- TCUK3(1) revisions
3- Fatal Assumptions (Bonus Chapter(s)) (Massive revision)
4- TCUTK3(2) publishing
5- Bonded by Trauma
6- Breaking Point

1- Fatal Assumptions Publishing (One last chapter to go :D YAYS)
2- Blackout
3 - Fatal Assumptions revising
4- TCUTK3(1) editing
That's it. Everything else is out of the question. Until Christmas.

GOALS: By 12/25/14, I will...
Be done publishing Fatal Assumptions. 75% done.
Revised Chapters 1-3 of TCUTK3. 0% done.
Published Blackout Chapter 5. 0% done.

By 3/1/15, I will...
Be completely done with Fatal Assumptions. 50% done.
Published Blackout Chapter 7. 0% done.
Revised Chapters 3-6 of TCUTK3. 0% done.
Bring back the first revised chapter of Bonded by Trauma. 10% done.

By the end of the summer, I will...
Finished revising all chapters of TCUTK3. 0% done.
Published Chapter 10 of Blackout. Not even close.
Start Publishing Story number 6. 1% done.
Work on Breaking Point. 19% done.


TCGeek, Crazy Girl Person, and all the other TC writers: For being awesome :D
All the guests: For reviewing!
Cypruseyes and Indochine: For being my fans!
QueenofNobodies, Rana Temporaria, Ragnelle: For leaving deeply insightful reviews!
HajimeStar, xxpandalove19xx, TehNSF, VentusZephyria, elricbros123, PhantomCompany, traumateamgirl, Orwell-is-watchingxoxo, Lazyboredom, Fluricity, and IrkenLily: Thanks so much for reviewing, favoriting, or putting me on your alerts list! Thanks so much! :D

And if you made it onto my favorite story list, or on my alerts list...You guys are awesome too.

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"…Oh no, oh no no no no!" She shook her head wildly, she had just said the same thing with yes' instead of no's the night before with this same girl. She wanted to die because her sister was here, because this girl who had taken her virginity the night before... was her sister. ElsaAnna, Elsanna, Icest. (Warning: Noncon, incest, language, sex, etc)
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Trauma Center - Rated: T - English - Drama/Tragedy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,049 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 11/10/2012 - Published: 5/23/2012 - Angie T., Derek S.
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